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LED Televisions Types

Monday, May 23, 2011

There are two main types of LED HDTV, and can be divided into two different versions depending on backlight use. The first is called edge-lit LED and the other is known as a back-lit LED. n this article we will examine HDTV with LED back-lit and try to understand how it works.

What is a Back-lit Led HDTV?

All televisions of this type are illuminated by LEDs, which were presented to provide some advantages over other types of lighting. back-lit LED are mounted directly behind the screen, which is similar to the way LCD TV is the lighting was introduced.

These LEDs are in blocks, and are grouped so that they can be monitored simultaneously. Therefore, each block has the ability to be turned off independently and it took other blocks. The advantage of this is that in an image with dark areas and some areas of blocks of light and dark can have their power to allow a signal all black. This additional control is not possible on a TV screen.

Local-dimming Technology

The name of this technique is local dimming, and is the term that should be to see if he wants to buy a TV with an LED that is created in this way. The main advantage is an HDTV with LED technology, this type of variation may have a better relationship than other types of high-definition television. LCDs have always been an offer of all times "with an exchange ratio in poor countries than that of a plasma screen, backlight, so this method is proposed to address this problem.

Problems With Local-dimming

How come with all this technology, there is one drawback to this idea. Problems arise when a block of light is covered with a light and a dark part of the picture. This will be the same problems associated with LCD TVs, in which the block can not be turned off completely, making it impossible to get the black part is completely in the dark. E 'can identify the problem, and it would be an LED light for each pixel on the screen - but the "deals with what would be too high a price to build a television in this way and then it would be too expensive for most people to buy. But all in all, this method of construction of an LED-backlit HDTV is usually done with a TV with a better idea of ​​what the majority of LCD TVs.


So as you can see, there is simply more than one type of LED that you can buy HDTV, and how it may have built a great success on the ability of the photo you get. So if you are looking to buy a TV LED, so it is important to understand the differences to determine that they have a great impact on the performance of the TV. HDTV LED backlight also have a disadvantage compared to other models of integration to the lighting device - or LCD TV for this question. You can find more information on these topics by visiting the link in the box under the provision reserved.

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