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Toshiba 55WX800U Amazing 3D HDTV Set

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I researched these types of sets for months for the family. surprisingly there were hardly any reviews on the 55wx800u - none on cnet or other major review sites. since my family loves toshiba products (3 generations of toshiba buying family members) we decided to take the plunge on this tv. reasonably priced with a whole host of settings to customize your tv's picture, if you like to tweak. if not, you can choose from some nice presets.

Overall, the color is vibrant, the set is very attractive - elegant, professional but not overly done like some other sets. prior to this tv, we had the panasonic s2 42" plasma tv (which replaced a 53" toshiba projection television)in the family room,as i wanted to try a plasma set and toshiba doesn't make plasmas. happy with the panay, we were torn to either get the panasonic 54vt 3dtv or this set. pricing was similar - but internet was not built into the panay. the plasma consumes much more power than this set. also, the 3d glasses that come with the toshiba are much more comfortable than the ones that came with the panay.

So without reviews and based solely on my family's experience with toshiba, we bought this tv. we are extremely happy and i believe all the talk about blooming, clouding, flashlighting that comes with an edge lit set like this one is either overdone or toshiba has done an excellent job overcoming these issues. some quick things to note, connection to the wireless internet went smoothly and the widgets are very cool. there is a system update that takes about 5 mins - so make sure you update your system. also, when attaching the standing to the tv, it states slide and's a bit confusing and customer service wasn't very helpful - just slide flat so that the two tabs on the stand slide into the two openings on the back of the tv - so you don't have to press down to lock in something the toshiba customer service (who apparently never put one of these things together) suggested. anyway, i wanted to put a real review up here since this is so lacking. if you have questions, ask. also, i will update in a couple months as to reliability. oh, lastly, don't buy from - their policy states that they have to open the package and add some "protective materials"- well - that set arrived broken. i refused the package and reordered through and they sent the package "factory sealed" and it was fine.