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Toshiba 55WX800U it can do everything I want

Friday, December 30, 2011

Now, has many 3D TV come out in the markets. Each model has different features and prices. I was not very knowledgeable in HDTV depend on the net for information. But when I read many reviews I have been found that it have a conflict both in quality and reasonable price, so I decided to buy this Toshiba WX800U 55-inch 3D LED TV because it's the right size and fits well with my room and worth the price for me.

I want a TV that is easy to play PS3, Blu-ray/DVDs, watching movies, sports or TV shows. The sharp and without any problems. I think that all new TV sets need to be adjusted to suit the pictures that we want. It just depends on personal like and preferences such as light.

For 3D, I Don't know or care. I've seen the best 3D TVs (and by that I do mean 'most expensive') in action and wasn't impressed by those so I could care less about the technology. (I read conflicting reports on the matter with this TV)

Internet browsing? Again, don't know or care. I browse the net with my computer so anyone complaining about that feature is like complaining your phone takes crappy pictures compared to your camera.

And there's a load of other features of which I haven't used and don't really intend to. If those are really that important to you, I guess you'll have to cough up extra dough for a "better" model.

It does have a reflective screen namely during dark scenes in a movie, but in my experience so do all TVs to an extent. I suppose this ranks somewhere in the middle in that regard. Just buy a rotating wall mount and/or close the curtains if you're watching a movie with lots of dark scenes.

The only thing I really not like for this TV is that I get a strange green light when watching DVD. Which I think is due to I go setting the image and it would be lost when I move it back to normal mode. Right now I use it about 2 months and WX800U very compatible with my PS3 or Blu-ray good use. For my opinion it's worth the price. If you have more budget, I'm sure you'll find something better at higher price, but if you're TV want like me. I'm sure you are satisfied with the purchase of Toshiba 55WX800U 3D LED TV, of course.