Toshiba 55WX800U it can do everything I want

Friday, December 30, 2011

Now, has many 3D TV come out in the markets. Each model has different features and prices. I was not very knowledgeable in HDTV depend on the net for information. But when I read many reviews I have been found that it have a conflict both in quality and reasonable price, so I decided to buy this Toshiba WX800U 55-inch 3D LED TV because it's the right size and fits well with my room and worth the price for me.

I want a TV that is easy to play PS3, Blu-ray/DVDs, watching movies, sports or TV shows. The sharp and without any problems. I think that all new TV sets need to be adjusted to suit the pictures that we want. It just depends on personal like and preferences such as light.

For 3D, I Don't know or care. I've seen the best 3D TVs (and by that I do mean 'most expensive') in action and wasn't impressed by those so I could care less about the technology. (I read conflicting reports on the matter with this TV)

Internet browsing? Again, don't know or care. I browse the net with my computer so anyone complaining about that feature is like complaining your phone takes crappy pictures compared to your camera.

And there's a load of other features of which I haven't used and don't really intend to. If those are really that important to you, I guess you'll have to cough up extra dough for a "better" model.

It does have a reflective screen namely during dark scenes in a movie, but in my experience so do all TVs to an extent. I suppose this ranks somewhere in the middle in that regard. Just buy a rotating wall mount and/or close the curtains if you're watching a movie with lots of dark scenes.

The only thing I really not like for this TV is that I get a strange green light when watching DVD. Which I think is due to I go setting the image and it would be lost when I move it back to normal mode. Right now I use it about 2 months and WX800U very compatible with my PS3 or Blu-ray good use. For my opinion it's worth the price. If you have more budget, I'm sure you'll find something better at higher price, but if you're TV want like me. I'm sure you are satisfied with the purchase of Toshiba 55WX800U 3D LED TV, of course.

Toshiba 46WX800U Awesome 3D TV - Just Set It Right

I have a Samsung 3D DLP TV 61 inch for the living room, now we move to a new home. My wife want flat screen TV for the bedroom. Her budget is about $900 for a good HDTV. But I told her that at this price level may be moderate quality TV.

Until I found this Toshiba 3D TV. The 46WX800U compared the performance it seems to be no less than $2000, but since it is the market a long time. Its price has been reduced more than half. The old blu-ray player use well and we use 3D active shutter glasses really good. I would like to explain in detail below.

1. Ordered the 46" model on the 15th and requested the delivery on the earliest date of the 22nd of March. You will schedule a date and time so you will be home when it arrives, usually a week.
2. I got a little anxious and downloaded the owner's manual. You should really skim through it because some of the negative reviews here could have been avoided if they read it.
3. Pilot freight arrived and tried to give the television to my neighbor. Thank god I walked outside because the creep would have signed for it and I would have had a monster dispute on my credit card. I told the pilot guy, "it that supposed to go to my address?" He said, "oh, sorry about that." He carried the TV into my house after noticing the correct address and asked if I wanted to take it out of the box to ensure it worked. Since the box had no damage and it had to go upstairs, I declined because the box was in great condition. I had to sign a paper indicating I did not want to test the television and he said that the 30 day guarantee was still fine, it would just delay the return by a day or two if there were any problems.
4. The box is pretty big and everything was packed well. The box weighed about 65 pounds and was long -you may need help to set this up. The assembly instructions and tools are included for the stand. Spacers are included for wall mounts. Assembling the screen to the stand is alright but you should do this while the plastic wrap is still covering the screen on a soft surface. Once you plug it in and hit the power, it may take a few seconds to turn on so don't worry.
5. Setup guides you through everything but the applications aspect, just hit the widget button to set everything up. It is not too complicated but anyone without good PC experience may run into problems. My firmware was the most current except for the widget software. Have a computer handy to make accounts and set up features like Pandora and Netflix.

-The TV is sharp, picture quality is great, and daytime viewing is excellent. I went to Walmart to pick up a stand the day prior and looked at cheaper models. It was comparable to the $1000 LG model but offered the 3D option through the promotion, making this the best priced 3D LED LCD flatscreen on the market right now.
-The wireless is fast but setup may have issues, explanation in tips.
-The black levels are great, if you have dynalight on. I will talk about this more below in the tips section.
-The streaming through DLNA works great but there is a con there too, I will get back to that in the tips section as well.
-The sound does not travel too much outside of the room. It is great for bedrooms. If you are a sound buff that wants bass, get a tuner and speakers.
-Component connections are ample and positioned well.
-The Netflix, Blockbuster, Vudu, and Youtube options can save you the expense of another $100 device to buy and manage.

-You can still see some reflection on the display in bright rooms. It is not as bad a some televisions but if I focused on it, it was there.
-Some of the setup options may be a bit complicated for some users. Please review the manual because it can save you a lot of hassle. When setting up options, remember to look at the bottom 1" of the screen for options that are detached from the main option screen and it can be missed easily.
-The television was a little crooked on the stand even though the holes lined up. The only fix is to set it on the floor and loosen and re-tighten the hex screws again.
-The widgets can be a little complicated. I still have not found a way to remove some of them that I do not use. You can easily remove the ones you downloaded but items like flicker are permanent.
-Netflix does not give you the advanced genre features like the PC, PS3, XBOX, Roku, and other devices. I would like to see the selection categories and hope they add it in the future. I like the fact I do not have to turn on and control and additional device to watch it but it will only allow you to see your instant queue.
-The wireless access point search ran for 5 minutes on me. I had to power the TV off and on again before they would show up in the assisted setup list.

3D quality:
I currently have a Samsung 61" DLP with checkerboard 3D ready and the quality of depth is amazing through a PC. The depth is incredible and was so inciting, it got me into the 3D generation. The problem there is the setup; I had to buy a kit for $150 to get it to work and it is limited to the power/options/games/software that your PC has with very limited device support. So far I have only tried this Toshiba with the PS3 and was not happy with the gaming results, however, the movies looked pretty good with medium depth. I did see very little ghosting on the video but Killzone 3 was absolutely horrid. Motorstorm was at best "OK." I read that since the power on the PS3 was limited, it cut the resolution of the 3D games in half and ghosting is a game was a big issue. So please don't expect to get something great from a gaming console. I don't know about the XBOX 360 but hopefully, it will not be the same case. If you want to get the most of your 3D with this, use a PC with software like Tridef (they have a 14 day trial) with at least a DX11 video card with 1GB of RAM. I upgraded from a ATI Radeon 5750 to a Radeon 6870 and can play Fallout New Vegas at 1080P with all setting max with a pretty good frame rate of 40FPS average. If you have an earlier card and want to see some really good, jaw dropping 3D, play Half Life 2 with the Tridef software trial. It is what 3D is supposed to be.

This 46WX800U 3D LED TV is a really good product. And worth the price. It is compatible with the Toshiba computer screen, allowing you to do anything more. 3D is great for work, but you have to pay a little more money to buy equipment. I was very happy with this purchase and expect the TV to last at least 10 years. So, for $ 10 a month you could end up with a really nice piece of equipment that will give you years of enjoyment. I was really excited about this and. this is my first, real, in-depth review. I would have appreciated this before I bought it and hopefully it will help you in making a choice for a premium product for a bargain bin price. Hey, just go look at the prices of. other 3D TVs and you will see what I am talking about.

Method of setting good picture for Toshiba 55WX800U 3D LED TV

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now I have WX800U 46 inch, but I think it is in the same setting, and because I'm not an expert. I think I'll call the setting of successive approximations.

There are about 7 different types of my setting are  PC, Standard, Movie1, Movie2, Sports, Games and AutoView, which of these settings will be adjusted according to the type of input.

First,I've gone through and set all the sound settings on all of these image modes (for all inputs) for the same settings that I like, I found the best for sound. So, if you change your image mode does not change the sound of wild confusion from the one or the other picture settings.

Now this is done I went and set the picture settings in order from dark to light, so that a change in the menu (in the sequence of installation photos), I took the results between weak and strong. I was considered the darkest PC, I put that, if you want very little of an image can be used at all, just enough to what is happening. Maybe listening to music like Pandora. In any case, the PC settings are very weak. Backlight 25 Contrast 40, Brightness -30. I think the TV with my PC use these settings make for a good light on the desktop. I want to look like something to take pictures photoshop or something, then I choose everything above PC.

Movie1 backlight 30, contrast 90, brightness 0. movie2 backlight33, contrast 50, brightness +6. that leaves autoview with everything centered and standard as 50,75,+30. and game and sports are even brighter. I watch movies, and generally just tweak the movie settings for slight differences that would only depend on the movie of the moment.

Once you change inputs, you'll have to do this again for a new input, like composite video from a vhs tape player, or component from a dvd. My main movies are on the blu ray player. After a few go arounds with inputs, you can get MOST of the picture settings established at settings like those above.

As a last step, then I adjust ( from dim to bright) by choosing the appropriate name of the picture setting, and then make small adjustments to the setting that is closest by tweaking (just for that media on the given input). So i am slowly honing in on a favorite set of picture settings from different inputs, and different media on those inputs.
The macro view is still going to remain -- dim to bright -- inspite of all my small changes.

Maybe after owning the set for a while you can report back here what settings you have honed in on for the various inputs that you have been using with your wx800u. See, not very scientific, huh?

See more Toshiba 3D TVs : Q&A,Tips,Help, Guide, Advice , FAQ  Here.
or get Toshiba 3D TV Owner's Manual Here.

Toshiba 55WX800U 3D LED TV For Gamer Reviews

I was the one who likes to play games. Even today that not have much time to play it. Today's game was gradually made ​​to play behind in 2D or 3D. For gamers to play in 3D game is new exciting and more fun challenges than 2D games.

Of course, in addition to play 3D games, you will have use more device that supports 3D games, the key is that 3D TV and 3D glasses your TV. And you do not want to the game lag by your 3D TV because of the performance of 3D TV complain.

Today I will write to Toshiba 55WX800U 3D LED TV because when I read many reviews, I find that most of the points in terms of clarity of 3D images and display are high level and I will put a review of one gamer to even consider it. I hope that it will be useful for gamer who are looking for a good 3D TV for playing 3D games. Here are some reviews of it.

The picture clarity on this 55WX800U TV is amazing, the 240hz really makes a difference! I am using a PS3 as this TV does not have 2D to 3D converting.

I have played four 3D demo games and 3 of the 4 had a significant ghosting, even after trying to switch the 3D modes (top-bottom, side-side). You still get the 3D effect; but if I had to choose between playing in crisp 2D and double visioned semi 3D, I would choose to play in 2D. The 4th demo called Super Stardust HD had no ghosting whatsoever and in one word the graphics in this game was simply breathtaking! I suspect this is because this games does not have a wide array of depths like the other demos (2 racing, the other is a block game).

Also, there is a slight input lag while in 3D game mode. This lag is no where near as severe as when you are not in game mode (ie auto, movie, sports) but it is noticeable. This can be particularly detrimental when you are playing fighting/action games when perfect timing is crucial. As of right now (December 2010), Prince of Persia is the only 3D action game I know of(I have not played this game in 2D or 3D). The easiest way to see this lag is with the Move controller. When you are moving the controller from left to right (not particularly fast), the screen will show the controller to the right when the physical controller is already to the left.

One thing about the Move controller is that you will always see a brightly colored floating orb reflection on this 55WX800U TV. Learn to ignore it. There is nothing that can be done about the beautiful gloss finish.

A small note about this TV being an edge lit LED TV: when the screen turns all black, the upper middle portion of the TV is not as dark as the rest of the TV. This is not a problem during actual game play.

All in all, this 55WX800U TV is huge, slim, has almost blur free images (still cannot compare to a plasma, obviously) and has great invisible speakers. The ambient light sensor is great, no excessive eye strain! Even if you don't use the 3D features, the picture clarity and the price are unbeatable (in my totally "unbiased" opinion).

 In my opinion, I think that Toshiba WX800U series LED 3D TV is appropriate for play 3D games very much whether 46WX800U or 55WX800U. But remember that when playing 3D games or watching 3D contents to find 3D glasses that combine your TV, if you are not sure, try to find information in this blog. ( Active 3D glasses for Toshiba WX800U )

If you try to play 3D games with other new 3D TV that please share common opinion as well to be good for gamers.

Active 3D Glasses For Toshiba WX800U 3D LED TV

Today, 3D glasses has many types and styles, but Toshiba WX800U 3D TVs use active shutter glasses. This post offers active 3D shutter glasses that are compatible with Toshiba WX800U series 3D TVs. It is also compatible with other Toshiba 3D TV models, for 3D programming may need to read more manual: with 3D-compatible device and compatible 3D content, or other 3D sources, 3D capable wireless HDMI.

Toshiba FPT-AG01U 3D Glasses
A right and left liquid-crystal shutter lens opens and closes alternately with the images for the left and right eye, alternately projected on the television screen. This presents a three-dimensional experience from 3D movies, TV programs, video games and more when using a pair of optional Toshiba 3D glasses, Toshiba's BDX3000 3D Blu-ray Disc player and a 3D capable HDMI cable. The left and right eye shutter timing of the glasses can also be swapped. If 3D images look blurred, switch the left and right sides of the 3D image.

SainSonic RECHARGEABLE Infrared Active Shutter Glasses For Toshiba 3D HDTVs
This Sainstore SR-TSB01 3D active shutter glasses is a cheaper alternative to original Toshiba glasses. It fits most Toshiba 3DTVs with great compatibility. This SR-TSB01 has been faily designed to fit most people, it also comes with 3 different kinds of nose pads to help the fit. Stylish design matches with the modern housing devices.This single pair of glasses features a built-in rechargeable battery, offers a one-size-fits-all design. The following models are preferred.

SainSonic Universal Rechargeable 3D Active Shutter Glasses Compatible with All Active 3DTVs
The SainSonic universal 3D active shutter glasses are compatible all the main-stream 3DTVs. Get rid of battery-powered charging mode to save hassles, this pair of glasses are rechargeable. It can be charged by a computer USB port or USB wall charger of a cell phone. A USB charge cable with long enough length is included for your convenience. It also comes with great compatibilities with active 3DTVs. It is newly produced by the same manufactuer with our the another offer of panasonic compatible 3D glasses. 3 optional nose pads are offered in the package to help the fit. With this feature, it gives much space for you to offer these glasses for your families or friends without buying new pair.

Perhaps you think all Active Shutter Glasses are compatible, but even if same type, you should choose 3D glasses that are compatible with your 3D TVs likely to be better.

The Toshiba WX800U is the first 3D TV from Toshiba

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This is the first quasi-real 3D TV from Toshiba, which we have heard that it is expensive as mainframe-equivalent-in-a-flat-panel Cell TV. Today, the company Toshiba says this is the first 3D model to be beginning implemented in U.S. It may be even more expensive now.

When the WX800 arrives in late September Toshiba will be the sixth TV maker, after Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Sony and LG, to allow its 2010 TV viewers the ability to see into the third dimension.

Like those makers Toshiba will require you to buy a pair of its glasses (model FTP-AG01U, $169 list) for each viewer who wants to see the 3D effect--nope, this isn't the company's rumored glasses-free 3D TV.

The WX800 comes in two sizes: the 46-inch 46WX800 ($2,599 list) and the 55-inch 55WX800 ($3,299). Both LCDs sport an edge-lit LED backlight, not our favorite kind, that lacks the dimming found on some competitors. They're superthin at 1.2 inches deep, however, and have a look as sleek as we expect from a modern high-end TV.

Toshiba does attempt to differentiate itself from the pack by including its "3D Resolution+" processing, said to improve 3D picture quality by reducing crosstalk, a common artifact we've seen on other 3D models, in particular LCDs (although our past experiences with 2D Resolution+ have not been life-changing). Unlike the Cell TV, as well as select models from Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG, the WX800 does not have 2D-to-3D conversion.

Along with the non-3D VX700 models announced at the same time, they're also Toshiba's first with the Yahoo Widgets platform (in a separate announcement, Yahoo touted content including Pandora, eBay, games, Twitter, and Facebook). Widget-agnostic, they also offer the Vudu Apps platform, and include streaming services from Vudu movies, Blockbuster, Showtime, and Netflix, among others. We also appreciate that both series include built-in wi-fi, as opposed to making you purchase a separate USB dongle. On paper these new Toshibas stack up very well against other Internet-connected TVs, whether or not you want that.

Toshiba's reps say we'll receive a 55WX800 review sample in the next few weeks. In the meantime, vitals are included below.

Toshiba WX800 series features:
  • 3D compatible (glasses not included)
  • edge-lit LED backlit LCD display
  • 3D Resolution + processing
  • Vudu, Netflix and Blockbuster
  • Yahoo Widgets, Vudu Apps
  • built-in Wi-Fi connection
  • Single-layer design, 1.2 inches deep

Source :

Toshiba 46WX800U 46" 3D-ready, Internet-ready 1080p LED-LCD HDTV with built-in Wi-Fi Overview

The WX800U-Series HDTVs are  the first Toshiba's 3D-Ready TV of them. When you combine this 46WX800U with theToshiba's 3D glassess and 3D video source, you will find new experiences in your own home as you can get from a movie theater. And even though sometimes you just want to watch 2D content, you will still get excellent contrast with everything you watch.

Showcase for the latest TV technology
One of the reasons 3D-ready models like this one look so impressive is their ability to draw images with lightning speed. Toshiba's ClearFrame™ 240Hz motion processing keeps the picture looking crystal-clear whether you're watching college football in 3D or Law and Order in 2D. In addition, this TV's edge-lit LED backlight creates high-impact images with crisp contrast, lifelike colors, and deep black levels.

Whether connect a cable or go wireless, you're going to love the Internet on your TV
The 46VX800U has Net TV™, which lets you stream titles from your Netflix® Instant Queue, or order any of the 3000+ high-def movies available from VUDU® Movies. You can rock out to Internet radio "stations" customized for everyone in your home, thanks to Pandora® Radio. You also get Twitter®, Facebook®, Flickr®, and other handy web apps, all accessible from the comfort of your couch.

  • 46" screen (measured diagonally)
  • tuner receives over-the-air HDTV broadcasts (antenna required)
  • QAM cable TV tuner receives unscrambled programs without a set-top box (cable service required)
  • Can display 3D images when viewed with Toshiba's shutter glasses (sold separately, please call)
  • ClearFrame™ 240Hz blur reduction for clearer motion
  • LED edge backlight for high contrast and natural colors
  • 7,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to your home network
  • Internet-ready — plays Netflix movies, Pandora® and more (broadband service required; subscription required for Netflix)
  • video and music streaming from a DLNA-compatible Windows® PC (Wi-Fi® adapter is included)
  • built-in stereo speakers (10 watts x 2, plus 10 watts for woofer)
  • illuminated multibrand remote control
  • simplified control of compatible Toshiba components via the HDMI connection (HDMI-CEC)
  • meets ENERGY STAR® requirements
  • picture settings memory for each video input

  • 7 A/V inputs, including: 
    • 2 composite video
    • 1 component video
    • 4 HDMI — accepts signals up to 1080p (60Hz, 24Hz)
  • PC input
  • RF input for antenna/cable signals
  • optical digital audio output
  • Ethernet port for a high-speed connection to a home network
  • 2 USB ports for photo/music playback
  • SD™ Card slot for viewing photos
  • detachable stand (stand "footprint" is 19-3/4"W x 11-3/8"D)
  • wall-mountable (bracket not included)
  • 43"W x 26-1/8"H x 1-3/8"D (29-1/4"H x 11-3/8"D with stand)

You will love this Toshiba 55WX800U 3D Television

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Normally, I do not have time to write a review for the product that I purchased. Unless I am sure to try it. I want to say this 3D TV, It should be review. Was I had to take it to replace my old TV, it is a Visio 50 inch 1080p plasma HDTV that I have purchased three years ago and it works very well. And now I have to use  it, and I want to use TV with more features and quality than ever before. I found this on TV.

The price is ridiculous. $1,600 with no tax, free shipping, and two pairs of 3d glasses? EXCELLENT! Toshiba makes great products and this 55" beauty is no exception. For the price, I think you will be hard pressed to find a better picture in a 55" size and sporting the latest 240hz LED technology. The television itself is attractive, light weight, and super thin. It weights about half my previous television which is really nice. The inputs are nicely laid out in the back and very easily accessible. My Vizio had them under a lip and in the lower middle of the set making them very difficult to find without pulling the whole TV out which was always a chore.

The picture is HIGHLY customizable. **NOTE** the instruction manual outlines in nice detail the explaination of features, DO NOT WATCH BLU-RAY MOVIES WITH THE 240 CLEAR MOTION FEATURE ON!! It will make the movie appear jumpy and jittery. Watching it with the standard 60 frames per second gives that nice "normal and human" smoothness you are used to. The 240 Clear Motion feature is SO nice with sports, especially if you are a hockey fan like myself. Any fast paced sports program will really reap the benefits of this feature. NASCAR, Basketball, Hockey, Football all look fabulous with this feature on. The LED has the bad reputation for having even lighting issues, or bright spots in the corners. Toshiba utilizes a technology that pans the light and it looks even and the contrast ratio is really nice to boot. Blacks are black and whites are white. Great color balance and options to adjust the power of the LED backlight.

My previous television also doubled as a heater. It would get the room VERY warm in the Summer which was one of the downsides (in addition to the screen burn-in that Plasma is prone to) but this tv is quite, cool, and takes very little power in comparison. Energy Star rated for those concerned with power consumption (as you should ;-)

The apps? Well, I haven't toyed around with them too much. Setting up the Wi-Fi was fast and simple, but I fear that the apps can act a bit "clunky" at times **(This is no longer an issue because I discoved that the wi-fi was VERY weak in the room where I have this tv, so I can't honestly say if the apps are slow or not.) It doesn't flow very quickly. What I mean is there is a bit of lag between the commands on the remote and the changing on screen. Is this enough to ruin the experience? Absolutely not, but something some should be prepared for if they plan on using the app features more than I do. All in all, this television in my humble opinion is well worth the money. Even my wife (who can't tell the difference between VHS and Blu-ray) commented on how beautiful and noticable the picture quality was. Very pleased with this purchase, and I think you will be too. I hope this honest, non-biased review is helpful in your decision to buy or not.

I have now had the TV for about a year and I still feel strongly that for the money, it is a tremendous value. The price has gone up dramatically since I bought it (because I believe that it is no longer being sold by Amazon,) however, if the price does come back down I would still highly recommend a good look. I haven't seen too many better deals anywhere else for what you get for the money. While I don't use the 3D feature nearly as much as I thought I would, I can say that I am very excited to see the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast (and other Disney classics soon to come) in 3D.

Toshiba 55WX800U 3D TV Amazing Picture!

Just upgraded from Hitachi Plasma 720p 42 inch. When I first got the Hitachi I did not think a picture could ever get better. Was in the market for an upgrade and spent a day looking at all the 50"+ LED TVs.

Where the TV is set in the store makes all the difference in the picture quality and they have the mode set to brightest, sharpest, etc..., which you would not have in your home. Spent the evening researching LED TV technology and came to the conclusion that they all will be similar in the similar price range. Toshiba had the deal for 2 pair of 3D glasses and BD 3D player with purchase of TV which knocked out the Sony and the Samsung I was considering. 3D glases are specific for each model and will run you about $150 and 3D BD will run you about $ that was a $550 saving right there.

Hook up was a piece of cake to Sat box and then watched PBS Evening news. If the program is not in HD, the the large picture makes the video TOO big and somewhat blurry, so you have to scale the picture back (easy to do with button control on the remote). Started up a recorded HD movie on my DVR, Star Trek First Contact...and wow, the detail, colors the black level were amazing and as good as any of the Sony and samsung similar TVs I saw in the show room. The Toshiba was a new model and relegated to the show room wall with about 30 other TVs and did not show as well. I can now tell you that it is GREAT.

Do not expect great sound from any LED TV since the speakers have to be small. But the sound is adequate for watching news and normal shows, but somewhat tinny. Probably can adjust with the menu equalizer, but its a don't care for normal TV viewing. Put in USB stick with pictures and it recognized it immediately and opened up to view photos...fantastic resoultion and photo reproduction with 8Mp camera...and fast.

Toshiba 55WX800U Amazing 3D HDTV Set

I researched these types of sets for months for the family. surprisingly there were hardly any reviews on the 55wx800u - none on cnet or other major review sites. since my family loves toshiba products (3 generations of toshiba buying family members) we decided to take the plunge on this tv. reasonably priced with a whole host of settings to customize your tv's picture, if you like to tweak. if not, you can choose from some nice presets.

Overall, the color is vibrant, the set is very attractive - elegant, professional but not overly done like some other sets. prior to this tv, we had the panasonic s2 42" plasma tv (which replaced a 53" toshiba projection television)in the family room,as i wanted to try a plasma set and toshiba doesn't make plasmas. happy with the panay, we were torn to either get the panasonic 54vt 3dtv or this set. pricing was similar - but internet was not built into the panay. the plasma consumes much more power than this set. also, the 3d glasses that come with the toshiba are much more comfortable than the ones that came with the panay.

So without reviews and based solely on my family's experience with toshiba, we bought this tv. we are extremely happy and i believe all the talk about blooming, clouding, flashlighting that comes with an edge lit set like this one is either overdone or toshiba has done an excellent job overcoming these issues. some quick things to note, connection to the wireless internet went smoothly and the widgets are very cool. there is a system update that takes about 5 mins - so make sure you update your system. also, when attaching the standing to the tv, it states slide and's a bit confusing and customer service wasn't very helpful - just slide flat so that the two tabs on the stand slide into the two openings on the back of the tv - so you don't have to press down to lock in something the toshiba customer service (who apparently never put one of these things together) suggested. anyway, i wanted to put a real review up here since this is so lacking. if you have questions, ask. also, i will update in a couple months as to reliability. oh, lastly, don't buy from - their policy states that they have to open the package and add some "protective materials"- well - that set arrived broken. i refused the package and reordered through and they sent the package "factory sealed" and it was fine.

Toshiba WX800U Outstanding 3D LED HDTV

Monday, December 26, 2011

SELECTING: I was in the market for a new TV, but I had no intention of getting a 3D TV until I saw the sale Amazon had that included the Bluray player and glasses for $1299.

Too good to pass up since I was going to spend close to that on a regular LED/LCD TV anyway. There were a few sales on Samsungs and Panasonics, but I chose Toshiba. The TV being replaced was a 3.5 year old 50" HD Toshiba DLP. That was a great product, so I decided to exercise a little brand loyalty. Additionally, because Toshiba was one of the last "big" manufacturers to release their 3D TV, I figured they would probably have the best picture since they had more time to perfect their technology. That may be incorrect logic, but it worked for me. There were almost no reviews when I bought the TV, so I kept my fingers crossed.

SHIPPING: I waited like a little kid for this thing to get to me - even though I got it in 5 days, it seemed like forever! The box had a huge hole in it (looked like it had been kicked) and the back of the TV had a small dent. I signed for it with the acknowledgement that it was dented so if it didn't work, I could send it back. These things are shipped via freight, and freight is known to be rough on packages. The dent didn't bother me (provided it worked), so I took it home.

SETUP: Got home, took it out of the box. This thing is skinny! It is also surprisingly heavy (not overly cumbersome, but it is heavier than it looks). The base attaches like it should - pretty self explanatory. Got it hooked up and turned on. The TV walked me through the setup as it should. The picture was great - I don't have cable (I know, I know), but the OTA stations looked wonderful. It was a very clean look. The response time changing channels was very quick (it was somewhat slower on the DLP TV). The options Toshiba has to change the picture are limitless - I am still tinkering with the picture (although the way it is set up out of the box is great).

3D SETUP: I bought A Christmas Carol, Open Season, and Monsters Vs. Aliens (off eBay) in 3D. Setup is identical to a regular DVD player, except I believe you need to have a 1.4 HDMI cable (not a standard HDMI) to transmit the 3D image. I wish they mentioned this up front, but luckily I did some research before the TV arrived and ordered an Amazon cable for $7. Not a big deal, but I would have been pretty irritated if I would have had to make a trip to BestBuy to buy a $50 cable. For the glasses, you just pull the clear battery saver tab (you'll see it if you don't know what I'm talking about) and you're good to go. You can tell when the glasses are on because the light allowed through the glasses changes. I believe I had to change the TV to auto-detect 3D, but a message pops up and tells you what to do once it sees a 3D disc, so that's all there is to it.

STANDARD/BLURAY PICTURE: Fantastic. There's not much more to it. It is a great picture with incredible detail. I thought the old HD DLP Toshiba had a great picture, but I don't know if I'll be able to watch it again because of the improvement this TV is over that one. Bluray really did blow me away on this TV. There are countless adjustments you can make to the picture, which is nice (doubt I'll use them, but it's more of a comfort thing).

3D PICTURE: Didn't know what to expect. After I ordered the 46", I began reading that you needed a bigger screen to appreciate 3D and got worried. Luckily, this wasn't true! The picture is much more "crisp" than in the theaters. When I first put on "A Christmas Carol," all I could do was smile. I had read a lot of blurbs here and there regarding the issues people were having with 3D TVs making "ghost" and "double" images. It actually did happen during one scene of "A Christmas Carol," but I'm not really sure why (it was actually just a character's nose had a ghost image during one scene), and it didn't happen at any other part or with the other movies. I did figure out that the 3D picture is BEST when the TV is on the brightest setting. I'm sure someone can explain why, but I can't. This was especially true during "A Christmas Carol," which is a fairly "shadowy" movie to begin with.

SUMMARY: Spend the money on the 3D Toshiba if you're in the market for a new TV. The current Amazon deal includes everything you need for 3D (except for the 1.4 HDMI cable), and the picture is amazing. I think it will be a long time before the a 3D TV drops much lower than this (at least a good quality one). There is not much in the way of media in 3D at the moment, but there will be. I am glad I made this investment, and would do it again.

Toshiba 46WX800U 46-Inch 1080p 240 Hz Cinema Series 3D LED TV

The WX800 Cinema Series 3DTV combines elegant design, 3D-ready LED picture quality, and a wide array of available Internet content to create a new dimension in quality and style. Get full 1080p high-definition video, built-in wi-fi and networking abilities, wide media support, and plenty more with this 46-inch 3DTV from Toshiba.

- 46-inch 3D LED TV with full-HD 1080p resolution, 240Hz refresh rate, and 7,000,000:1 contrast ratio
- Pair with Toshiba Active Shutter 3D glasses to enjoy broadcast and Blu-ray 3D content in HD resolution
- Built-in Wi-Fi for accessing Net TV services including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Pandora, YouTube and many more
- Wide media support with DLNA certification and playback of several digital video, music, and image formats
- PixelPure 5G 14-bit internal digital video processor increases gradation levels for smoother, clearer images

I ordered this TV and the accompanying Blu-ray player and 3D glasses, primarily because it seemed to have all the bells and whistles, and I had such good experience with my "old" Toshiba 46HL196. After hanging it on the wall and hooking up to my TiVo (cable), DirecTV (satellite), The 3D Blu-ray player, my PC, my bluetooth audio to my hearing aids, and my network bridge, I began the setup. Everything went so well that I thought I had missed something. The TV recognized the network instantly, the 3D channels on DirecTV were in beautiful 3D, the Blu-ray 3D movie "Clash of the Titans" played as advertised, the PC hookup (HDMI)automatically fixed the overscan problem I'd had with the old TV, and as a bonus, the TV downloaded a software update when I turned it on the next morning.

Samsung D8000 's 3D Material Test

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last year, it’s fair to say that out of all the major manufacturers’ 3DTV efforts, we were most critical of Samsung’s. While none of the LCD-based 3D TVs really enthused us when it came to 3D (due to annoying crosstalk artefacts).

Samsung’s offerings had two other issues that rival LCD TV makers managed to avoid. First, the tri-dimensional modes of the company’s 2010 3D-capable displays were obviously 60hz-centric, because any European-style 50hz video input to the TV showed obvious judder in its 3D display mode. Secondly, Samsung’s 2010 3D LCDs and Plasmas featured poor quality scaling with 3D signals. Scaling in 3D is required for any content that doesn’t deliver Full HD 1080p to each eye, meaning that 720p 3D and Side-by-Side 3D sources were affected. These two issues meant that it was difficult to recommend last year’s Samsung 3DTV models for use with the Sky 3D channel in the UK, since the video signal is both 50hz and side-by-side encoded!

This year, Samsung has thankfully fixed the scaling issue, meaning that side-by-side encoded 3D material reaches the screen looking as detailed as it possibly could, without any “eroded” details. We ran our own Side-by-Side 3D resolution test chart into the UE55D8000, and were glad to see that all of the fine details were reaching the screen. As for the quality of the motion in 3D, we came across some interesting behaviour.

First, we tested a 3D Blu-ray Disc film (at the 24fps frame rate) on the Samsung UE55D8000, and noticed that the [Motion Plus] system doesn’t behave the same way in 3D as it does in 2D. In 2D, if we selected the “Clear” [Motion Plus] mode, films would be reproduced without any motion interpolation, that is, without any “soap opera effect”. In 3D, all of the [Motion Plus] modes cause interpolation to take place, which isn’t ideal for films, which begin to appear video-like.

The only way to see the picture without any “false motion” being added by the TV was to turn the [Motion Plus] system off entirely, which meant that the only motion we saw was that which existed on the disc in the first place. Unfortunately, this meant that 3D movies played back with some 60hz “telecine judder”. It’s not too huge an issue, but it does mean that there is no way to see 3D Blu-ray Disc films with perfect, cinema-quality motion on the D8000 LED LCD TV.

When we tested for motion issues with 50hz (European standard) 3D material – such as that broadcast by Sky in the United Kingdom – we found ourselves surprised by the results. During our first tests, we noticed that sure enough, some judder was present. The most obvious way of seeing this is to engage the 2D-to-3D conversion mode on a 50hz TV channel featuring high-motion text scrolling, such as the BBC News channel’s headline ticker. By default, the UN55D8000 has its [Motion Plus] mode turned on, so judder will be effectively concealed thanks to the interpolation that is going on.

This is a good workaround for high-motion video material such as sporting events, but not so much for films, since it will cause the “soap opera effect”. We then discovered that, if we entered the “General” menu and enabled “Game Mode” with a 50hz 3D source playing, any judder disappeared and was replaced by brilliant, smooth, natural, uninterpolated cinema-quality motion! This is good news for viewers who want to watch movies from the Sky 3D service without unwanted judder, but again, we’re baffled as to why the best level of performance is hidden away in “Game Mode”.

With mixed results in terms of motion judder, what about the biggest 3D problem of all, crosstalk? There’s a small amount still present, but we don’t feel that it’s a deal-breaker anymore: compared to the C8000 3D LED TV we reviewed last summer, crosstalk is greatly reduced. It can still crop up occasionally, for example around the edges of the Golden Gate bridge during Monsters Versus Aliens‘ San Francisco scene, but it was so mild and so rare that we really didn’t find it intolerable. We’re surprised (and relieved) at just how quickly 3D televisions have been improving compared to last year’s models. Couple the greatly reduced crosstalk with the UN55D8000′s ability to produce a bright, and consistently coloured 3D image (its Greyscale tracking is the best we’ve seen yet from a 3D TV), and you can get a sense of how good 3D can look on this display. It’s a shame there’s no satisfactory way to fully avoid judder with film material, though.

Needless to say, understanding how the Samsung UE55D8000 behaves with different types of content is not for the faint of heart. For users who want to see the most accurate, untouched motion, we will soon be publishing picture settings, as well as information on when to use what mode.


Samsung UN55D8000 Every bit as good as I expected

This review is a little long winded. Skip to the bottom for just the pros and cons. Or, keep reading to waste 10 minutes of your life. Over the last 5 years, I have been using a 58" Panasonic Plasma TV. Not a bad TV, but not the greatest either. It was only 1080i, it got hot pretty fast (which made the room hot and the air condition kick on too often), and the dimensions were weird (I looked at entertainment centers that should fit a 60" TV, but the TV still wouldn't fit.). I felt an upgrade was in order.

I'll have to admit, shopping for a TV was pretty fun. A lot of work though. The research was overwhelming at times. Websites upon websites, magazines, books, different people's inputs, salesmen trying to sell you different things depending on which store you went to, etc. I narrowed it down to one of many Sony HDTVs or a Samsung C or D series. After narrowing it down to those 2 brands, it was a little easier. I went to about 4 different Fry's Electronics and 7 different Best Buys to check it out in different situations. After that, it came down to the UN55D8000 (boy, did I memorize those numbers). To make the decision easier, I was looking on Amazon, and to my amazement, they had it for $500 less that everyone else, plus free shipping. Score!

With the free shipping, it usually takes a little longer. I would say, from the time the order was placed, until it got to my front door, it took about 1.5 weeks. It came delivered from Home Direct, USA and had no issues with delivery. They were going to set up the TV, but I told them not to, since my entertainment center hadn't come in yet. I opened up the box, put the TV on a soft cloth (our bed's comforter) and installed the stand. Eight screws, piece of cake. I connected the Directv receiver and a PS3. There are a few settings you will set in the beginning when the TV turns on. Takes about 2 minutes, literally. After that, the fun begins! Going from 1080i to 1080p is a huge difference! I had a recording of Chuck on the DVR and it almost looked live. I also watched some regular satellite programming and even the non-HD channels looked amazing.

After wiping the drool off the floor, I wanted to check out the 3D part of the TV. I popped in the free copy of Shrek the 3rd in the PS3, put on the glasses and waited to be amazed. Aside from the amazing colors, it looked exactly like 2D! WTH?! Then, I remember reading somewhere that the PS3 does indeed play 3D movies, BUT with an upgrade. I waited about 30 minutes for the upgrade to finish. After that, loaded up the dvd again, and there was the movie with that funky 3D image. Hey wait, I have 3D glasses on, how come I see that. Oh, oops. Batteries need to be installed in the glasses. Finally! The 3D image was awesome! Seriously, watching TV in 3D is amazing. I can't wait `til there's more media in 3D. As it stands right now, the only real movies in 3D are either documentaries or cartoons, with the exception of a few regular movies (i.e. Resident Evil, Step Up 3, etc.)

I just set it up last night, so I can't give you a whole lot more information. But, even if I did have more time, I don't think I can give you the detailed specs that you might be looking for. I'm not an expert on home theater. Here's an overview of pros and cons:

* The lack of a bigger bezel really does make a difference. Not only aesthetically, but in terms of functionality, too (better 3D viewing. It looks like you're looking thru a window.).
* Images are spectacular. Whether it be regular programming, HDTV programming, or Blu-Ray.
* Price on Amazon was very good!
* Delivery was pain-free.
* A lot of settings options, so you can set up the TV to your preference and the viewing scenario (i.e. movie, standard, etc.)
* 3D movie watching is stunning! I just wish Panasonic didn't have exclusive rights on Avatar.

* SmartTV is a cool feature. But, not a necessity. I really doubt that I'll Facebook or Tweet from the TV.
* Audio isn't great, but it's adequate. I wasn't really expecting much from a flat screen TV.
* Did not come with the touch-screen remote as was supposed to be the case in the beginning of the year.
* Have to mail in the vouchers (or register online) in order to get the 3D glasses. True, you do get a 3D starter kit with this TV, which has the glasses, but those glasses are a little different and use batteries. Also, you have to send out to get the free copy of Shrek Forever and Megamind. I really shouldn't complain, though, since these are free.
* Needs a more detailed manual on how to use most of the features. The manual it comes with is thick, but it's just because it's the same thing in different languages.

After playing around with the TV a little more this weekend, I noticed that the top of the screen had some light flickering (around where the bezel meets the screen and it was about 1/16" tall and went almost across the whole TV. I'm hoping it's not the "edge lighting.") It only did this on some channels on Directv. Most channels were fine and Blu-Ray was fine. I'm thinking it's either the receiver or possibly the cheap HDMI cable. I have a Monster M1000 series cable coming in later this week, so I'll switch it out and update.

Also, there has been talk all over online about people having problems pairing the remote. I had zero problem and did it about 5 feet away from the TV. One last thing, one of the glasses in the free 3D kit didn't seem to work. I changed out batteries and nothing. Then, the next morning, I tried it again, but this time turning off the bluetooth in my phone, and it worked. Whether this had an effect on it, I don't know. But, just thought I'd throw that out there.

BTW, this weekend, I watched Tangled in 3D and played MLB2K11 on the PS3...... WOW! I'll have to admit, I liked 3D, but I thought it was just a novelty. No way. 3D is much different now than when we had those blue and red glasses. It changes the whole experience.

Didn't have to do anything to get the line gone. It just went away one day. Also, I finally got the 3D glasses from the voucher that's in the TV. Unfortunately, they are the 3300s and not the 3700s that I kept seeing from people at CES. I won't knock the rating down, but I am a little disappointed that the glasses and the remote that were advertised earlier in the year didn't come with the unit, nor even thru mail. Also, the charger for the glasses is $199! No, thanks. I'll just charge it using the USB cable.

Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 3D HDTV Starter Pack

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Discover new TV programs, movies, games and other videos for 3D content. When you have found a Mitsubishi HDTV with this 3D Starter Kit Pack.

It is a collection of everything you need to experience watch for 3D in your home. It comes with a 3D adapter with remote, 2 pairs of active 3D glasses and matching emitter and an HDMI cable. This Starter Pack also comes with a Disney Blu-ray Showcase Disc that includes 3D trailers of A Christmas Carol, Alice In. Wonderland and Toy Story 3, as well as an educational short on 3D presented by Disney's Timon and Pumba characters from The Lion King.

- Everything you need to start watching 3D programming on your 3D-ready Mitsubishi HDTV
- Includes 3D Adapter with remote, two pair of Active 3D eyewear with matching emitter, and an HDMI cable
- Disney Blu-ray Showcase Disc with variety of 3D trailers and programming to start you off
- Adapter converts most common types of 3D signals into Mitsubishi compatible 3D signal
- See description for Mitsubishi 3D-ready HDTV compatibility list

Mitsubishi is a brand that was cool for 3D.

Previously, I have two 3D HDTV , 73 inch Mitsubishi DLP and Samsung LED 55 inch that for motion and contrast I think Samsung is better, but in terms of 3D Mitsubishi more clearly. I do not sure that why? may be because of DLP display or not. However, that make me not see 3D on the Samsung anymore.

Now, this kit comes with 2 pairs of glasses, the 3D emitter, and a Disney sampler Blu-ray. The emitter is a box that plugs into a special port on your Mitsubishi TV and controls the lens swapping of your 3D glasses. This emitter is built into the Samsung 3D TV's, but for some reason it's NOT built into the Mitsubishi's. Probably to keep the cost low for people who want these TV's but don't care about 3D. The box is easy to hook up. It hooks into the back of your TV and then it must also be plugged into a wall outlet. It comes with a remote, but i just leave mine on at all times. I don't think it will overheat. There's a red light on the unit which your glasses must be able to see. I've run into no incidents of the glasses not working, even when swapping them between people and moving around the room. Also, my rechargable Samsung 3D glasses work on it, too, so that's a bonus. The quality is the same. (the Mitsubishi glasses in this box are not rechargable. They use the kind of batteries you find in a watch).

The Disney sampler disc is filled with trailers for 3D Blu rays from Disney, such as A Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland. There's not a lot of content on the disc, but Disney is doing a good job with their 3D, so it's a good showcase for your 3D TV.

If you're looking for the cream of the 3D crop, check out IMAX Under the Sea, A christmas Carol, and IMAX Space Station. I've found those to be the absolute best 3D Blu Rays you can get. Alice in Wonderland is ok, but it's a bit unbalanced and some of the CG + live action stuff was not composited very well. Films like Monster House and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs don't look great. When it comes to 3D, live action is always the best, because of the textures. When you have textures which are a lot of solid colors (as you get with animated films), you end up with ghosting...Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which is very cartoonish, has a TON of ghosting. A Christmas Carol, which was made to look photorealistic - does not. It looks great. So make sure you pick up live action films, or at least ones that try to look live action, since they look the best in 3D. Oh, and stay away from Clash of the Titans in 3D! It was post-processed, and was NOT filmed in 3D and it just looks ridiculous!

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LG BD670 3D Wireless Network Blu-ray Disc Player Reviews

Monday, December 19, 2011

If you like the best in Full HD 1080p and access to  unlimited entertainment, you can find it from this  BD670 Network Blu-ray Disc Player with Smart TV Access integrated with Wi-Fi Connectivity,
you will have  the movie is a thousand stories, Apps, Shows and online videos that will serve to your HDTV at your home from your wireless Internet connection. this is a Blu-ray disc player that will deliver entertainment and content for you in Full HD, even when you are happy with the free and the others.

- Enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc movies in Full HD 1080p
-  Smart TV enables an easy way to access limitless content, thousands of movies, customizable apps, videos and browse the web all organized in a simple to use interface
- Integrated Wi-Fi Connectivity allows you take advantage of Smart TV from any available Wi-Fi connection
- Standard DVD Up-Scaling delivers exceptional image quality from standard DVDs with 1080p up scaling via HDMI output
- Dolby Digital Plus lets you experience all of the enveloping surround sound that Blu-ray Disc, high-definition (HD) broadcast, and streamed and downloaded media make possible

First of all I have a Iomega Home Media 1 TB Network Attached Storage 34337 and I've ripped all my DVD's to it. Lots of kids movies, TV shows, etc... and I wanted them all to be playable on my TV. After a disappointing run in with a Samsung "DLNA capable" Blu-ray player I had to find something that actually worked. While researching the failures on the Samsung device I read rave reviews about LG products, though this model was newer than any of the ones I read about I jumped on it.

So far so good. Not only does it playback the DVD rips I've made, it plays Blu-Ray movies beautifully without the menu lag the Samsung had.

So far I have two complaints, which prevented a 5 star review - or things around it more specifically:

1. On the box it claims this device can be controlled with an Android app. I downloaded the app the day I bought the player, turns out the app was updated three days before I bought my player, the previous version of the app works for everyone, the new version only works for a very small percentage of the people who've tried it, I haven't found enough data to conclude why it works for the few people who can use it.

2. The LG app store is very lacking in available software and has issues with not being available on occasion. I have not tried Net Flix or Vudu so I can't review those.

I am a rather advanced tech, I can answer questions if there are any, and I do have a monitor with HD capability and a HDMI in if anyone has questions that requires me to experiment with HD, I just don't use it as a TV since it's 24"s is still no match for my Dimatron in the living room.

I left the useless remote control software installed on my phone so I would know if LG ever decided to update/fix it. They did. It works great now! Nice remote control interface, I wouldn't exactly call it precision, but it is nice and face it, if the control is in your pocket you're less likely to lose it (or have a kid lose it for you) like the normal remote.

ALSO, I noticed an option, I'm not sure was there before the last firmware update or not, to allow for "streaming from network". I enabled it, it finally works exactly the way it should as a DMR, I sent media from my NAS drive to the Blu-Ray player using UPnPlay on my phone. I also streamed media directly from my phone to the player using iMediaShare. I'm going to play with it more later, I'm sure I can control it and even make a play list with VLC on my Linux systems, I'll test that later. :-)

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LG 42LV4400 42-Inch LED-LCD HDTV Reviews

The quality of the LED screen and TruMotion 120Hz refresh rate allow you to watch sports with realistic movement. Without interruption. That's what you get from LG LV440 HDTV.

- LG's LED technology provides a slim profile and delivers amazing brightness, clarity and color detail, as well as greater energy efficiency compared to conventional LCD TVs.

- TruMotion 120Hz technology lets you see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur

- Full HD 1080p gives it superior picture quality over standard HDTV. You'll see details and colors like never before.

The LG 42LV4400-UA was incredibly easy to set up. The picture is above average, though with high definition 1080p, most would notice only small differences in picture quality between different TVs. There is a little blurring when watching sports, which is common in my experience. The screen has a matte surface, which reduces glare. By comparison, my Samsung with a "glossy" screen displays a better television image, but also reflects almost like a mirror. The sound quality is average, maybe a little below a Visio with speakers on the front, and a little above a Samsung. Anyone who seriously cares about great sound will probably be connecting this TV to an alternative audio source. It can be set to automatically detect the aspect ratio being broadcast, so fewer programs have the image stretched or squished. There is also a parental lock feature.

The 42LV4400-UA comes with an owners manual and CD, remote control with two AA batteries included, a cleaning cloth, power cable, stand with screws, and one safety screw. The included stand allows the TV to swivel up to 20 degrees. Depending on your room setup, this can be helpful to further limit glare during certain times of day.

On the left side (if looking at the TV display) are two HDMI ports and one USB port and the television controls. On the bottom of the TV is the cable/antenna input, one additional HDMI port, DVI and audio ports for connecting a computer, component video inputs for audio and video (which can also be used as composite inputs), and an optical digital output.

On the downside, there is no Ethernet connection. This means the TV does not now and will not ever be able to display content from a home network or the Internet. It also will not be able to be updated or improved with firmware updates. If you're connecting this TV to a set-top box like Roku, or a Blu-ray player, you'll probably have access to Internet content through those devices anyway.

The LG 42LV4400-UA is a solid basic television that will meet the needs of most people. After considering the price of competing products and the features you need, you won't be disappointed with this TV.

LG 42LV4400 Price compare

LG 42LW5300 Incredible 3D TV! Perfect For Gaming

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Welcome to the world of 3D. The LW5300 come with LG's Cinema 3D technology and many others talent it have LG's stunning LED Plus screen technology, allowing you to get a sharp picture with deep blacks and vibrant colors. the bright In the form of the 3D and 2D. So you'll be happy with 2D and can convert to 3D with ease. The LG LW5300 This also comes with LG 3D Blu-ray player, 3D glasses, and everything you needed for a three-dimensional world. For LW5300 Features you can see in below:

  • LG's Cinema 3D technology delivers flicker free, wide angle viewing through use of lightweight, inexpensive, battery free glasses (included: four pairs of glasses).
  • Enjoy amazing depth along with smoother, crisper images, and a clear picture from virtually any angle.
  • Enjoy your favorite 2D movies and shows in immersive 3D with LG's 2D to 3D conversion feature.
  • LG's LED Plus back-light technology provides even greater control of brightness through local dimming that delivers better contrast.
  • TruMotion 120Hz technology lets you see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur. Full HD 1080p gives it superior picture quality over standard HDTV.
First off, I have had this tv for 2 days. Right after I ordered it, I started reading about input lag and other things. I'll be honest, it got me worried. I'm a regular gamer, and it is really what I got the TV. So when it first arrived, I set it up and put in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 .. Without changing any settings. I noticed that there was some input lag, and it was a little annoying .. but it was playable in my opinion.

So I turned off the Tru Motion by changing the picture setting to "Game". I really did not notice much of a difference. It improved by 20% maybe? That was when I was starting to get worried .. I did a little research and found a sneaky trick / fix. So far it worked great. (Knock on wood, I really love my TV in full now!) Below are step by step instructions.

1. On your remote, press the input button.
2. Then push the blue button on the bottom right hand corner of the remote. It says 3D settings but that's irrelevant right now.
3. This will open a window to change the name of the input.
4. Choose the PC name.

When you change the name of the input to PC, it turns off almost all of the image processing that comes with the HDMI input. So far, It has worked GREAT!

Setup was relatively painless. I haven't setup the 3D Bluray player yet, I'll update when I do. My first 3D experience was with Halo CE Anniversary. I must say... INCREDIBLE! I wasn't ready for things to really come out of the screen. I guess my expectations were a little low. But hey! It turned out to be a good thing!

The 2D to 3D is pretty sweet. I have found that it doesn't work great with everything. Sports, sitcoms and movies are pretty cool when up-converted. But talk shows and news isn't anything special. Of course, the LED and Tru Motion make everything silky smooth. Makes everything look almost fake, I personally like this.

When I opened the packs of 3D glasses, I was surprised, they weren't black, but white and orange! I kinda thought this was cool, you could call it a pleasant surprise.

I'll be updating this review as I use the TV more over the weekend. Really get into the nitty gritty of the settings. Please rate this review as helpful!

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Panasonic VIERA TC-P42ST30 42-Inch 1080p Full HD 3D Plasma HDTV Reviews

Monday, December 5, 2011


VIERA plasma TVs with 1080p resolution for moving picture. With the development of new technologies continuously from Panasonic gives you a new experience for fast-moving movies that are realistic with high contrast. This is a generation ahead of the APDC Moving-picture resolution measurement with standard 5 seconds by the management the moving frame with resolution of 1080 lines at the 1.5 second level. So, this HDTV will show moving seamlessly from Veara TVs in both 2D and 3D.

VIERA HDTV combines technology to deal with picture details of both the preceding and succeeding frames, and also a precise supplementary frame between them. This is the ultimate HDTV experience to create new picture that you have not seen for the smooth and natural images, most are also being developed with the sound system is great for viewing any content seamlessly. Of course, you will enjoy this 3D experience. [...]


    - Full HD with 3D ready
    - It has Infinite Black 2 panel
    - VIERA Connect Wi-Fi Ready
    - VIERA Image Viewer H.264 with 3D Playback

Customer Reviews:

Great HDTV, September 13, 2011

This HDTV has a superb real picture, whether it is displayed in 3D or 2D. The 3D image quality is excellent, we have to find and buy DVD's which we are not satisfied with the quality and clarity, there are only four 3D channels on DirectTV, so we have little 3D look, there is only one movie channel, repeat film just was a matter over and over, this is to experience 3D fast for our. The sport chennal, it also allows us to see the full 3D, do you think like? I back see the US Open Live tennis every day.

I strongly recommend this HDTV. A tip for 3D glasses is that they are expensive, about $ 118 from Panasonic and the comments come from real users. I choose the price produced by the Taiwanese and the rest is just $ 45 on Ebay and they work very well, no problem.

Amazing Picture Quality!!, September 24, 2011

I purchased this 42-inch model on a week ago. Now I get to watch it a little in this week, initially I was very satisfied with it. In fact, I expect a complete image from Panasonic Plasma's more because I have Plama Panasonic in my bedroom. Later I bought a new (ST series) to replace the old. I will tell it's real colorful, bright, vivid black are true black  that I have never seen. This HDTV is one of the best values ​​for me.

If you are looking for a HDTV at a great value, buy it! I will not talk about the experience for the difference between Plasma vs LCD's hair and overall it will make you feel anxious picture quality of a Plasma. Believe me, if you get up to Panasoic Plasma this generation, you can get good experience. If you agree with the simple black bezel around the screen, you can feel that great image displayed on the screen. I have not tried 3D and I have no need for it now. It is a nice bonus for me if I needed it later. I have never played VIERA Connect Apps, but as far as I was using it as an HDTV Plasma work very well.

Finally, it is a great HDTV. I recommend it to friends. I will have the possibility to purchase it for this Creistmas. Hope that its price will decline.

LG 42PW350 42-Inch 720p 600 Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV - Customer Reviews

Sunday, December 4, 2011


If you love watching movies competitive sports or fast action without reflection looks of the frames. The PW350 3D Plasma HDTV is the way you want. It comes with a 600Hz refresh rate to make every movement without interruption. As well as sharp images without blur, if you think that the plasma is not pretty, I think the new features TruSlime Frame is sleek and thin profile makes it a good plasma screen, whether open or closed. [...]


    -Bring your content alive with full 720p HD 3D technology
    -Incredibly high contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 delivers incredibly vibrant colors and deeper and darker blacks
    -Energy Star qualified so your entertainment experiene uses less energy
    -The 600Hz Sub Field Driving virtually eliminates motion blur
    -At less than 1" wide the new TruSlim Frame trims away the distraction of a wide frame.

Customer Reviews:

LG 3d 720p TV, October 16, 2011 (5 / 5)

At first, I was afraid, I think I will look for a 1080p HDTV set for more. I wanted to 3D feature So I decided for 3D LG 50-Inch 720p Plasma. Until today to get it. I can safely say Wow! It is a great television that I expected. Actually, the 3D excellent, I am happy for order this HDTV in real at reasonable prices (amazon price is less than bestbuy). Bear in mind, that you have to buy Blu-ray player 3D with perfect 3D experience. I will bought it for another soon.

A 3D HDTV that's an excellent value, August 14, 2011 (5 / 5)

I got this LG 3D HDTV for about 3 months ago in a cost effective price. I am very satisfied. Now you can buy it at a cheaper price, I bought and still get 2 pair of 3D Glassess with this HDTV set, although it has a resolution of 720p, as far as I see it with my eyes. It also has a fresh and clear with a variety of custom setting allows you to customize a pre-set, but I think that Cinema Picture Mode is the most natural. When I make a tuner for HD channels and SD channels look great too.

The only difference I noticed from LG is that when scanning the channels, channels group between SD and HD channels, it is ordered seperatly. That is, it is set by the optical digital audio out only (no analog or plug the headphone). I used Monopiece Digital Coax & Optical Toslink to Analog Audio Converter and it did not work (it appears this device can only handle PCM encoded material). If you don't have HDMI cable receiver for LG LSB316 soundbar (the way I used to), it works well. The 3D effect, I have the movie Tron Legacy and Avatar (3D encoded using a PS3) that come out loud and clear and glowing, it expressed a great 3D effect.

Feedback as I have with this HDTV is that the 3D glassess which it does stay synched with HDTV, and you have to keep re-powering for the glasses (if you use multiple glasses). I do not use 2D to 3D conversion. from the TV. Finally, if you want great 3D HDTV at a reasonable price, I am extremely pleased to introduce this new HDTV.

Great buy!, July 8, 2011 (5/5)

I am very satisfied with this HDTV. It is equipped with an incredibly easy wall mount. This came out great picture, but I have not tested the 3D features are not buy 3D glasses. That is, it is a good buy.

LG 47LW5300 Great 3D HDTV With 3D Blu-Ray Player and Four Glasses

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I bought this 3D HDTV on Black Friday, which means that I get it for a few days. I find it takes about 3-4 months between Plasma (I've used the Panasonic Plasma 720p 42-Inch from 2005) or on the LED. The apartment where I live there is quite a lot. Since there are multiple windows, doors and windows. So I thought about reflections will occur with the glass screen on plasma. However, I have found that the quality of a plasma screen quality is very good. When I look at CNET's list of best HDTV.'s Plasma to focus on more of the LED continues to be acclaimed "with black levels approaching that of plasmas.".

Finally, I decided to change this LED is to return it. If it is not good in my room. Room with a lot of glare. May cause problems in viewing. In fact, for a plasma screen for the better because it's like looking in a mirror reflection. It's easy to set picture, but I was able to set this LED without any problems. I still can not decide if I like the "soap opera" effect offer by Tru-Motion definitely want it on during sports.

A word about gaming: This TV is great for it! These other people on here complaining about it clearly didn't read some of the other reviews. You can change your input type to GAME or PC to eliminate the input lag. When I first turned on Modern Warfare 3 it was unplayable. I was terrified that I'd have to return it and get another plasma. But after I read the other guy's review on here and changed my input setting, all is solved! Here's what to do:

1. Change your TV to your gaming input (whatever HDMI or Component input you have your system hooked up to)

2. Press the input button again

3. Press the blue button at the bottom of the remore labeled "3D SETTING" (N/A in this situation)

4. Scroll through the menu and select PC or GAME (I use PC just because that's what the other guy recommended and can't tell if GAME is the same or not.)

This will eliminate all (or most) of the image processing that occurs within the TV and eliminate the lag between when you move your fingers on the controller and what happens on the screen. It will make the picture a tiny bit worse, but I'd rather be able to actually play my games than have them look a tiny bit better.

Concerning 3D: I didn't even want a TV with 3D. I looked at (and actually bought, long story) the 55LV4400, which doesn't have 3D. However, I read some things about the picture quality on that not being the equal of the LW series, so I went with this one. I've always hated 3D, even in theaters, but this TV has completely changed my mind. The 3D picture quality actually looks BETTER than 2D. I'm really glad I have it now. I haven't hooked up the 3D Blu-Ray player yet so I can't comment on its quality.

Bottom line: You won't regret buying this TV. If having a smart TV isn't importnat to you (or if you already have an Xbox 360, PS3 or Internet capable Blu-Ray player) and you want excellent picture quality (2D or 3D) in a bright room for around $1000, you can't go wrong here. I consider myself very technically savvy and I spend tons of time researching and reading before I make a big tech purchase. Save yourself the same time and headache and just get this TV.

LG Infinia 55LW6500 55-Inch Cinema 3D HDTV Fantastic for 3D and Movies

Friday, December 2, 2011

Overview: This LG 3D LED/LCD HDTV set is great for me. A Passive 3D impression other than that I've tested in past. The animation for the game smooth. I bought this HDTV because want to glowing for experienced in 3D.

Picture Quality: Video for LW6500 was very very good not different the HDTV from Sharp or Vizio in the top model. LED Edge Light is a bit to have a small problem just for the white/black, which I was not surprised for HDTV in this size. The other colors  made out to a great extent. Local dimming and Tru-Motion makes the movie experience beyond description.

Sound: This HDTV makes me wonder for quality of sound from the speakers on the side, of course, not surround sound came out, but also best sound quality for standard speaker. I can say that this LG LW65000 have great sounds for thin LED HDTVs.

Passive 3D: This is great for this HDTV. LG is not boasting when say that make best 3D technology, it is excellent, although it must adjust the 2D to 3D in the matter. It can build Netflix streaming to your TV screen as well as it can create Youtube videos to display screen as well. If you like 3D experience, I recommend this LG model.

Gaming: It's fatal flaw. Bear in mind that it is working on a game-mode, so if you turn off every feature of it, you will get between 20-50ms input lag. Which it depends type of game you play, for example, RPG's, Adventures, Fighting, etc.. You may be experiencing a little bit about the movement of combat or FPT games if configured not correctly. Out before that. I am not the gammer. But as far as testing it, I was discovered that LG has developed in this matter continued on the HDTV. So now if you get a 5ms late (like me), I think it's perfect content, for the game, I will update again (but probably not soon).

Features: Today some of variety feature of HDTV may be difficult to provide what better feature. But not only is the subject of Netflix, Hulu, Social Media, which is already in the LG Apps and appstore for your HDTV. Now, let's talk about the feature on the LW6500 that I like is the self-calibration tool, which is an easy choice for tuning your HDTV. Expert Picture Mode allows you to access a variety of picture customization. Of course, it allow you to adjusts the color level that you like.

Usability/Other items: from a feature rich with this LG HDTV, I am disappointed that it has no QWERTY remote control. It makes me feel little hard when search on Youtube or type status message on Twitter. The Magic Motion Controller would help good in this. The good option of HDTV that will let you use your HDTV without interruption. And if you decide to buy this LG 55LW6500 55-Inch 3D LED/LCD HDTV don't forget asking for the 4 free glasses makes this a true out-of-the-box 3DTV too.

Samsung UN60D8000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV As good as I expected

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The UN60D8000 offers a Full HD 1080p for detail and clarity to your image. To connect the sources are four HDMI inputs for the delivery of a Full-HD video and audio signals via a single cable.

The first thing you will notice the LED D8000 series is its chassis barely visible 0.2-inch brushed metal, a thin thin line that provides the framework for the rich content on the screen and form factor increases the light of the TV . It is based on an improved support for Quad adapt with minimal visual impact on the lighting conditions.

A new dimension to entertainment TV & Home with Samsung 3D TV. Experience cinema-quality 3D entertainment in the comfort of your living room. Samsung 3D is a truly unique viewing experience with the power of the room with the images that you can touch almost filled. Connect a Blu-ray 3D for 3D games or improve your viewing experience by upconverting regular content from 2D to 3D immersive.

Experience cinema-quality 3D entertainment in the comfort of your living room or regular programming upconvert 2D and 3D immersive.

Samsung Apps is a growing collection of applications designed specifically for television, with your favorite digital content such as videos, sports, games, social networks, and more. Associated with Web applications on the Samsung Smart TV, you can watch movies from Netflix or Blockbuster, TV shows from Hulu, YouTube video, Next Level sports news from ESPN, Music, Pandora and updates on Facebook or Twitter. The applications you are interested, now on your TV. There is also a QWERTY remote UN60D8000 enter a simple search, Twitter updates, etc.

Connect with Samsung Smart TV to easily search for films, television shows, explore Samsung Apps chat with friends and much more - QWERTY remote control.

Great HDTV, worth the price.

I bought this HDTV to replace my old 42" LCD Vizio that I bought for 6 years ago. I have a lot of research online and decided it was either a Sony or Samsung off recommendations from friends and based online. I went to my local electronics business, see the TV in action. Although I saw the model of this TV last year. Although I have a beautiful all support black metal for my TV, so I bring silver frame thickness of. notice

I spoke with a colleague told me about the new 2011 model year. Once I saw it I knew it was on TV I wanted. I did a little shopping and found Amazon had the best price. I was a little skeptical about a big online orders.

I used a few complaints about the company, belongs to the ship's TV. I must say I was a good experience. The delivery was agreed at the first hour of my appointment delivery window. The box the TV was a bit "at the bottom of the damage, but nothing was brought to television worries, and I checked and wow this thing is a work of art. And the guys delivery were impressed, they had not the new model.

The HDTV was a little cold to be stored in the warehouse and the truck, so I think everything is installed and connected all the extra (Home Theater, Xbox 360, PS3, cable box, etc.) but I did not the power to make such an about 2 hours to avoid leaving the TV and heating damage. Once I joined, I was greeted with a simple and easy to follow installation and television wireless network.
With the beautiful image, 3D, in many HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi and Samsung SmartTV this is a good option for someone in the high-end market LCD HDTV.

VIZIO 32 Inch 3D LCD HDTVBest Deal for the Price!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If you are looking for a 3D HDTV connected to the Internet, this is to buy. This HDTV is probably the best overall value out there right now. The picture is great and the sound is adequate. The term reasonable, I mean the sound is good enough when it comes to a TV for your room. So this is a 3D HDTV for family entertainment, we recommend buying external speakers only to improve the overall quality of sound.

The connection to the Internet available applications is really nice. If you are a Netflix or Hulu+, it will be extremely convenient. There are many applications, including updates to sport, 3D is a nice touch to your HDTV. I tried a few things in 3D, and I can say it's really solid 3D experience from this HDTV. However, you can not sit anywhere. The manual is a system of "optimal 3D visualization." Some side angles you do not get the 3D view.

Lightweight polarized glasses much lighter and more affordable than the active shutter 3D glasses

The only major problem I had with this HDTV, if you use a PS3 for gaming. Ghosting (motion blur) can be a problem, how awkward and pixelation when viewing 1080p lag. Vizio support was more than helpful with this. They recommended that the output settings on my PS3, the change has come to solve the problem for most.

After the playing with many combinations of settings that I found the PS3 setting, so it works best settings in the game in 2D. These parameters are based on MLB 11: The Show, because this game had the worst problems of ghosts in my games. Other games, no need for these parameters. TV settings below are absolutely necessary to have. This eliminates the delays that may occur.

PS3 Settings:
--Go to 'Video Settings' and set '1080p 24HzOutput (HDMI)' to OFF.
--Go to 'Display Settings' and change 'Video Output Settings' to 720p. To change this setting you have to choose 'Manual' when it prompts you to choose.
--The only other setting (which I'm not positive I actually changed or if this setting was default) was in 'Game Settings'. I have 'PS Smoothing' set to OFF.

TV Settings:
--TV Settings: Hit 'Menu' on your TV Remote and go to 'Settings'. Make sure the 'Input Source' is set to whatever input your PS3 is using. Go to 'Game Mode' and choose 'ON'. This eliminates all lag while gaming which was a huge problem initially.

Stream movies and TV shows, listen to music and get the latest news, sports and weather with VIZIO Internet Apps.

Overall I recommend this HDTV for those looking for the latest TV technology available, then they can afford.