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Sony BRAVIA KDL40EX720 40-Inch 3D LED HDTV Review

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sony BRAVIA KDL40EX720 40-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV, BlackThe Sony KDL-40EX720 is an LED-edgelit able to view 3D LCD. These second-generation 3D TVs are finally coming down in price, but we're still not sold on all headaches and eye strain thing. That said, this TV has a good and outstanding performance streaming content, which could be enough to influence you.

Looking for HDTV, which offers more of everything you want? Sony 40-inch KDL-40EX720 3D HDTV may be just what you're looking for. Sony offers state-of-the-art technology for even smoother high-speed action scenes and a vivid, clear images and natural. Easy Internet connectivity offers streaming media, video call with Skype, access your files over your home network, and then some. And if you like your entertainment with an extra dimension, just add a pair of 3D glasses for maximum immersion. [...]

Technical Details

  • 40-inch display with full 3D HD (1080p) picture quality (1920 x 1080 native panel resolution)
  • LED backlighting for incredible contrast, slim design, and energy efficiency
  • Sony's X-Reality Engine sharpens images for a clear, vivid, life-like picture
  • Internet TV for wide variety of streaming media and other Internet content
  • Experience smooth motion detail and clarity with Motionflow 240 technology


Front : The Sony KDL-40EX720 has an attractive design, overall, with the elegance you expect from Sony. The bezel and stand are underestimated, by withdrawing into the background so as not to detract from what is on screen. In the bottom of the frame is the IR receiver, an environment of light and motion sensor and the infrared emitter that sends the synchronization signal for the 3D glasses.

Back : The back of the Sony KDL-40EX720, predictably, is mostly bare. In one corner is the package output ports. Fortunately, the TV screen can rotate on its base, making the ports more accessible.

Sides : The panel is incredibly thin. This is the real advantage of LED edge-lighting (because uniformity is not an advantage). The panel is so thin that there is no space for the control buttons or ports. The ports called in the picture below are actually on the back, but they face the side. The controls wrap around the part of the back.

Remote Control : The remote control supplied with the Sony KDL-40EX720 is a variation on the remote control last year, high-end Bravias, with some minor but noticeable. First, there are buttons prominently labeled "Netflix" and "Qriocity" at the top. We are not sure that Sony had to pay for the use of the name of Netflix, but it clearly shows how they perceive the importance of Netflix on the market. (We knew).

3D Glasses : The glasses do not have a set of Sony EX720. You will need to purchase separately at a price slightly nauseous about $ 150 per pair. Fortunately, have been redesigned since last year, and the distribution of weight and the weight seems more at ease.


Connections : The Sony KDL-40EX720 TV is definitely a cutting-edge home theater functions. As such, it has a lot of doors for newer devices, and some ports for legacy devices. There are 4 HDMIs and digital audio output, but only one composite and one component input. You better devices for the upgrade if you want to keep up. Additional ports include an AV input VGA and analog audio output.

There are also lots of multimedia ports: an Ethernet port, optional WiFi (with separate purchase of a USB dongle), and two USB ports. The USB ports can be used to play media files from storage devices such as a pen drive or Sony camera wrapped.

Performance : The Sony KDL-40EX720 did very well in our motion tests. Like last year, high-end Sony TVs, the EX720s have a feature called Motionflow which greatly improves the ease of movement and loss of detail. There is a great alarm, though. MotionFlow When enabled, any type of content-based film takes on a decidedly odd, video-like look. It works by inserting extra frames, resulting from a process of interpolation. If you're watching sports, MotionFlow goes well, perhaps even useful. However, watching movies makes it incredibly strange, and you're much better to disable the function. We must say, though, that seems to be less heavy than last year's iteration. Sony may change the algorithm.

  Overall Rating 3.5/5


I just got the TV. I was doing a search not only online but also on foot from place to place, the price for this value for the money, can not be beaten. The only problem is that TV is not built in wifi, but I'm buying the blue ray sony wifi bps780 build I'm looking at the "Copa America", Argentina and Colombia, and is just amazing to watch a futbol game on tv! I also discovered that a digital audio output, this gives me the opportunity to connect the HDTV receiver, my media player and blue ray to the TV via HDMI and get the audio through your home theater.

Have a sony home theater is an advantage because you can use the remote to control the basic functions, the volume of the TV inputs, channels .. I like the sound is good on TV, I read that some people are not satisfied with the quality, but I can not say that is really good for the size of my life. Just go for it! ..