LG 50PW350 50-Inch 720p Active 3D Plasma HDTV Review

Sunday, July 31, 2011

LG 50PW350 50-Inch 720p Active 3D Plasma HDTV
LG 50PW350 50-Inch 720p Active 3D Plasma HDTV
Brand : LG Model : 50PW350

Overall Rating 4.5/5:

  • Bring your content alive with full 7200p HD 3D technology
  • Incredibly high contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 delivers incredibly vibrant colors and deeper and darker blacks
  • Energy Star qualified so your entertainment experience uses less energy
  • The 600Hz Sub Field Driving virtually eliminates motion blur
  • At less than 1" wide the new TruSlim Frame trims away the distraction of a wide frame.

Description from manufactory

The Third Dimension
Plasma TVs have always offered a great picture, but have some disadvantages, in particular, who were greedy for power. LG 50PW350 change history. Still offers a pretty picture, but the ENERGY STAR symbol so you know you're saving energy (and money). But even more interesting than that, this TV is 720p 3D ready to enjoy the latest hits on the way we look.

Bring your content to life through technology 1080p HD 3D! The surprising effects immediately grab your attention and bring your entertainment experience for the next generation. Less than 1 "the range of new finishes TruSlim distraction of the width of the frame. [...]


The LG50PW350 is probably the cheapest 50-inch 3D TV that can you can buy at the moment. It is not, but 1080p 720p looks damn good and is good enough for me. Of course there are better than plasma TVs out there and do not plan to get the black levels of a pioneer, but the KURO KURO is 3K and this TV is only about 750. I chose this over a 1080p Panasonic 50in 3DTV because it is cheaper than $ 500 and a PC using the old VGA (15-pin D-Sub). There is an optical output ... I thought it was strange and unnecessary, but it is actually a good idea, because you can use a USB flash drive or external hard drive for movies and sound can go from the receiver for decoding.

If you have a lot of money and want the best .... This is not and probably would get a prize kuro (+ 3K U.S. dollars) or a Panasonic plasma or Samsung for half the price set (1-2k dollars). But you get a "lot of TV for the money with this. I recommend this TV for people who are not snobs, no label, Mad videophiles who swear they can see the difference between 1080p and 1079p, and are interested in 3D and HD, but do not want to break the bank. In fact, I have this TV for $750 and a XGA projector that can be purchased for $ 400 so that the price of the 50in Panasonic plasma TV 3D (no ST-GT) I have a 50in 720p 3D 84in 720p and a photo. It 's like the PIP only supersized.

    Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX800 55-Inch 3D-Ready LED HDTV Review

    Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX800 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D-Ready LED HDTV, Black
    Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX800 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D-Ready LED HDTV, Black
    Brand : Sony Model : KDL55HX800

    Overall Rating 4.0/5:

    • 55-inch Dynamic Edge LED-backlit HDTV with Full HD 1080p resolution; ready for you to enjoy 3D movies, sports and videogames with optional accessories
    • Motionflow 240Hz technology for smoothest motion in fast action sports and games; BRAVIA Engine 3 fully digital video processor
    • Wi-Fi ready (with optional dongle); access to BRAVIA Internet video; USB port for photos, music and video playback
    • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 2 component, 2 composite, 1 PC, 1 USB, 1 Ethernet, 1 optical digital audio output
    • Includes removable stand; measures 50.4 x 31.5 x 13.8 inches with stand

    Description from manufactory

    Superior image quality with the experience HX800 Sony BRAVIA Series LCD HDTV with 3D. Enjoy sharp contrast to the edge of the Dynamic LED backlight, the most brilliant, crisp images and fluid motion and crisp for as long as your Internet connection and transmit the widest variety of online entertainment. Add the sender Sync Sony and enjoy 3D movies, sports and video games in full 1080p HD quality personal content or convert 2D images to 3D at the touch of a button on the remote control.

    All BRAVIA 3D are supported by a growing variety of 3D content, including the latest Hollywood movies on Blu-ray 3D, sports, music, natural history and entertainment 3D new cable channels and satellite, including 3D games such as WipEout HD, and MotorStorm Pacific Rift on PlayStation 3.

    Enjoy incredible contrast and brilliant images and sharp details on board with Dynamic LED backlighting to see a smooth motion during fast action scenes with Motionflow 240Hz PRO technology. Edge LED backlit HDTV is also more environmentally friendly because they consume less power than conventional LCD TVs and do not contain mercury. Deep Black Panel technology also offers an incredible contrast and reflections to a minimum. Finally, the processor BRAVIA Engine video produces more than 3, life as an image of high contrast and color.

    Beyond the planned program and connect to the Internet to spread the field a wide range of films, television shows and music videos from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Slacker, and more. You can also add a Wi-Fi adapter (sold separately) to connect wirelessly to your home network and Internet access without the clutter of unsightly cables. Other features include 6 HD inputs (4 HDMI, 2 component), a USB port for photos, music and video playback on the TV, an Ethernet port (cable network), and compatible with VESA wall mount.  [...]

    • HDMI: 4 (2 side, 2 rear; HDMI PC input capability)
    • Component: 2 (1 side, 1 rear)
    • Composite A/V: 2 (1 side, 1 rear shared with component)
    • Ethernet: 1
    • RF: 1 (rear)
    • USB 2.0: 1 (side)
    • PC input (15-pin, D-Sub): 1 (side)
    • Analog audio inputs: 3 (2 side, 1 rear)
    • Digital audio output: 1 optical

    BRAVIA Internet Video


    And great TV. Right out of the box, setup was easy and the picture is perfect, at least for my family and friends tastes. The only drawback I can find is that it is not clear that the wireless card is required for the network must be a Sony. I spent a lot of unnecessary time trying to run a generic wireless adapter and after calling Sony support has been informed that Sony should be referred to the adapter. After all that I decided to hard router.Sony son said he amended to clarify that in the literature.

    I had the TV almost a month. I have not gotten to play with color or anything else on the disc. I tried the 3D is very good, but I have not seen much. I had no problems is always on. Of course, you must have active 3D glasses. I tried a new flat screen for at least a year. I think my answer would be the technical criteria for what seemed like a very good price, and I could not be happier. Try it, you'll love.

    I have owned several Sony TVs over the years. This is by far the finest television I have ever owned. The mind blowing rich colors, blacks blacks, and clarity. Usability and excellent durability. Mate with this radical position of Z-Line Vitoria Flat Panel TV media and you have a system that matches anything on the market today. I have no dog in this race .. I am not an employee of Sony and never write reviews on Amazon, but you must take one of these before they sell out (which is the last model year, which has no impact on quality. In fact, my product was in March 2011 in re "is probably still the line for both parts of this unit off.)

    The only thing that makes this unit does not have WiFi built in. It requires an Ethernet cable (10 Base T or 100) or USB port hardware key for Sony. Are curiously not support all wired Ethernet to wireless access points that I know of. A small price to pay for such great television. BTW ... make sure you buy the adapter kit 3D. My wife and I were both swept away by the quality. A couple of times in Alice in Wonderland, my wife thought that things are moving in our living room! That good ...


      Samsung PN51D7000 51-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV Review

      Samsung PN51D7000 51-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV (Black)
      Samsung PN51D7000 51-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV (Black)
      Brand : Samsung Model : PN51D7000

      Overall Rating 5.0/5:

      • 3D glasses not included in box, must be purchased as optional accessory
      • Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio 15,000,000:1
      • 600Hz Subfield Full HD Motion performance
      • Samsung Smart TV
      • 3D picture performance

      Description from manufactory

      Samsung Plasma TV offers incredible performance in an exceptionally charming design.Take site navigation on the border with PN51D7000 Samsung plasma TV. Experience on-screen model similar to special measures for Samsung Plasma-One Design provides a more visually-inch screen sizes 51 inches. A personalized entertainment experience like never before with the Samsung Smart, a gateway to the best of Web Apps Samsung, advanced search functions and more. And experience the wonder of convincing Samsung3D: the depth and clarity of titles available movies and TV shows that let you with3D words.

      See how 3D HD movies and sports come to life with depth and action on the screen. Connecting a Blu-ray or other devices and enjoy a 3D (3D glasses required active Samsung, sold separately) in 3D. The treatment can also be applied for the TV show DVDs, game content and the legacy of the display to automatically convert 2D to 3D in real time. If you are not in the 3D state of mind, is one of the best high-definition television quality on the market with the touch of a button.  [...]


      Excellent image, and adjustments are easy to do-. A major drawback is the instruction manual of Samsung, which is very thin, which is simply a printed version of which is online and what can be made to appear onscreen. I made the mistake of listening to advice on how to set the screen on its pedestal, the man who delivered the TV and I could not figure out how to undo my mistake. (The illustrations in this manual is inadequate.) Site of Samsung is very poor: the search for information, you will find broken links or you live in a vicious circle. Samsung could greatly improve the site, including the specific model for the physical installation video. Samsung customer service refused to give me some advice on how to remove the screws that are saying that I had to call a geek. I, at a cost of about $145.00. At this point, things are finally going well, and I just hope for a long duration of the plasma model.

      I ordered my TV via Amazon and was made by Paul-TV was a great price and shipping was free, and I was very pleased with this part of the ordering process. The TV arrived in perfect condition goods from the truck and it was very easy to Unbox and set up once I hit the big screen with the perfect profile, ultra-thin standard. A closer look, we take note of the telescope sexy and elegant in brushed bronze, which adds character as much as the plastic grille. The company is an elegant presentation to touch the keys that help to maintain its strong television, thin, smooth and attractive, and does not project toward the viewer. The stand is nice, but could not afford to be a little more adjustable ferrite cores not included remain very well on thin wires, but certainly their work.

      After connecting the TV with an HDMI connection, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the image. Deep blacks and crisp, popping, bright colors and no visible motion blur whatsoever. I am not an expert on television or in color, but tech-savvy, and I was amazed by the quality of this screen. I connected via HDMI to my PC to control the input lag when I play, and I was very impressed, I can hear anything. The set is very hot during normal operation. SmartTV applications work well, are very impressed with Netflix (HD looks pretty good on TV) and Vudu, which is a little 'pricey, but offers a pleasant holiday with Dolby 5.1 surround HD quality and are available on request. If you are looking for a reasonable price, good quality screen with built in network SmartTV, look no further than PN51D7000.


        Sony 3DBNDL/ALICE 3D Deluxe Starter Kit Review

        Sony 3DBNDL/ALICE 3D Deluxe Starter Kit, Black
        Sony 3DBNDL/ALICE 3D Deluxe Starter Kit, Black
        Brand : Sony Model : 3DBNDL/ALICE

        Overall Rating 4.0/5:

        • Deluxe starter package with everything you need to enjoy incredible, high-quality 3D entertainment
        • Includes 2 pairs of 3D Active Glasses, a 3D Sync Transmitter, and High-Speed HDMI cable
        • Comes with Disney's Alice in Wonderland 3D Blu-ray Disc
        • Adjustable glasses will fit just about everyone in your family--even over prescription eyewear
        • Requires 3D-compatible Sony BRAVIA HDTV

        Description from manufactory

        For the amazing quality 3D entertainment experience when combined with a starter kit Deluxe 3D HDTV compatible with Sony to create a powerful 3D system.

        Active 3D glasses: the innovative design of Sony blocks out light in the room and distracted executives adjustable for a comfortable and personalized fit, the more you'll enjoy long battery life of up to 100 hours of fun 3D. The adjustable frame fits almost everyone in your family with a comfortable ergonomic design - even eyeglasses. 3D Sync Transmitter: Provides a strong signal in the 3D display options for wider and minimal interference.  [...]

        Alice in Wonderland

        • Sony BRAVIA HX800 series
        • Sony BRAVIA HX810 series
        • Sony BRAVIA HX909 series
        • Sony BRAVIA LX900 series
        • Sony BRAVIA NX810 series


        Delivered quickly. Everything was in the box. Excellent 3D effect provided on "Alice" and other blue ray movies I've seen since I bought the kit. My TV is set to convert 2D to 3D in 3D so that I like almost all the time. The original batteries are still going after many hours of use. Complaints about the quality and comford. You might get a little difficult Wath 3D for long periods of time, but I can always go back to 2D ... only to realize that this is not the same and go back to 3D again!

        I bought this game with my Bravia 55" TV NX810 here on Amazon. The price on Amazon was quite reasonable (279.00 W/Free Shipping), while the glasses alone cost up to 150.00 for a couple. Hook the things were very simple, in practice, simply connect the transmitter to the back of the TV, turn the glass and is ready to go. I do not argue the 3D view, because it is based on the TV (I have commented on the long page NX810 If you are interested in argument), but I'll just say that the glasses great work.

        I have a complaint, not least a little uncomfortable to wear for more than an hour as they tend to bite the bridge of the nose. In addition, non-rechargeable batteries, are powered by a button battery that should last for 500 hours great. Apparently, the glasses should be as big / heavy to be rechargeable, and that's why Sony made this direction.'m fine with that as long as the battery actually last as long as advertising. It 'nice that Alice in Wonderland has been provided in the package against the need to send a good or register to do so (as did Sony, offering Bolt). shipping was quick, as always with Amazon. A good buy overall, and I love 3D movies quality home Theater!

          How to connect your HDTV to Surround Sound System

          Saturday, July 30, 2011

          In addition to video quality, another advantage of the high-definition television in standard definition is the ability to add surround sound to these issues. When connected to a good home theater system, the sound can rival that of a DVD or Blu-ray can offer. Connect components to take advantage of this improvement in audio cables need and right audio inputs and outputs for the cables.

          1. Check that the ports to provide digital audio and video components. The satellite/cable TV, HDTV and most have one or two outputs required for HD-quality digital audio - digital coaxial and optical digital (Toslink).
          2. Purchase of digital audio components of the cable holder. If both are present, choose one of the two, with most systems, there is no difference in audio quality.
          3. Decide whether you want the sound from the HDTV, or cable / satellite receiver. The receiver is the noise source will be more likely to deliver better sound, does not need to be first passed by the television.
          4. Plug the cable into the corresponding input of the theater home stereo. If you are using Toslink, you may need to remove the plastic cover of the cable end and a guard or hood to protect the front port.
          5. Connect the other end of the TV out cable / satellite. Then turn the home theater system and TV / digital audio input Component video. Make sure the audio settings of the components is set to "Digital."

          Samsung BD-D5500 3D Blu-ray Disc Player Review

          Friday, July 29, 2011

          Samsung BD-D5500 3D Blu-ray Disc Player (Black)
          Samsung BD-D5500 3D Blu-ray Disc Player (Black)
          Brand : Samsung Model : BDD5500

          Overall Rating 3.0/5:

          • Wi-Fi-Ready
          • Samsung BD-D5500 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
          • Fast booting and loading time
          • Multi-format disc playback
          • Samsung Smart TV
          • 3D


          A new dimension of entertainment into a single 3D Blu-ray Disc. Add another dimension to your visual experience with the BD-D5500 Samsung Blu-ray Disc. The 3D technology lets you enjoy cinematic-quality 3D Blu-ray titles - upconvert2D or Blu-ray in 3D to new levels of pleasure from your existing 2D library. Later, explore new dimensions of connectivity with integrated TV Samsung Smart. Surfing the Internet in its entirety, Samsung access applications and content on your TV or search online. Another interesting aspect of the BD-D5500: stylish design that fits right in almost all modern life.

          Of 2D, you can enjoy the full HD entertainment with multi-channel audio in HD, with features like Bonus View Blu-ray for additional functions, and - thanks to Internet connectivity is BD-D5500 - BD-live downloadable content bonus. You can also play recordable BD-RE / RE with all these tips, you'll get better graphics and high-speed start / load times. They still have a large collection of DVDs? The BD-D5500 to play all DVD recordable between DVD-R/RW and DVD + R / RW. And you can play audio CDs and CD-R/RW burned. Finally, the most popular format AVHCD must be completed for home theater enthusiasts.  [...]

          Customer Reviews 

          Got it free with my new TV, July 1, 2011
          By John R. Broumas "Jhon" (The Shore)
          This came free when I bought my new Samsung TV. It works as expected. It is not wireless, but my house is wired. The 3-D is great. The interface is a bit slow and AllShare software is lacking, but the player works good.

          Aaaarrrrgh!! the captain and crew likes it, June 24, 2011
          By Captain Deaf Dumb and Bligh
          I can only compare it to my Panasonic DVD player that I connected to my Panasonic 60-inch LCD rear projection TV. All I can say is wow, I connected the Samsung BD-D5500 3D for my new Samsung 59" 3D plasma TV. the colors are sharper and brighter than the first officer I can not keep it to ourselves. The crew continues to themselves more attractive to a movie. The 3D is pretty good. Although there are so few good movies bluray 3D available and are too expensive, Samsung BD-D5500C 3D Blu-ray with HDMI Cablebut I expect to have this configuration for years. so I was put on the future of cinema at the time. Anaglyph 3D movies are not even barely watchable. Do not know why I even left out.

            Samsung SSG-2100AB Battery 3D Glasses Review

            Samsung SSG-2100AB Battery 3D Glasses, Black
            Samsung SSG-2100AB Battery 3D Glasses, Black
            Brand : Samsung Model : SSG-2100AB

            Overall Rating 3.5/5:

            • 3D Shutter glasses enable viewer's 3D experience
            • Compatible with: 2010 LCD C750 series, 2010 LED C7000, C8000 and C9000 series, 2010 PDP C7000 and C8000 series, 2010 Blu-ray disc player (BD-C6900) / Home Theater (HT-C6930W)
            • Battery type
            • TV has a built in 3D Emitter

            Description from manufactory

            Samsung new active 3D glasses are the gateway to Samsung 3D entertainment. Impressive for the way they work and what you can discover the technology works as follows: when you put on and watch the screen, the first technology to block the lens left and right. It happens faster than the blink of an eye - so that the eye is not known. But when the images are displayed to each eye separately this "staggered" gotten a lot more realistic 3D images.

            Battery charged 3-D glasses, no cable connection needed. Comfortable eyewear design with optimized size, design and light weight.  [...]


            I recently had with a Samsung TV as a 3D shoot-I bought some furniture. In all, I had the TV (50 inch Samsung Plasma 3D 720) a Sony Blu-Ray 3D glasses, 3D IMAX movie and a monster cable thrown in free for the purchase of approximately 3K value of the furniture. This TV and glasses are closed, the case for me. They demo it to the store and hit the image and effects. I was out to get a turtle that was in the store that seems to come from the screen. We got the house and tried the glasses and everything was fine. Always return to their bag after use and I plan to keep spare batteries.

            These are battery-operated glasses, not the more expensive rechargeable ones, and they are compatible primarily with Samsung technology, although I understand that some brands may also support these. The real question facing Samsung owners is whether to buy the battery-operated or the rechargeable sets. Obviously, I chose the battery-operated kind because the batteries (CR 2025) are relatively cheap and because I don't expect to use the 3D feature more than once a week. Still, I have to have extra batteries on hand in case a pair conks out in the middle of viewing.

            The glasses are fairly comfortable, although the shutter effect can be annoying at the corners, especially in a lit room. The directions say that fluorescent bulbs can cause visual stuttering, but I found that even sunlight creates a peripheral flicker. The 3D effect is stunning; the larger screen TV you have, the better, since everything gets funneled in and out of the frame. For this reason, even with a 55" TV, you won't get the same all-encompassing 3D effect that you would in the theater. But still, true 3D Blu-Ray can be breathtaking. Yes, you'll look just as dorky, but so will everyone else in the room. The glasses fit over regular eyeglasses, although I find that if I do this, my eye strain is slightly increased.

            To operate, simply start up your Blu-ray player or switch your TV to 3D, and the set will ask you to push the button in near the hinge. Make sure that nothing obstructs the IR sensor, or the glasses won't be picked up. They shut off automatically when the TV isn't displaying 3D or when out of range for several seconds. They don't turn on unless the TV recognizes them.

            These shutter-style glasses work. Your eyes may feel slightly off-kilter when you stop watching; however, mine recover in a few minutes. Given the price and of these, I recommend keeping them out of reach of the kids when not in use. (Samsung also makes a kid version which is smaller, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are tougher.) The price is the biggest drawback, especially since most people will want at least four pairs on hand.

              VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch Theater 3D HDTV Reviews

              Thursday, July 28, 2011

              VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch Theater 3D Edge Lit Razor LED LCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps, Black
              VIZIO XVT3D650SV 65-Inch Theater 3D Edge Lit Razor LED LCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps, Black
              Brand : Vizio Model : XVT3D650SV

              Overall Rating 4.0/5:

              • 64.5-inch, edge-lit LED 3D HDTV with full HD 1080p resolution
              • VIZIO's Theater 3D uses circular polarized 3D technology for more comfortable 3D viewing
              • Includes 4 pairs of VIZIO 3D glasses (2 premium, 2 basic)
              • 120 Hz refresh rate. 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio. 1080p Full HD. SRS TruSurround HDTM and SRS TruVolume audio
              • Ambient Light Sensing technology. Exceeds ENERGY STAR 4.1 guidelines
              • Bluetooth Universal Remote Control with slide-out keypad
              • Five HDMI ports, SRS TruSurround HDTM and SRS TruVolume audio
              • VIZIO Internet Apps with built-in dual-band WiFi

              Description from manufactory

              Making films in 3D home theater experience! Vizio 65-Inch Edge Lit LED Razor 3D Theater LCD HDTV offers stunning, cinema-style 3D. What you're watching the latest movie trailers or summer league game, the 3D scene is to see clear, flicker-free 3D is up to 2 times brighter than the traditional 3D. And with 65-Inch, fully immersed in the action. Includes 4 pairs of 3D glasses so you can quickly share the excitement with friends and family! 

              Razor Edge Lit LED backlighting with Smart-reflection, the refresh rate of 120 Hz, 1080p, and 1 million Dynamic Contrast Ratio, HDTV makes this superb in both 2D and 3D with clarity, amazing color and contrast. Vice and uncompromising when it comes to SRS TruSurround HD TruVolume. Vizio also includes Internet applications, integrated dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11n, which offers the convenience of on-demand movies, TV shows, social networking, music, photos and more, all at the touch of a button on the Bluetooth universal remote control prices.

              Dependence Theatre 3D uses 3D technology to deliver a superior 3D experience circular polarized, with numerous advantages over existing 3D assets. Using the same standard of films in 3D local theater 3D is up to 50% brighter, has a half crosstalk visual distortion, is concerned about the fast action without blurring the image has a horizontal viewing angle, flicker-free 3D Active Shutter.

              Vizio also includes four pairs of 3D glasses to light up their theater, eliminating the need to buy expensive sunglasses, having already invested in a 3D TV. The glasses do not need batteries or recharging, which means no maintenance, and two of the four pairs are specifically designed to wear over prescription glasses. Also, if you need more than four, the Theatre of 3D glasses are affordable enough to dress the whole family, even friends - ideal for sporting events in the 3D movie or a concert.  [...]


              I had a TV in 3D week. It excellent and very good (in my case it is better, but are equipped with a TV above the fireplace almost 6 feet tall with 15 degrees of tilt, but always ghosts). Intuitive user interface with applications. 3D Glass as the cheap (they have 4 children ..?), The distance is phenomenal, but it should be backlit, as well.The sliding keyboard is great and is based Bluetooth is convenient. control of other components very well. a complaint, 18 mm M8 1.25pitch needed to hang the TV on the wall are not included with TV ?????( for 3000 dollars!) had to run to Lowest to buy them. the speakers are decent. 3D could be better seen from the front. Passive resolution of 576 lines for each eye, is not as smooth as an active search in 3D, but the tradeoff for the glasses was worth it in my case, most glasses are much lighter and not have to worry about recharging.

              So you know where I am, I am replacing a 50" Samsung plasma. I have a series of flat screens of different sizes at home and a home theater in the basement. I just received my 720p projector Mitsy replaced by a Sony (STR-DA3600ES) and Avatar by Blu-Ray blown (108 "screen). I consider myself a fan, but not an expert. However, so ... Out of the Box Experience - Fantastic. The box is beautiful, the above instructions will tell you how easy it is (for example, a large TV) undo the clip and the sleeve of the box-offs.

              Set up - could not be easier. Quick Start Guide is accurate. Manual is in English only, and not seven languages, and is clearly written, some Chinese computer is not converted. I could not remote to control the Vizio, but the DirecTV box. I think you should try a code. It's not great. The get. (Edit: Thanks to AVS Forum, someone noted that the receiver must be set to play RF remote control mode that I've changed to IR, and voila, all right, I had to prove "following code" to get up to standard. 4.. All games). Fortunately, my 2-year receiver is ready 3D - HR21-700. DirecTV has just said "to connect the receiver will guide you through the installation once it recognizes the 3D TV. Wrong, at least for me, but a reboot of the receiver and I was up and running.

              2D-HD - I started with in Kill Bill 2 TNTHD and it looked great. Some HD is better than others, not by chance. For example, 30 Rock should use some type of slow softening. Apple TV (720p) - YouTube seems a bit '"better than I expected from Apple's catalog of films, previews of 300 and The Bucket List was beautiful stream Netflix is ​​a pretty sight .. on my 50" Sammy a good thing, and photos of Mobile Me through my iPhone was beautiful 3D DirecTV -.. Step n3D, I realize that now is very similar to the Cuban HDNet label is back in the early days of HD. This is where you should go for the first impression of pleasure. Many pan content / nature. immediately striking.

                Samsung BD-C5900 1080p 3D Blu-ray Disc Player Review

                Samsung BD-C5900 1080p 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
                Samsung BD-C5900 1080p 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
                Brand : Samsung Model : BD-C5900

                Overall Rating :

                • Built-in 3D
                • Internet@TV
                • BD-Live? (Profile 2.0), BONUSVIEW
                • Wireless LAN-ready (Wireless LAN adaptor not included)
                • AllShare?


                3D BluRay. The standard 3D animation interesting: the Samsung BD-C5900. Immerse yourself in entertainment, film, the quality of 3D images in fine detail, an innovative 3D Blu-ray Disc. Get the best of the web on your TV with the Internet Content Service @ TV function - the BD-C5900 is automatically configured for the wireless LAN. And speaking of connections, you can sync and share media files from your computer, digital camera and more, the Samsung AllShare function.  [...]

                • 1 HDMI
                • 1 USB
                • Ethernet
                • Advanced HD audio (Dolby Digital TruHD, DTS-HD Master Audio)
                • 7.1 channel audio out


                I will keep this short and sweet. My wife bought a combo drive TV/Blu-Ray, and this was part of it. This player does everything I need to do. The thing I like most is the loading time. Blu-Ray made the charge in due course. It plays DVDs and CDs is beautiful and is DLNA is a great bonus. We can play any of our movies and music directly from our NAS. The fact that you can also download applications is a nice bonus ... Pandora and Netflix, even if we use this day gives you the freedom to develop and for people who use services like Slacker have not only stuck with Pandora, as with the older players.

                Bottom line, the load times faster in 3D (if you bought the trick), scalability, AC/Internet, the quality of picture and sound incredible. My only complaint is the sensitivity of the keys on the front. It seems that all you have to do is jump and press a button. We have had this player for about 3 months and the only thing I can complain.

                With a control panel touch screen, slim, Samsung Apps, and the ability to play all DVD formats and CD player that Samsung is better than an entry-level 3D for consumers who want the latest technology without a premium. Even if you do not have access (see the Samsung BD-C6800 3D Blu-ray player for less than 3D Samsung ago), can be directly connected to the system via Ethernet / LAN or using the adapter LinkStick Samsung. (Later). DVDs load fairly quickly, and the output is clean with little noise from the machine, unlike the first Samsung Blu-ray. The touch controls are great, but can take some getting used to, because I used to press the keys - and that player does not move slightly out of position.
                LAN, Wireless USB Adapter for Samsung or flash drive, a HDMI port, two output channels; Samsung apps/Internet TV (it must be connected to broadband at home), and, of course, the 3D game. It should not: 5.1 or 7.1 audio output (receiver channels through a 7.1, so I do not care), an extra HDMI port, internal memory, built-in wireless. For these features, you must go to the drive line Samsung 3D. The remote is unexcusably embarrassing, but the good news is that TV remote elegant 3D you can use the Samsung BD player, so you can set aside, nothing more.
                If you want your applications and Internet TV on your Samsung home theater system (Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), connect to your home network. Why Samsung did not say "low end" 3D TV with built-in Wi-Fi and why this player does not have Wi-Fi, there are several alternatives. If you buy a Samsung LinkStick wireless adapter, you can use the TV most of the time, then go to your Blu-ray or BD Live updates 3D Wireless Samsung 3D TV is equipped with all the TV and Internet applications that player. You can also connect the Blu-ray player via a LAN cable to a game adapter or other wireless network extender. You can connect the drive directly via LAN / Ethernet cable to the router, if the two are close. Or you can skip that player and instead go to the next model. that could cost less than the price of a LinkStick.
                You will need a player to play Blu-ray 3D 3D 3D TV, and that player is a great option. Sometimes, it is proposed as part of a promotion, so many people who could have paid extra for the end of the Wi-Fi with that place. Do not worry. It 'a great player, and issues - such as Wi-Fi and reading problems in two channels - can be overcome with minimal effort. This is the best player from Samsung offers? No "worth the price? Absolutely. It works like other online players, but without the additional 3D functions. Even if you do not already have a 3D TV, this unit offers enough to consider it.

                LG Infinia 65LW6500 65-Inch Cinema 3D LED HDTV Review

                Wednesday, July 27, 2011

                LG Infinia 65LW6500 65-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV with Smart TV (Included: Four Pairs of 3D Glasses)
                LG Infinia 65LW6500 65-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV with Smart TV (Included: Four Pairs of 3D Glasses)
                Brand : LG Model : 65LW6500

                Overall Rating 4.0/5:

                • Enjoy amazing depth along with smoother, crisper images, and a clear picture from virtually any angle with lighter weight, less expensive and more comfortable glasses with LG's Cinema 3D (Included: Four Pairs of 3D Glasses)
                • Smart TV allows you to access limitless content, thousands of movies, customizable apps, videos and the best of the web all organized in a simple to use interface
                • See sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur and in crystal clarity with LG's TruMotion 120Hz technology
                • LG's LED Plus technology provides even greater control of brightness through local dimming technology to deliver better contrast, amazing clarity and color detail,
                • Full HD 1080p gives it superior picture quality over standard HDTV. You'll see details and colors like never before.

                Description from manufactory

                If you want realism and the depth of the animation film in 3D, you'll love it at home on television with the 3D cinema LW6500. It is not only in 3D. '3 D images on a bright LED Plus In addition to this, it is locked and loaded with entertainment features virtually unlimited supply of Smart TV, staying in has never been better. This is what it's all fun.

                Our 3D technology is the first choice for consumers. This is because LG Cinema 3D offers incredible depth, flicker-free 3D glasses, like in the movies. You can also enjoy your favorite movies in 2D and 3D display, LG-based conversion from 2D to 3D. Welcome to the new generation of 3D.

                It has never been easier and more affordable way to enjoy the 3D TV. Our 3D glasses are just like you come to the cinema, so there is no need for batteries and no need to reload. They are also easy to replace, the light and give a 3D image quality.  [...]


                I'm not a videophiles, and only an average man who appreciates a big TV. I had big screen TV in the late 80s, and no one has addressed this LG. Leaving aside for a moment in 3D TV that run smoothly with minimal configuration, in both HDTV and standard. I could not be more impressed. The same can be said for 3D! I was not prepared for this awesome 3D. As with anything, the 3D content and effects of some titles are better than others. And there is certainly the lack, at that time, the 3D hardware available. The 3D effect using faux 3D (2D content to 3D converted) is minimal, but a slight improvement. All-in-all, this TV is a winner and I am happy that I bought. Given the choice, I would buy again.

                Ok, there has been some confusion on this passive 3D LG 65 years because I think it's a lw6500 in the name and do not have the same characteristics as the smaller versions of this model. It only 120 Hz instead of 240 Hz and has a very bright screen instead of the matte finish as the smallest and lw6500 lw5600. the120Hz I ordered this TV did, but it had a matte finish like the other person I have avoided the LG 65-inch Vizio because of the glossy screen. I think I can live with the glossy screen I would have done something to my window ... But on the bright screen and the fact that it is 120 Hz are satisfied with the quality of this TV is not perfect, I can see some fog, but not a deal breaker for me.

                3D is great from Comcast, Panasonic 3D Blu-ray and PS3 games (I played wipeout and Stardust HD-present). I do not think I would be happy with glasses work for me and my family. The 3D is impressive to me is very clear and I can not say that technically it is not full HD ... The average person prefers more active person, I have collected nine pairs of passive glasses, including two sizes too small for my children ....

                Overall not bad if you want a big 65-inch passive TV-I suggest you buy directly from Amazon because of their return policy of 30 days and the best price ... I have not seen a review of this TV (not secure demand for a large TV), but received mixed reviews are submitted lw5600s-that the future will be good with 3D passive According to LG 4 of 5 people prefer (3D movies) passive assets because ...