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Toshiba 55WX800U 3D TV Amazing Picture!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just upgraded from Hitachi Plasma 720p 42 inch. When I first got the Hitachi I did not think a picture could ever get better. Was in the market for an upgrade and spent a day looking at all the 50"+ LED TVs.

Where the TV is set in the store makes all the difference in the picture quality and they have the mode set to brightest, sharpest, etc..., which you would not have in your home. Spent the evening researching LED TV technology and came to the conclusion that they all will be similar in the similar price range. Toshiba had the deal for 2 pair of 3D glasses and BD 3D player with purchase of TV which knocked out the Sony and the Samsung I was considering. 3D glases are specific for each model and will run you about $150 and 3D BD will run you about $ that was a $550 saving right there.

Hook up was a piece of cake to Sat box and then watched PBS Evening news. If the program is not in HD, the the large picture makes the video TOO big and somewhat blurry, so you have to scale the picture back (easy to do with button control on the remote). Started up a recorded HD movie on my DVR, Star Trek First Contact...and wow, the detail, colors the black level were amazing and as good as any of the Sony and samsung similar TVs I saw in the show room. The Toshiba was a new model and relegated to the show room wall with about 30 other TVs and did not show as well. I can now tell you that it is GREAT.

Do not expect great sound from any LED TV since the speakers have to be small. But the sound is adequate for watching news and normal shows, but somewhat tinny. Probably can adjust with the menu equalizer, but its a don't care for normal TV viewing. Put in USB stick with pictures and it recognized it immediately and opened up to view photos...fantastic resoultion and photo reproduction with 8Mp camera...and fast.