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Samsung PN64D7000 64 Inch 3D Plasma HDTV Reviews

Monday, August 8, 2011

Samsung PN64D7000 64-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV (Black)
Samsung PN64D7000 64-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV (Black)
Brand : Samsung Model : PN64D7000

Overall Rating 4.0/5:

  • 3D glasses not included in box, must be purchased as optional accessory
  • Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio 15,000,000:1
  • 600Hz Subfield Full HD Motion performance
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • 3D picture performance

Samsung PN64D7000 Reviews

The TV picture is impressive. There is no better when compared to LCD TVs, it may not be the best choice if you want to use in a well lit room. The blinds in our living room, do not block much light, and the picture is not so dazzling in the afternoon. Once the room is dark, but Hulu and Netflix More applications are better than their counterparts from Sony. The biggest scam to me was that instant access Amazon Video This feature of the model for television in 2009, but just not on TV.

This plasma is the best picture I've ever seen. Go online to see comments AVS Forum is the owner and the picture quality is very high. The picture is impressive and mostly well behaved. We have some problems, always annoying when the sound is muted or low. Samsung needs to address this issue, you'll last long. Fluctuating black levels have been reported by some owners, we have one of them. My game on colorful dangling black bars when watching a movie. For us it is very annoying and I see the replacement of our game, if you can get better about it. Certainly a new design that went wrong.

We like plasma technology. We have two of each brand are Panasonic and Samsung are not here to bash, but it makes the buyer aware of potential pitfalls. Scholarship and get a good Samsung recognizes and solves these problems existed. Stand is very wobbly on this model may be wall mounted, if possible.

3D viewing distance of 12 feet to 20 feet still see images from 2D to 3D conversion good. Samsung actually helps better with DVD. The blu ray show a greater depth, but obviously not pop off the screen. 600 Mhz effective plasma really impressive sports events and action again, no blur. TV is easy to install, the average remote control, built in Wi-Fi device has great potential, but the D7000 has a browser.

This plasma is great, the only bad thing is that you are not able to preffered the cable goes out and if you need to select the cable connection is boring.