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Samsung UN55C8000 Amazing 3D LED HDTV!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

First, let me be clear about the type of test is intended to be. I am not a professional appraiser TV. I'm not a videophile. I am a regular Joe and I go through this for the regular Joe, who plans to spend more than usual on a TV with good quality. Over the next few months, I'm sure you can find a more professional advice from the usual places ... But for now, is my impression.

LIGHT CORNER: After reading many reviews over the years D8000 C7000 last year and this year, I was worried about the light that emits from a corner. I saw the events of the year D8000, C7000, and last year and are very easy to see what people are talking about. I took a big gamble to buy this TV before I read that if people had problems with the C8000. Let me say ... After watching this TV for about 5 hours a day for 3 days ... I have not seen the light from the edges as seen in other series. And believe me, I tried. I tried to come to watch the HD feed of Time Warner Cable, Blu-ray on PS3, Blu-Ray Samsung Blu-ray 3D, Night Watch, during the day ... Nothing. I have not seen!

WATCH: This TV simply looks amazing. It has a very dark black screen. And nice as it does outside. I was nervous about the brushed metal, but it is very good and congratulations on your new chrome bar on all fours.

IMAGE: The image clarity is incredible. It 's like I found in HD for the first time. This set replaces a series Samsung DLP, and of course is a big improvement. That said, I have a new plasma in the bedroom and this series is much better than that. As with all new series of LEDs at 240 Hz, there is some "home video Spanish Soap Opera/compare to it. Some people just like that, some people do not. I really like. For those of you who have not, you can always disable this feature down or off. For me, making the image look very clear and distinguishes it from other series.

3D: In conjunction with this TV that I bought the Samsung Blu-ray player in 3D so you can get the 3-D starter kit free of charge. 3D glasses and take the connection was easy. Monsters vs. Aliens The intro was very cool. The opening scene in space seemed incredible. The ball in one hand paddle was fun and a bit 'scared me a bit'. I have not spent too much time with 3D, but I noticed that there were scenes of the film which was a double image with glasses.That Not good, but it is worthy of note. You can immediately see the scene of the early church film. It was a little boring. I hope this is the kind of thing that is fixed with an update or more content is published, they learn to solve the problem.

OnlineTV: This is a very new to me. I never understood the need for applications that I want on my TV ... But its kina cool. I tried some applications, but my favorite is by far the application of the worms. I am a big fan of Pandora and I love this application on my TV online or iPhone. The only thing I hate is that Samsung does not have WiFi built in. I think that the prices set in the $3,000+ mark must be sufficient to show that, with all Drag and I do not require another $80 for the USB adapter. I'm wired, but that's another thread that I do not like.

USB: I wanted to say that this series allows you to connect an external USB hard drive and play music, photos and movies directly from your hard drive. I have a 320 GB Western Digital Passport full of movies and music, and I was able to explore the file structure of the disc using the remote control quite easily. It plays all file formats I threw at it.

Overall I am very satisfied UN55C8000. Even with the few drawbacks, this series the average Joe is a 5 star! As I spend more time with the game, I'm sure to update this review if I find something worthy of note. Feel free to ask me questions and I will do my best to answer them. I know how to destroy a nerve bought an expensive product like this is ... So, I'd be happy to help as much as possible.

No corner light!!!
Very dark screen.
Very clear picture
Pandora Samsung App
3D was surprisingly fun
USB external HDD capable

Slight double images on 3D.
Wifi requires an $80 USB adaptor.