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You will love this Toshiba 55WX800U 3D Television

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Normally, I do not have time to write a review for the product that I purchased. Unless I am sure to try it. I want to say this 3D TV, It should be review. Was I had to take it to replace my old TV, it is a Visio 50 inch 1080p plasma HDTV that I have purchased three years ago and it works very well. And now I have to use  it, and I want to use TV with more features and quality than ever before. I found this on TV.

The price is ridiculous. $1,600 with no tax, free shipping, and two pairs of 3d glasses? EXCELLENT! Toshiba makes great products and this 55" beauty is no exception. For the price, I think you will be hard pressed to find a better picture in a 55" size and sporting the latest 240hz LED technology. The television itself is attractive, light weight, and super thin. It weights about half my previous television which is really nice. The inputs are nicely laid out in the back and very easily accessible. My Vizio had them under a lip and in the lower middle of the set making them very difficult to find without pulling the whole TV out which was always a chore.

The picture is HIGHLY customizable. **NOTE** the instruction manual outlines in nice detail the explaination of features, DO NOT WATCH BLU-RAY MOVIES WITH THE 240 CLEAR MOTION FEATURE ON!! It will make the movie appear jumpy and jittery. Watching it with the standard 60 frames per second gives that nice "normal and human" smoothness you are used to. The 240 Clear Motion feature is SO nice with sports, especially if you are a hockey fan like myself. Any fast paced sports program will really reap the benefits of this feature. NASCAR, Basketball, Hockey, Football all look fabulous with this feature on. The LED has the bad reputation for having even lighting issues, or bright spots in the corners. Toshiba utilizes a technology that pans the light and it looks even and the contrast ratio is really nice to boot. Blacks are black and whites are white. Great color balance and options to adjust the power of the LED backlight.

My previous television also doubled as a heater. It would get the room VERY warm in the Summer which was one of the downsides (in addition to the screen burn-in that Plasma is prone to) but this tv is quite, cool, and takes very little power in comparison. Energy Star rated for those concerned with power consumption (as you should ;-)

The apps? Well, I haven't toyed around with them too much. Setting up the Wi-Fi was fast and simple, but I fear that the apps can act a bit "clunky" at times **(This is no longer an issue because I discoved that the wi-fi was VERY weak in the room where I have this tv, so I can't honestly say if the apps are slow or not.) It doesn't flow very quickly. What I mean is there is a bit of lag between the commands on the remote and the changing on screen. Is this enough to ruin the experience? Absolutely not, but something some should be prepared for if they plan on using the app features more than I do. All in all, this television in my humble opinion is well worth the money. Even my wife (who can't tell the difference between VHS and Blu-ray) commented on how beautiful and noticable the picture quality was. Very pleased with this purchase, and I think you will be too. I hope this honest, non-biased review is helpful in your decision to buy or not.

I have now had the TV for about a year and I still feel strongly that for the money, it is a tremendous value. The price has gone up dramatically since I bought it (because I believe that it is no longer being sold by Amazon,) however, if the price does come back down I would still highly recommend a good look. I haven't seen too many better deals anywhere else for what you get for the money. While I don't use the 3D feature nearly as much as I thought I would, I can say that I am very excited to see the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast (and other Disney classics soon to come) in 3D.