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Samsung C8000 Series 's last firmware version was improves 3D performance

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If you've read many reviews for UN46C8000, you know that a common criticism was ghosts when displaying shadows and 3D source material. With the release of the June 28th firmware, this problem is very small and the 3D is spectacular. The new firmware also adds support for a new "3D Optimize" menu option of this 3D TV. Select this option appears to reduce ghosting and enhances the 3D effect.

Samsung seems to have done something to reduce the amount of eye strain caused by wearing 3D glasses. Now I can wear for hours and not notice any particular problem. Unfortunately, there are very few 3D hardware available yet, but the 3D DirecTV broadcasts are excellent, probably as good as my 3D Blu-ray.

For others, no 3D, this TV is simply superb. If you want to make the most of it, I recommend you read the review in the Home Theater journal site and then set the TV using the recommended settings. Unless you're already an expert in the creation of a TV like this, it is likely to get much better results from the parameters suggested that began with the factory default settings.

In addition, make sure you update the firmware before adjusting the settings, because the firmware clears the custom configuration. Then write down the settings and save them for next time you need to do a firmware update.

Another element that I wanted to say is that several websites, including televisioninfo said that television "has a dynamic contrast ratio of very heavy" that can not be stopped. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dynamic Contrast can be adjusted or turned off completely under the Advanced menu. When it's off, I have not noticed any negative effect on the image of some of these comments.