LG 55LW6500 3D capable with Smart TV!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

With 3D technology LG's latest technology, you can get the same experience you get from the theater. Glasses lighter weight, more realistic 3D pictures. LG's Cinema 3D TV will bring 3D experience into your home. LG Cinema 3D movement by LG's Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology.

Infinia 55LW5600 - Best For the price

Friday, May 4, 2012

I do not have 3D TV and when my Sony TV,started having problems, I decided that the next TV in my house to have a 3D TV.

Mini Reviews Samsung 3D LED TV 55C8000's how I see

Friday, April 13, 2012

I tested the Samsung 3D LED TV model C8000, which is considered "New" and "best picture" of Samsung in this year, I have just a few minutes to played out fantastic  functions. I believe that some one are not familiar with 3D TV and I would like to pushing tell you in this review.

Hugo Blu-ray IN 3D

Saturday, March 10, 2012

When we go to watch the movies, we all have different needs to get out. Some people are just for entertainment, some people want see a challenge plot although the film is finished. Some people watch the favorite actor or is a fan favorite director like me for Martin Scorsese's film I follow track a lot. Hugo is a movies that brings together everything I said in the beginning. Perfectly.

This film generated from the best saler book of Brian Selznick. If you've read this book, I know it's story. I had read and liked it a lot, but I do not tell all the whole story, you know it (it will not fun). Hugo's heart, it is about obsession, discovery and how one person's story can lead to - and become entwined. with - another's.

The film is set in Paris in 1930, the station orphan named Hugo (played by Asa Butter field engaging) live in the walls of the station and the center of the Clock Tower, has spent most of his time. The hours of work stations. (So ​​that nobody comes to a wall or a tower and a place for his own skin), and the desire to dominate his mind - the human-shaped robot designed to write with a pen, where his father (Jude Law.) was found in the museum and tried to repair when he was killed in a fire. The self scrounges Hugo and food stealing in a shop in which the attention of the inspector. (Sacha Baron Cohen) for its efforts to restore the robot Hugo steals a piece of a toy shop in the station is managed by the elders, Papa Georges (Ben Kingsley), who eventually arrested him for food. in action. Georges was a friend of Pope, but she is a girl his age named Isabel (Chloe Grace Moretz) and ends to help Hugo to follow his passion for the robot. Hugo is convinced that, with some secret message left for him by his father. This ultimately leads to ... You need to see. I say this just for the joy of this film, from discovery to destroy.

It is difficult to know where to start a movie, how many good things about Hugo. I said that at least you can start the film with his brilliant performance. Scorsese creates worlds within worlds, Hugo in 1930, and it will be within the walls of the station clock tower company in the world hidden for the first time in Paris. And beautiful there, in other places the same. This is not 3D grows here, and, indeed, Hugo narrow streets and the time to review the methods and their large and complex, gears, springs and pendulums all motion contributes to the feeling in the world to keep. Music by Howard Shore crafted a beautiful film reminds us of the time, but at another place and time by the feeling.

And the form of a series that attention to detail as the characters populating the world shows, braces his legs had to be bossy station Sacha Cohen's Drilling of the biology and life as a flower seller is so small. Lisette (Emily Mortimer), relating to confidentiality Frick's (Richard Griffiths), Madame Emile (Frances de la Tour), cafe-owner who is still working on a romance between a newspaper vendor search. the old cartoons for the ill-fated attempt at a relative when an attack comes close to your dog to spoil. Scorsese has also played jazz guitarist Reinhardt (Emil Lager), painter Salvador Dali  and writer James Joyce (Robert Road) and a known number of the historical background of the work the Paris.

Highly recommended for those who love cinema, and a must-see for those who love films and their importance to us.

Passive Vs. Active 3D glasses

Friday, February 24, 2012

I try to put your 3D active glasses for the first time, I was quite impressed. It is more expensive and require batteries with one, another is connected to a 3D TV with infared beam to restrict the viewing distance. So when I get more information on LG's passive 3D technology, I immediately went to the store to try it again. I like it so much that it is polarized glasses like I had with the 3D movies theaters. Passive 3D glasses are much lighter than active technology makes it feel more comfortable. LG AG-F210 3D glasses for the two in a box with pouch to store them in, and cleaning cloth. Compare prices on the passive 3D glasses that have been very active 3D glasses.

Pros: lightweight, not requires batteries, cheaper.

Development of 3D TV technology

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3D TV technology is constantly evolving, this article will present various types of 3D technology from past to present.

1. Anaglyphic 3D technology (Passive)
This technology used "Two-colored glasses" generally red and blue, for filter color to the left and right eye  that want to make 3 dimensional of the image. This Anaglyphic 3-D movie have both as a DVD or movie in HD such as Monster VS Aliens in the Bly-ray or The Final Destination that use Anaglyphic 3D technology.

Pros: Glasses, both paper and plastic are cheap.
Cons: Not realistic 3D images.

Equipment for viewing Anaglyphic 3D.
1. DVD or Blu-ray movie disc format Anaglyphic 3D.
2. Two-color glasses that match the following colors red-blue / blue-yellow / pink-green (the glasses color must be consistent with the movie).
3. Normal TV (LCD TV, Plasma TV, CRT TV), not necessarily 3D TV.

2. Polarized 3D technology (Passive)
The principle of Polarized 3D is displayed even line picture (2,4,6, ... 1080) for the left eye (540 lines) and the odd line picture. (1,3,5, ..., 1079) for the right eye (540 lines at left). The display quickly switches even and odd line to the eyes this call Line by Line medthod. 3D Glasses for Polarized have lenses for the left eye get only even line picture and lenses for the right eye to get only odd line picture, that take quickly swap left and right and make three-dimensional image. Polarized 3D TV for release in 2011, including LG LED LW6500, Phillips PFL7606, TCL V6300 and "Cinema 3D TV" from LG. The Imax 3D cinema use Polarized 3D technology as well.

Pros: Most fly out 3D image dimensional, lightweight glasses does not require batteries, pictures not blinking.
Cons: Separate line picture left and right for half that decreases the contrast of the image.

Equipment for viewing Polarized 3D.
1. Polarized 3D TV.
2. Polarized 3D Glasses.
3. Polarized 3D Content (Line by Line 3D Content).

3. Active 3D technology (Frame Sequential 3D)
Principles of Active 3D is to send full-frame fast switch to the left and right eye (as at 60 frames per second). It makes 3D images are overlapped between the left and right, 3D Active Shutter Glasses that alternately open and close quickly left and right. Active 3D be used in TV such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba like Samsung 3D LED TV (D8000, D7000), LG Plasma TV PZ950, Sony HX925, NX720 Panasonic VT30 and released in 2011.

Pros: The picture is sharp more than Polarized 3D.
Cons: Glasses need batteries, need to connect (sync) optical Infrared signals to the TV all the time, making the limited viewing distance, flashing of glasses.

Equipment for viewing Active 3D. 
1. Active 3D TV
2. 3D Active Shutter Glasses
3. Blu-ray player with 3D models that can Output HDMI V1.4
4. 3D Content.

Synopsis: This article was made ​​you to know more about the type of 3D Technology. And now, for the most 3D TV  were implement Active 3D (Frame Sequential).

Principle of 3 Dimension Imaging

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today, 3D TV was very popular. You want to know that the 3D imaging technology for TV and movies are a few types. Let's start with the first 3D visualization models.

What is 3D image?
3D or 3 Dimension picture is a picture that can see "shallow, deep, thick, thin" clear more than 2D picture.  Comparison with 2D images the 3D will make realistic and makes you feel into to be realistic place, that is why the TV production attention turned to the production of 3D TV.

The 3-D visualization.
3D images were created by physical principles of the two sides of the man's eyes, When see to the objects there are in different positions (because the left eye and right eye were separated about 3 to 5 cm.) and when the two eyes result are combined, we will see 3-D image. With this simple principle when the picture was taken from the left and the right to gather together. We would like to see the 3D image.

This is principle of 3D imaging in the next article I will discuss the type of 3D that has evolved from past to present. See you...

LCD TV VS Plasma TV What Different?

Monday, February 6, 2012

For those who are choosing to buy new TV, here is popular question that many people have in mind between LCD TV and Plasma TV that is different? And is better? Will know the answer you need to understand the principle, advantages and disadvantages of both two types of TV before all.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is generated from the light source called the "Backlight", which is light lamp CCFL and LED such a light source to a crystalline solid, semi-liquid like jelly called "Liquid Crystal" and it will be change cause deformation the light coming from the Backlight to Color Filter to pass through the primary  three colors (RGB) and mixed into a different light.

Each pixel of the LCD TV can not provide their own light. It necessary to rely on the Backlight light source to a Liquid Crystal and determines the direction in determining the color that you see by working together with Color Filter. LCD TV will have a variety of sizes ranging from 15 inches to 108 inches.

Advantages of LCD TV.

  • The bright light over.
  • Suitable for a computer monitor and a mobile video monitor with a resolution greater than.
  • Suitable for use in high brightness room. The living room is light controlled or you can buy to be installed in a store or restaurant, LCD TV is more appropriate.
  • Burn-In a fire or holding it on display will likely not happen.
  • Less power consumption and less heat.
  • Can use for small LCD screen display, such as mobile phones.

Disadvantages of LCD TV.
  • Backlight leakage is also seen in the dark, even when the door is closed for Liquid Crystal Display. But it also has a light through it anyway. Black is not black as they should.
  • Some of the speed of the animation will not flow around.
  • With its bright and vivid colors that go well. (The complete set power mode) can be a pain in the eye.

Plasma TV is a monitor at each pixel can make the light on its own by stimulating the release voltage. Each pixel of the Plasma TV include Neon and Xenon gas contained, it will be a material impact on the UV and  when it go to phospor, a phosphor coating on the screen and make the light colors.Which the gas is indeed more sensitive than crystals.

Advantages of Plasma TV.
  • Can animation better flow than by seed pixel is light itself, For action movies or sports with them.
  • Be black to dark and deep, with more than dimensions. It not have Backlight  to worry about leaks.
  • The contrast of the image above to see a better.
  • Wider View better than LCD TV for the side fade.
  • The colors are more natural not over color.
  • Less eye pain for levels of brightness and color.

Disadvantages of Plasma TV.
  • Burn-In when the opportunity arises, if still open for a long time.
  • Not suitable for use in the control room where the light is not as high brightness light or outdoors.
  • The mirror reflected the shadows.
  • More power and heat on the screen.

I think that the LCD TV and Plasma TV has equal good and bad points. For your information, you should find Reviews, Article, and to try to watch it by your own and choose TV for your room and make the most of your Life-Style.

Samsung UN46D8000 3D LED HDTV Every Bit As Good

Thursday, January 26, 2012

All of the Smart TV from Samsung ar the art deep for entertainment, The Samsung UN46D8000 3D LED HDTV sizes 46 Inch. For a commitment strongly in the development of 3D TV to reach the highest image quality and complete connection.

The Samsung UN46D8000 46 Inch 3D LED HDTV has occurred with any modern design, the capabilities of the art by Samsung One Design bezel is slender as come for visual impression of more screen, less frame and Samsung's cinema-quality 3D technology brings realism to be displayed in 3D movies and TV programming. buy a 3D TV from Samsung is definitely worth it.

  • Two pairs of 3D glasses included in box
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • 3D HDTV
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Auto Motion Plus 240Hz with Clear Motion Rate

I saw this 3D TV when I walk into a department store and I decided to buy it on the same day. When TV came up with one word that I say Wow! and now I have to get more information from Samsung's website, where it was felt that the motivation cost for me for purchase of Samsung TV in this year, because I have not found any problems. (I probably would not use it much).

The black level is wonderful. For the 3D effect are cool and I have to leave this is my first 3D TV, I saw a film in 3D in some theaters but I've never had that experience at home. For features that are included with this TV is great, I like the added NAS support, it works really great. I have a Synology NAS and when I connect it at the first time on my home network the TV detected my NAS and listed it as Synology. I would little comment about DLNA, it is no User Interface in graphic art or pictures for the movies, however the titles show will work just fine.

Pros: The level of black color and normal HD programs are crisp and clear, it does not make me tired eyes for watch it, with a small bezel making it perfectly compatible with the wall of my house. The features for it to be perfect and many others.

Cons: Exceptions are the remote, I want to remote control like iPhone, I think the keyboard is still too small for me. I want this more than a little bit port connection whether it is HDMI, USB or Optical port.

However, the overall picture of all of this 3D TV. I was very happy with it and I think that within 1 to 2 years, I still get the fun of it, certainly. I give it a full five star rating.


Sony BRAVIA KDL40EX720 40-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If you want HDTV to be delivered to perfection of 3-D video and audio formats. Sony KDL-40EX720 will meet your needs as well with state-of-the-art technology for a smoother high-speed action scenes and clarity picture. You can also easily connect to the Internet for your streaming media, Skype video calling, or  open your files over your home network, and so many proven, you will be amazed 3D entertainment with 3D glasses.

  • It has 40-inch display with full 3D HD (1080p) picture quality (1920 x 1080 native panel resolution)
  • LED backlighting for incredible contrast, slim design, and energy efficiency
  • Sony's X-Reality Engine sharpens images for a clear, vivid, life-like picture
  • Internet TV for wide variety of streaming media and other Internet content
  • Experience smooth motion detail and clarity with Motionflow 240 technology

First I would like to tell you that good HDTV designed . I like the quality of materials that it used (Some of it does not look good, but when compared to other LED LCD HDTV, it will look better). It does not look like the EX series HDTVs earlier, the bevel on the bottom is gray similar some of the EX7xxxx model. I love the menu system it has been developed from other models in 2010, the 2010 Bravia HDTV line designed for the Playstation 3 and PSP menu system to work together easily. For the EX720, I recommend all 2011 model which was developed to be different from the PS3 and PSP, but it also works together seamlessly. I find that I use it a lot easier and better than predecessor.

The remote control works great for this HDTV, some keys are designed to be in a position to do an outstanding work above and beyond. The 3D button is enabled stereocopic 3D mode, when you press it again it will be turns off. You can get everything into 3D by Bravia to emulate 3D effect for non-3D content. For the other buttons on the remote, it consists of a quick netflix toggle, internet video, Qriocity as well as very easy Home button.

The internet video works without a problem. I watch youtube videos straight from HDTV and testing browns online music libraries, though my High Speed ​​Cable.

The Ex720 may not be the best of the Sony 3D HDTV in 2011, but it has enough features for HDTV capability, and a good one. I can only say that its a competitor for best.

The North American, The EX720 was assembled in Maxico and for a conventional LCD. This HDTV may not be a problem for some people to buy HDTV.

Now! TV Can Do More Than You Think

Monday, January 2, 2012

Now, I do regular TV can do more than you think. Responding to the entertainment and information technology policy. Only high-speed Internet connection directly to the TV. It also has a 3D imaging system that enhances the viewing experience more like this then please. Good to see that the new technology. What's the TV can use.

Rip the rules of TV by 3D TV, It is not only the traditional 2-D image, which is a wide and long, but 3D TV  works by simulating the sense of depth by using the fact that We look at things. With an eye on the two sides separated by a 3D TV was invented, based on the distance of the human experience. The viewer sees the image in a new perspective. In television, it looked like the images seen by the naked eye quite a lot these days and Sony has developed BRAVIA LCD TV Full HD capable, the sharper the image. Experience in 3-D entertainment is delivered directly to your home today.

Internet Video & Google TV
There is also a television, which combines 3D technology with all the Sony 3D LED TV with Internet TV that allows us to watch your favorite video from various video sites. Also known as Video Streaming directly to your computer through the hassle anymore. Using a wireless connection instantly with Built-in.

Using Internet Video function, viewers can select the speed interface to the Internet has two levels: 1 Mbps for video viewing. SD (Standard-definition video) and 2 Mbps for video viewing. HD (High-definition video) and can enter the name of the video you want. Through on-screen keyboard, touch directly with BRAVIA. For sites that have lots of video to 16 sites like Youtube, style.com, podcasts, wired,. Myplay, blip.tv, golflink.com or a function that lets you run Internet Widget Widget or clip. videos from different sites. Superimposed on the viewing screen on the fly.

There are also technologies that are hot, which is Google TV, the latest technology combined with the potential of TV entertainment. In search of powerful Google search engine developed jointly between Sony and Intel to get the favorites in the near future, it is only the key name you want into the Google TV will display a range of broadcast time. and links related to that item, the user can also use the Internet on the TV screen with ease.

Toshiba 46WX800U is perfect 3D LED TV

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I've been 46WX800U on two days ago and when turn it on It has a very clear picture looks better than my old DLP 61". It looks realistic, colorful images perfect to use 3D glasses with 3D content, it works very well. Xbox 360 is simply amazing, and a new freshness to all games, especially Black Ops. It also tried a regular DVD, the best up convert to 1080p I have ever seen. I have no complaints.

Price for value:
I'm not someone who jumps at things with newest features; I wait for when the prices come down a bit and features are more stable. But when this TV was offered with free 3D starter and Blue-ray DVD player, it just did it for me. I totally think it is worth it.

I was impressed that all of the items arrived faster than scheduled, but sending them all together would have been better. They arrived at different times and you need to be home for TV to sign, but not the other ones. They just left DVD player (in rain!) without even bothering to ring the door bell. Luckily, I have a security camera that sends me Email when someone comes to my door and I picked it up quickly (isn't that cool?).

Size, look, setup:
All perfect and easy here. I setup it up alone, but it's a bit heavy and 2 people would be safer. I was in market for 55", but the bundle was not offered with that one and I went down to 46" with some reservations. That was a good decision; the size is good enough for my family room; they all look smaller in the stores with so many large TVs. It's an edge-lit LED (not back-lit) and the bright LED TV you see in store is just a marketing mode. But I already knew this and wasn't that surprized.

Internet TV:
Initially, I thought this feature is redundant bcz the DVD player does the job. But without a doubt this is the coolest feature for me so far. It comes already setup to work with yahoo widgets such as weather or news and also youtube videos. You can customize and constant access to say weather for your favorite locations. However, here is also when I took one star off: the wireless receiver is pretty weak. I have 4 laptops at every corner of my house with good reception, so it must be the TV. SW upgrades are already available, but it failed to download 3 times until i moved my wireless router right next to the TV from office. I need to take the router back to office, so i have to settle with intermittent internet connection. Bummer, and here goes one star! Hope DVD player has a better wireless reception. Bottom line you might need a wireless signal booster if your TV is far from your router.

I haven't got to test this yet, bcz i don't have a 3D movie yet. Would it kill you to throw a low-end 3D disk in the bundle? Now I have to write to Santa, so someone gives me a 3D movie just to test my bundle:-)

Excellent deal! I have never spent this much time with a new TV.
Cons: weak wifi reception -> may need a signal booster ($60-$70)
Pros: everything else.

What's more, for the New Toshiba 3D Televisions

Since Toshiba has been launched the WX800U 3D LED TV. The Toshiba 3D TV development did not stop in  single models. Also the 3D TV production line in new version out continually as TL515U, UL610U all model they use technology LED TV. I would like to say this is more for some additional New Toshiba 3D TV.

Ultra-Real 3D Full HD Visuals
Toshiba 3D TV can deliver entertainment to your home with beautiful 1080p Full HD. The LED panel with Fine Local Dimming creates blacks with more depth and character, plus enhanced highlights. Our ClearScan 480Hz technology minimizes blurring for sports or fast-action video. . And our CrystalCoat Contrast Enhancer stops light reflections from washing out whatever you're watching. Your movies and games will leap off the wall with incredible sharpness and a smoother, purer, more natural appearance.

Dazzling 3D Diversity
Toshiba offers various 3D technologies for different needs and tastes. Choose a model with dynamic (active) always in 3D to enjoy 1080p Full HD 3D and sharper images from Blu-ray. Or maybe you're a player who wants to avoid eye strain and flicker over them all night parties Frag. If so, can offer a set of natural (passive) 3D be what you're looking for. You will still enjoy beautiful HD pictures, including 1080p full HD 2D.

Super-Thin, Sophisticated Design
An elegant, ultra-thin cabinet design and choice of screen sizes ranging from 32” to 65” class make Toshiba 3D HDTVs perfect for building a big, beautiful home theater. They really set off a room.

Great Expandability and Convenience
Build that entertainment center with four HDMI® inputs and HDMI® InstaPort™ for fast switching between them. And because our 3D TVs are DLNA certified ®, you’ll be able to easily access content straight from your PC. It’s home theater without the headache.

Expansive Connectivity
Toshiba 3D TVs open up a whole world of possibilities for you. Link wirelessly to a home network with built-in Wi-fi Connection. Or discover Toshiba Enhanced Net TV™, offering personalized content with just a few clicks of the remote through Yahoo! TV Widgets. Choose from a vast selection of social media and content providers including YouTube®, Facebook®, Pandora®, Twitter®, Netflix® and others.

Stunning Sound
Toshiba 3D TVs make sure your ears are entertained too. They come with built-in stereo speakers, plus advanced audio technologies that include Audyssey EQ™ to equalize sound for the entire room, plus Dolby® Digital Plus, which delivers full audio potential from Blu-ray™ discs, HD broadcasts, along with streamed and downloaded media.

Built-in WiFi
All Internet TV Models Will Have Built-in WiFi. No Dongle Needed.

Internet TV Apps
Widgets developed to work with your Internet-enabled TV so you can stay in touch, watch pictures or videos on your TV screen, while watching your favorite TV show.

Active Shutter Glasses
3D footage is shot with two special cameras spaced apart 2.5” to mimic our eyes. Included with our 3D TVs, these state-of-the-art glasses create a dazzling 3D effect by opening and closing lenses 120 times per second.

Green Engineering
Though powerfully entertaining, LED HD TVs are built with a power-conscious design. So you can rest assured that with Toshiba you’re doing right by the environment.