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Active 3D Glasses For Toshiba WX800U 3D LED TV

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today, 3D glasses has many types and styles, but Toshiba WX800U 3D TVs use active shutter glasses. This post offers active 3D shutter glasses that are compatible with Toshiba WX800U series 3D TVs. It is also compatible with other Toshiba 3D TV models, for 3D programming may need to read more manual: with 3D-compatible device and compatible 3D content, or other 3D sources, 3D capable wireless HDMI.

Toshiba FPT-AG01U 3D Glasses
A right and left liquid-crystal shutter lens opens and closes alternately with the images for the left and right eye, alternately projected on the television screen. This presents a three-dimensional experience from 3D movies, TV programs, video games and more when using a pair of optional Toshiba 3D glasses, Toshiba's BDX3000 3D Blu-ray Disc player and a 3D capable HDMI cable. The left and right eye shutter timing of the glasses can also be swapped. If 3D images look blurred, switch the left and right sides of the 3D image.

SainSonic RECHARGEABLE Infrared Active Shutter Glasses For Toshiba 3D HDTVs
This Sainstore SR-TSB01 3D active shutter glasses is a cheaper alternative to original Toshiba glasses. It fits most Toshiba 3DTVs with great compatibility. This SR-TSB01 has been faily designed to fit most people, it also comes with 3 different kinds of nose pads to help the fit. Stylish design matches with the modern housing devices.This single pair of glasses features a built-in rechargeable battery, offers a one-size-fits-all design. The following models are preferred.

SainSonic Universal Rechargeable 3D Active Shutter Glasses Compatible with All Active 3DTVs
The SainSonic universal 3D active shutter glasses are compatible all the main-stream 3DTVs. Get rid of battery-powered charging mode to save hassles, this pair of glasses are rechargeable. It can be charged by a computer USB port or USB wall charger of a cell phone. A USB charge cable with long enough length is included for your convenience. It also comes with great compatibilities with active 3DTVs. It is newly produced by the same manufactuer with our the another offer of panasonic compatible 3D glasses. 3 optional nose pads are offered in the package to help the fit. With this feature, it gives much space for you to offer these glasses for your families or friends without buying new pair.

Perhaps you think all Active Shutter Glasses are compatible, but even if same type, you should choose 3D glasses that are compatible with your 3D TVs likely to be better.