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LG Infinia 55LW6500 55-Inch Cinema 3D HDTV Fantastic for 3D and Movies

Friday, December 2, 2011

Overview: This LG 3D LED/LCD HDTV set is great for me. A Passive 3D impression other than that I've tested in past. The animation for the game smooth. I bought this HDTV because want to glowing for experienced in 3D.

Picture Quality: Video for LW6500 was very very good not different the HDTV from Sharp or Vizio in the top model. LED Edge Light is a bit to have a small problem just for the white/black, which I was not surprised for HDTV in this size. The other colors  made out to a great extent. Local dimming and Tru-Motion makes the movie experience beyond description.

Sound: This HDTV makes me wonder for quality of sound from the speakers on the side, of course, not surround sound came out, but also best sound quality for standard speaker. I can say that this LG LW65000 have great sounds for thin LED HDTVs.

Passive 3D: This is great for this HDTV. LG is not boasting when say that make best 3D technology, it is excellent, although it must adjust the 2D to 3D in the matter. It can build Netflix streaming to your TV screen as well as it can create Youtube videos to display screen as well. If you like 3D experience, I recommend this LG model.

Gaming: It's fatal flaw. Bear in mind that it is working on a game-mode, so if you turn off every feature of it, you will get between 20-50ms input lag. Which it depends type of game you play, for example, RPG's, Adventures, Fighting, etc.. You may be experiencing a little bit about the movement of combat or FPT games if configured not correctly. Out before that. I am not the gammer. But as far as testing it, I was discovered that LG has developed in this matter continued on the HDTV. So now if you get a 5ms late (like me), I think it's perfect content, for the game, I will update again (but probably not soon).

Features: Today some of variety feature of HDTV may be difficult to provide what better feature. But not only is the subject of Netflix, Hulu, Social Media, which is already in the LG Apps and appstore for your HDTV. Now, let's talk about the feature on the LW6500 that I like is the self-calibration tool, which is an easy choice for tuning your HDTV. Expert Picture Mode allows you to access a variety of picture customization. Of course, it allow you to adjusts the color level that you like.

Usability/Other items: from a feature rich with this LG HDTV, I am disappointed that it has no QWERTY remote control. It makes me feel little hard when search on Youtube or type status message on Twitter. The Magic Motion Controller would help good in this. The good option of HDTV that will let you use your HDTV without interruption. And if you decide to buy this LG 55LW6500 55-Inch 3D LED/LCD HDTV don't forget asking for the 4 free glasses makes this a true out-of-the-box 3DTV too.