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I like this Samsung 3D TV UN46C8000

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is great 3D TV. The blacks are blacks, not of ghosts (including video games) and smart features of the Internet are to die for. You can watch Netflix on your TV, Hulu on TV more, and watch movies on your USB drive, but this TV (just connect to the internet). This means that if you have this TV, you can just put in the room and you have nothing connected to it if you do not want.

The sound is pretty good and the screen size is to be seen to be believed. I moved into an apartment and I could not get a big TV, simply because I had to take the stairs (not fun when you wear a monstrous TV). Fortunately, the new Samsung is the right size that I can bring up the stairs without problems or tensions. I connected my Xbox and my PS3 connected to the image quality is to die. I bought the HDMI 1.4 cable to connect everything, and I use the optical output of the TV for my helmet (which allows me to use the virtual surround sound in my apartment through a series of high-end headphones).

Over all this is a great 3D TV and great value for the price. Much can be done with the TV application and bring a new level. My favorite part of this TV is like black is black while watching a movie. I have not seen the video look this good forever. Just make sure to spend the time necessary to get the image to look right, otherwise the results may vary (when I had the TV, everything looked like a Spanish soap opera because of 240 Hz) so that it is worth read.

This is a best TV you can get the best price at the time. 3D is still new, so maybe the change will happen next year and perhaps a better fate with the best support for 3D TV. I would not buy this TV only for 3D support (even though I can not lie, I can not wait to play 3D games on my PS3 now), but I would buy this TV because the image is the best you can get. The blacks are blacks, the sound is very clear and the video quality is to die, the images are so vivid and life as if it was better than being there.

My favorite feature in this TV does not have Skype (which is simply fantastic), Hulu or Netflix is ​​not (again, amazing), nor the ability to connect a hard drive or USB key and watch videos off it or the fact that the TV takes up very little heat, consume little, and has little or no light. No, my favorite feature is something that can be overlooked by many people is the optical audio output. This means that I can use on all HDMI devices connected to your TV and audio output of my TV.

This is important if you use a surround sound (that only I can choose to days), but is important if you plan to output audio in a virtual surround headphone (such as Astro or Turtle Beach) that I use to enjoy the full sound my apartment (because of neighbors complaining of loud explosions, screams and chaos ...)

With optical integrated TV, eliminates a lot of cables and peripherals. And I do not have to go optical cables every time I go to another source, everything is run by the television. If you want a TV output and not the helmet? Just change the option from the menu and ready to go. It is a well thought-TV, which offers premium features at a decent price. Really offers a great viewing experience. Highly recommended.