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Development of 3D TV technology

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3D TV technology is constantly evolving, this article will present various types of 3D technology from past to present.

1. Anaglyphic 3D technology (Passive)
This technology used "Two-colored glasses" generally red and blue, for filter color to the left and right eye  that want to make 3 dimensional of the image. This Anaglyphic 3-D movie have both as a DVD or movie in HD such as Monster VS Aliens in the Bly-ray or The Final Destination that use Anaglyphic 3D technology.

Pros: Glasses, both paper and plastic are cheap.
Cons: Not realistic 3D images.

Equipment for viewing Anaglyphic 3D.
1. DVD or Blu-ray movie disc format Anaglyphic 3D.
2. Two-color glasses that match the following colors red-blue / blue-yellow / pink-green (the glasses color must be consistent with the movie).
3. Normal TV (LCD TV, Plasma TV, CRT TV), not necessarily 3D TV.

2. Polarized 3D technology (Passive)
The principle of Polarized 3D is displayed even line picture (2,4,6, ... 1080) for the left eye (540 lines) and the odd line picture. (1,3,5, ..., 1079) for the right eye (540 lines at left). The display quickly switches even and odd line to the eyes this call Line by Line medthod. 3D Glasses for Polarized have lenses for the left eye get only even line picture and lenses for the right eye to get only odd line picture, that take quickly swap left and right and make three-dimensional image. Polarized 3D TV for release in 2011, including LG LED LW6500, Phillips PFL7606, TCL V6300 and "Cinema 3D TV" from LG. The Imax 3D cinema use Polarized 3D technology as well.

Pros: Most fly out 3D image dimensional, lightweight glasses does not require batteries, pictures not blinking.
Cons: Separate line picture left and right for half that decreases the contrast of the image.

Equipment for viewing Polarized 3D.
1. Polarized 3D TV.
2. Polarized 3D Glasses.
3. Polarized 3D Content (Line by Line 3D Content).

3. Active 3D technology (Frame Sequential 3D)
Principles of Active 3D is to send full-frame fast switch to the left and right eye (as at 60 frames per second). It makes 3D images are overlapped between the left and right, 3D Active Shutter Glasses that alternately open and close quickly left and right. Active 3D be used in TV such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba like Samsung 3D LED TV (D8000, D7000), LG Plasma TV PZ950, Sony HX925, NX720 Panasonic VT30 and released in 2011.

Pros: The picture is sharp more than Polarized 3D.
Cons: Glasses need batteries, need to connect (sync) optical Infrared signals to the TV all the time, making the limited viewing distance, flashing of glasses.

Equipment for viewing Active 3D. 
1. Active 3D TV
2. 3D Active Shutter Glasses
3. Blu-ray player with 3D models that can Output HDMI V1.4
4. 3D Content.

Synopsis: This article was made ​​you to know more about the type of 3D Technology. And now, for the most 3D TV  were implement Active 3D (Frame Sequential).