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Method of setting good picture for Toshiba 55WX800U 3D LED TV

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now I have WX800U 46 inch, but I think it is in the same setting, and because I'm not an expert. I think I'll call the setting of successive approximations.

There are about 7 different types of my setting are  PC, Standard, Movie1, Movie2, Sports, Games and AutoView, which of these settings will be adjusted according to the type of input.

First,I've gone through and set all the sound settings on all of these image modes (for all inputs) for the same settings that I like, I found the best for sound. So, if you change your image mode does not change the sound of wild confusion from the one or the other picture settings.

Now this is done I went and set the picture settings in order from dark to light, so that a change in the menu (in the sequence of installation photos), I took the results between weak and strong. I was considered the darkest PC, I put that, if you want very little of an image can be used at all, just enough to what is happening. Maybe listening to music like Pandora. In any case, the PC settings are very weak. Backlight 25 Contrast 40, Brightness -30. I think the TV with my PC use these settings make for a good light on the desktop. I want to look like something to take pictures photoshop or something, then I choose everything above PC.

Movie1 backlight 30, contrast 90, brightness 0. movie2 backlight33, contrast 50, brightness +6. that leaves autoview with everything centered and standard as 50,75,+30. and game and sports are even brighter. I watch movies, and generally just tweak the movie settings for slight differences that would only depend on the movie of the moment.

Once you change inputs, you'll have to do this again for a new input, like composite video from a vhs tape player, or component from a dvd. My main movies are on the blu ray player. After a few go arounds with inputs, you can get MOST of the picture settings established at settings like those above.

As a last step, then I adjust ( from dim to bright) by choosing the appropriate name of the picture setting, and then make small adjustments to the setting that is closest by tweaking (just for that media on the given input). So i am slowly honing in on a favorite set of picture settings from different inputs, and different media on those inputs.
The macro view is still going to remain -- dim to bright -- inspite of all my small changes.

Maybe after owning the set for a while you can report back here what settings you have honed in on for the various inputs that you have been using with your wx800u. See, not very scientific, huh?

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