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Samsung has announced a series of 3D HDTVs for 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Although the offer has not impressed 3D HD 2010, we are cautiously optimistic for 2011. Some offers were then not so good, and we saw the 3D glasses eliminated Toshiba press conference. Samsung was kind enough to send us some information about their range of HD 2011, and are all in 3D graphics. As usual, Samsung line-up is divided into several different series, which will be available in the first half of 2011.

The LED 8000 series
The 8000 series LED is available in 65", 60", 55" and 46" sizes (and UN65D8000 UN60D8000 UN55D8000 UN46D8000 respectively). This series has a 240Hz screen and comes with their fancy, at a distance of a 3-inch touch screen again. They say that the remote is like having a second TV in the palm of your hand", which is probably as cool as it sounds and not necessary.

The LED 7000 Series
Only three sizes in this:. 60", 55" and 46" (UN60D7000 and UN55D7000 UN46D7000) This series is more or less the same as the 8000 series will be updated when this article to discern the differences. Really. 0.2" metal ring Wide Web browser with full 3D playback support for Bluetooth enabled eyewear, 240Hz, built-in Wi-Fi, Samsung Skype and standard range of applications.

The D6400 Series
This series seems to be more fundamental than others. You have five options for this TV. 60", 55", 46", 40" and 32" (UN60D6400, and UN55D6400 UN46D6400 UN40D6400 UN32D6400) are only 120 Hz, not the web browser and integrated WiFi, and are marketed as a purchasable option 3D. There is no information on prices yet available, however, so we just take the word.

The Plasma D8000 Series
Only in three dimensions: .. 64", 59" and 51" (PN64D8000 and PN59D8000 PN51D8000) This is basically just the equivalent of the plasma LED 8000 series and comes with remote control and fantasy all the same features 1.5. Centimeters deep, the web browser, play 3D movies ConnectShare USB wireless Wi-Fi with DLNA support, Skype and standard Samsung range of applications.

The Plasma D6500 Series
Only two options for this analogy to the D6400 series LED: 59" and 51" (PN59D6500 and PN51D6500). No touch screen remote, and no set of characteristics. The only difference is this series comes with built-in WiFi.