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Mini Reviews Samsung 3D LED TV 55C8000's how I see

Friday, April 13, 2012

I tested the Samsung 3D LED TV model C8000, which is considered "New" and "best picture" of Samsung in this year, I have just a few minutes to played out fantastic  functions. I believe that some one are not familiar with 3D TV and I would like to pushing tell you in this review. Samsung 55C8000 a second level for this year (the top is the C9000), but I told that, pictures of C8000 are better than C9000. The C9000 LED TV is on the "thin" concept  that is only 7.9 mm., while C8000 is about 24 mm., which is considered "THE THIN TV" are anyway.

The point that I quoted review for the C8000 is a function of the image, which is Precision Dimming (Local Dimming), we known that Samsung LED TV uses LED Back-light is Edge LED Back-light or LED lamps along the monitor edges. The downside is unable to turn on/off into groups of lamp.But now technology is up, believe that Edge LED can take Local Dimming in 2010  (new Edge LED TV of the LG will do so). It increase the benefits for "The Black Image" and "Improve Contrast" for better Edge LED to up level nearby Full LED.

- Full HD 1920 x 1080
- HyperReal 3D Engine
- Ultra Clear Panel
- Precision Dimming
- Mega Dynamic Contrast
- Motion Plus 200Hz (CMR 60x16)
- HDMI x 4, USB x 2
- All Share, Internet@TV

Concept for C8000 design, Samsung continues "Crystal Design" Concept that just like playing with the materials of the screen, the C8000 is a material called Brushed Titanium or titanium silver paint on it. Stand 4 bars is like helicopter's propeller that has  name that "QuadLegged Stand" that Samsung is trying to push it in this year.

C8000 come with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution that is 3D LED TV with HyperReal 3D Engine chip, which many best features such as convert a 2D Content (such as TV chanels or sport) to 3D (Real 3D :: 2D to 3D Conversion).

The Precision Dimming technology take Edge LED Backlight can make Local Dimming  so the black are blacks and better equipped on an Ultra Clear Panel, which continue  from the success of LCD Series 650 and LED TV Series 6. 7 8 in the past year(2008-2009). Motion Plus 200Hz technology guarantee for  picture's motion. I can say that the spec  of this Samsung TV was "Good".

I have not tried seriously for sound because have time limits. But this year, Samsung's sound effects make surprised for me as well. Because of the new features go out before other. For example, a new sound system SRS TheaterSound from SRS, Audio SRSTruDialog accented draw up for dialogue, As well as Dolby Digital and DTS 2.0 audio device can also send these out via Optical out jack to the AV Receiever.

1. Eco Sensor: Also Samsung has a automatically light sensor to adjust the lighting in  room, it called "Eco Sensor" that will help your eyes at night and save energy, save  more money and energy. Principle, when a dark room, Eco Sensor will adjust the Backlight to dim the eyes are too. But if the room is bright the sensor calculates the  scale of light, and Backlight to light up the bright light in the room also the picture is bright or dark black.

2. PIP Picture In Picture: Picture in Picture system is also useful for those who want to see through the screen and also to monitor other in same screen, Samsung also gives this features.

3. Internet @ TV: connection wired or wireless Internet network, to access the Website  content such as to see video clips, to see the weather forecast or face chat over Skype.

4. ALL SHARE: It means "all to share" such as movies, pictures, music from your computer that can display at the Samsung LED TV from wireless (the DLNA), I think  that the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is universal, it would be difficult to understand. I switched to a simple word.

5. Media Play: Samsung's USB port can play a movie as High Def 1080p. Mkv, 1080p in the previous year and this year too, I just run out and play the movie file that has  Hidef Format even more. The sound system has develop to support DTS systems.

After a test in a short time for the Samsung 55C8000 3D LED TV, I want to say that "impressed" with advanced technology and more features.In particular, the Samsung 3D TV technology that we consider for the first of the real  3D world, we will have complete 3-D home entertainment system. Remarkable that the chip conversion technology that can be convert 2D to 3D content.If play 3D Blu-ray it striking realism, for this soft test I hope that guidance and take more information for get your 3D TV.