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LG 42PW350 42-Inch 720p 600 Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV - Customer Reviews

Sunday, December 4, 2011


If you love watching movies competitive sports or fast action without reflection looks of the frames. The PW350 3D Plasma HDTV is the way you want. It comes with a 600Hz refresh rate to make every movement without interruption. As well as sharp images without blur, if you think that the plasma is not pretty, I think the new features TruSlime Frame is sleek and thin profile makes it a good plasma screen, whether open or closed. [...]


    -Bring your content alive with full 720p HD 3D technology
    -Incredibly high contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 delivers incredibly vibrant colors and deeper and darker blacks
    -Energy Star qualified so your entertainment experiene uses less energy
    -The 600Hz Sub Field Driving virtually eliminates motion blur
    -At less than 1" wide the new TruSlim Frame trims away the distraction of a wide frame.

Customer Reviews:

LG 3d 720p TV, October 16, 2011 (5 / 5)

At first, I was afraid, I think I will look for a 1080p HDTV set for more. I wanted to 3D feature So I decided for 3D LG 50-Inch 720p Plasma. Until today to get it. I can safely say Wow! It is a great television that I expected. Actually, the 3D excellent, I am happy for order this HDTV in real at reasonable prices (amazon price is less than bestbuy). Bear in mind, that you have to buy Blu-ray player 3D with perfect 3D experience. I will bought it for another soon.

A 3D HDTV that's an excellent value, August 14, 2011 (5 / 5)

I got this LG 3D HDTV for about 3 months ago in a cost effective price. I am very satisfied. Now you can buy it at a cheaper price, I bought and still get 2 pair of 3D Glassess with this HDTV set, although it has a resolution of 720p, as far as I see it with my eyes. It also has a fresh and clear with a variety of custom setting allows you to customize a pre-set, but I think that Cinema Picture Mode is the most natural. When I make a tuner for HD channels and SD channels look great too.

The only difference I noticed from LG is that when scanning the channels, channels group between SD and HD channels, it is ordered seperatly. That is, it is set by the optical digital audio out only (no analog or plug the headphone). I used Monopiece Digital Coax & Optical Toslink to Analog Audio Converter and it did not work (it appears this device can only handle PCM encoded material). If you don't have HDMI cable receiver for LG LSB316 soundbar (the way I used to), it works well. The 3D effect, I have the movie Tron Legacy and Avatar (3D encoded using a PS3) that come out loud and clear and glowing, it expressed a great 3D effect.

Feedback as I have with this HDTV is that the 3D glassess which it does stay synched with HDTV, and you have to keep re-powering for the glasses (if you use multiple glasses). I do not use 2D to 3D conversion. from the TV. Finally, if you want great 3D HDTV at a reasonable price, I am extremely pleased to introduce this new HDTV.

Great buy!, July 8, 2011 (5/5)

I am very satisfied with this HDTV. It is equipped with an incredibly easy wall mount. This came out great picture, but I have not tested the 3D features are not buy 3D glasses. That is, it is a good buy.