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Samsung UN46C8000 46-Inch 1080p 3D 240 Hz LED HDTV Review

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Samsung UN46C8000 46-Inch 1080p 3D 240 Hz LED HDTV


Samsung LED HDTV combines advanced image quality and advanced connectivity options that will keep you entertained 24/7. This UN46C8000 LED HDTV also makes it easy to be green, and will save you some green, to comply with the ENERGY STAR specifications.

3D animation by providing pure emotion, connectivity that improves your life, visual impact and image quality. Action jumps off the screen with advanced 3D technology for a real dive. @Internet TV allows you to connect to the best of the Internet directly on your HDTV, with downloadable and customizable widget - and soon, the Samsung applications. Connect your friends, share photos, online shopping and more. New treatment of HD LED backlight provides a new level of fun, with our dynamic range and contrast of rich and brilliant colors. Superb elegant ultra slim adds versatility, while an elegant touch of color bezel accent brings both new color and texture to your decor. Take fun than ever. [...]

Samsung 3D tv 
All the benefits of Samsung LED display of energy as the color, contrast and brightness low, add more. Mercury-free. While conventional LCD TVs contain mercury, our LED televisions are zero, produced without the use of an LED lamp instead of CCFL toxic. It up to 50% more efficient than Energy Star last year (depending on the number and size of the screen in standard mode).

Samsung UN46C8000 Features

  • Mega Dynamic Contrast
  • 4 HDMI (ver 1.4), HDMI-CEC
  • Component & PC input
  • 2 ConnectShare Movie
  • BD Wise
Product Details

  • Brand Name: Samsung
  • Model: UN46C8000
  • Display Technology: LED-lit
  • Display Size: 46 inches
  • Height: 28.5 inches
  • Width: 53.5 inches
  • Depth: 10.9 inches
  • Weight: 50.5 pounds


  • 4 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia
    Interface) version 1.4: 4 back
  • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): Allows peripheral AV devices such as a DVD player to be controlled by a Samsung TV remote control.
  • USB: 2 side
  • PC input: 1 back
  • Ethernet: 1 back
  • Optical sound output: 1 back
  • Component video input: 1 back

Samsung C8000 3D LED HDTV

The Nicest TV at this time
This TV is absolutely amazing. I was actually waiting to get out of the C9000, but the price that the TV is well above the limit. I discovered that this TV is the next step down and is actually the same technology as the C9000 at a distance less than the touch screen (which can be purchased separately) and slim profile, not a big deal seems to have the TV Account Data good and the price is half or less than a C9000!

In all honesty, I think this TV has one of the best photos I've ever seen. An example is the pin-point obscuring, who collected a large number of critics and skeptisism. I saw the live television production model and I must say, I think it's better than the local anti-glare, and I'll tell you why ... Unless there is a new panel has been done to solve local dimming "halo effect", is currently the only way to achieve the levels of contrast outradgeous without this problem. Blackout pin-point of this TV reduces dark spots on the screen in a certain area, without halo effect and should be completely black when watching movies with dark screens, such as a local-dimming television blackout.

I think this TV is characterized by the LED television because it creates great black levels without any halo effect. It is huge deal for me. Next is the color accuracy of this panel, I believe that whites and colors of this TV is probably better than I've ever seen. Even if the temperature of the plasma can sometimes have better colors, but will not come from the screen with a series like this environment. This TV show is looking strong and beautiful and wonderful in 3D and high definition like never before.

Last but not least ... This TV is loaded with features, easily making it one of the most feature-rich TV is on the market. It completely wireless, it has 4 HDMI conenction Internet applications and streaming, and better yet, does it well! I did a lot of research and comparing this TV with its competitors, the most recent and what it is. Not enough my word for it, go see for yourself and see what I mean.

A very happy owner
I was owner one of the first Samsung HDTV sold since their first series DLP generated. I think I paid $4500 for a 43" at that time. Until now, high definition televisions purchased in the middle eight or so have been progressively better than the last. The last, a Panasonic 42" Plasma 1080p, has a good image, but could also heat the house. The UN46C8000 is a huge leap in image quality and operates at only 92 watts.

Watching Avatar at 1080P was good and the scene of the movie the first night of the family are convinced that we need another new HDTV! I have not bought this game for 3D technology. 3D will improve in a few years and needs more content to be cheap and plentiful. Quality 2D that interested.

I am not a fan of the stylish remote control. Even if the control is backlit, touch a place in the top right to activate it. I like remote controls with a passion to see in the dark. I think to buy rmc30c2 remote control when it leave. I read that the video screen on the remote control does not work like the 9000 series, but it is not a problem with me. I highly recommend this 3D LED HDTV. Amazon was the prices rock!