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VIZIO VSG102 Full HD 3D Rechargeable Glasses Reviews

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

VIZIO VSG102 Full HD 3D Rechargeable Glasses, Black (2 Pack)
VIZIO VSG102 Full HD 3D Rechargeable Glasses, Black (2 Pack)
Brand : Vizio Model : VSG102

Overall Rating 4.0/5:

  • Active Shutter 3D Technology delivers 1080P Full HD 3D performance
  • Dual USB charging cable charges both glasses at once from any electrical outlet or USB port
  • Lightweight, comfortable design fits over prescription lenses
  • Up to 24 Hours of battery life; recharge in 3 hours via USB or included adapter
  • Two-pack includes two pairs of 3D glasses, charger, cable, cleaning cloth

Description from manufactory

The touch of a button allows you to use your 3D glasses with the Vizio HDTV Full HD 3D. The internal battery is fully rechargeable and environmentally friendly, so a quick charge is back in action - no need to buy replacement batteries specialties. In about three hours using the AC adapter or powered USB port. A single charge provides up to 24 hours of continuous power, you can comfortably wear these sunglasses during the day without recharging. Wear glasses? You can always get a good fit with the goal that fits into the glasses. It's not that they are bulky, weighing only 2.11 ounces

Experience the thrill! KINKY new 3D glasses allow you to experience 3D Full HD TV, and enjoy the immersive 3D world of high contrast in the comfort of your home. In collaboration with the Vizio TV Full HD 3D, 3D glasses to give them life. Their universal design offers a comfortable place to relax and enjoy 3D movies, sports or video games, even eyeglasses, with a wide viewing angle for his brilliant performance.

Bring home the excitement! Vizio to offer Full HD 3D Glasses 3D immersive experience at home in a light and comfortable. Simple, one button lets you enjoy up to 24 hours of Full HD 3D TV. Includes a USB cable for fast charging of up to two glasses at the same time.  [...]


Unless you and your family have severely distorted facial features, or happen to be alien clone-head, Vizio those 3D glasses are excellent and the game! We had a lot of relatives and friends to see our excellent new Vizio LED backlight on the 3D movie ... and all were very satisfied and impressed! The glasses fit well with young people and adults. If you leave the game for an 'all like to go to the kitchen ... turns off and allows more light to pass (as you continue to wear them), when you get close to the series to automatically back up.

When guests came, and I had forgotten to load a pair of glasses, the lenses quickly loaded about 5 minutes ... and I was able to watch a good movie with their demonstration. Our guests (among others) were taken from the IMAX film Deep Sea 3D, we chose to show them. The glasses are easy to load, but they look great and are very light. You will not be disappointed with them.

They work as expected. I have some questions: are sealed. For me, that makes them more fragile and difficult to somewhere. And 'It Runs small glasses for kids. If I do not. Maybe on their website. Well, after visiting their site, do not need glasses, but I just learned a few thats Vizio will have thinner frames and folding. If you work with my TV, I will be crazy .. lol

When you press the power button on the sunglasses, sometimes you have to make an effort for her to come or just in sync with the TV. Sometimes it turns on you schedule, sometimes you need to do some printing. I had a moment out of sync with the TV. And 'success hasent. In comparison with the 3D glasses in theaters, are heavy. Several issues that are going well.

Someone mentioned feeling a buzz. You can just feel that if you cup your ear and, probably, or other sounds going to watch television, which almost never. Even if I have a surround sound setup to listen to audio on my TV all the time at close range. Perhaps for the PPL using the TV speakers, you can hear a hum.