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Samsung UN46C8000 Great 3D TV, Great Picture, Great Design, Great Deal!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I like my new Samsung UN46C8000. I upgraded from a 27-inch tube HDTV. It is a good TV, but the screen was not big enough. I'm sitting 15 meters from the screen because of how our stay was built. This TV is very easy to see at that distance, I was afraid I had to go to 55-inch model, but was 50% percent more than what I paid for this TV. Television is much more clear, black levels are superb and the colors are good once the melody. I went on Google and on this TV and I found some good video settings of CNET. I managed to get the bundle with a Samsung blu-ray player and a starter kit free of charge. Talk to the other, is great. My only complaint is the placement of TV input, the lack of integrated wireless and automatic brightness adjustment.

This is too close the edge of the TV, and if you have cable as thick as mine, which hangs over the edge of the HDTV. Samsung to include 90 degree adapters or move the location of the inputs. Not to mention that I could barely get my HDMI cable, the inputs are mounted almost too superficial. The rearview mirror, each time off a few lights in the house, the TV turns off automatically. This would not be a problem if a little gray, but its so dark, I go into the menu and change the video settings every time you turn on the lights. I'm sure Theres must be a setting somewhere to disable it. Only a small inconvenience. Finally, the wireless function, I searched before I bought the TV, so I knew that I would not ... How is it that my $200 Nintendo Wii built in 1600, but my TV is not the U.S. dollar? Devices stupid.

I just moved my modem and wireless router behind the TV and the cable works great! The ability to use the DLNA streaming video from my phone Android is impressive, the ability to watch YouTube on the software without a computer or TV using my Wii, even better! I bought my cable and swivel wall Monoprice dot com. Purchased for about the same here, but the search function to wall mount is horrible here.

I spent an hour looking on Amazon to find the appropriate support. I gave up and went to Monoprice. 3D is cool, I tried a couple of minutes with a clear 3D blue ray Shrek, which I had with the starter kit. Its cool, I can not wait to see something cooler with it. This TV can also upconvert 2D content to 3D, a feature that did not even know he had. So great! It is not as good as the output format in 3D, but still pretty cool.