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What's more, for the New Toshiba 3D Televisions

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Since Toshiba has been launched the WX800U 3D LED TV. The Toshiba 3D TV development did not stop in  single models. Also the 3D TV production line in new version out continually as TL515U, UL610U all model they use technology LED TV. I would like to say this is more for some additional New Toshiba 3D TV.

Ultra-Real 3D Full HD Visuals
Toshiba 3D TV can deliver entertainment to your home with beautiful 1080p Full HD. The LED panel with Fine Local Dimming creates blacks with more depth and character, plus enhanced highlights. Our ClearScan 480Hz technology minimizes blurring for sports or fast-action video. . And our CrystalCoat Contrast Enhancer stops light reflections from washing out whatever you're watching. Your movies and games will leap off the wall with incredible sharpness and a smoother, purer, more natural appearance.

Dazzling 3D Diversity
Toshiba offers various 3D technologies for different needs and tastes. Choose a model with dynamic (active) always in 3D to enjoy 1080p Full HD 3D and sharper images from Blu-ray. Or maybe you're a player who wants to avoid eye strain and flicker over them all night parties Frag. If so, can offer a set of natural (passive) 3D be what you're looking for. You will still enjoy beautiful HD pictures, including 1080p full HD 2D.

Super-Thin, Sophisticated Design
An elegant, ultra-thin cabinet design and choice of screen sizes ranging from 32” to 65” class make Toshiba 3D HDTVs perfect for building a big, beautiful home theater. They really set off a room.

Great Expandability and Convenience
Build that entertainment center with four HDMI® inputs and HDMI® InstaPort™ for fast switching between them. And because our 3D TVs are DLNA certified ®, you’ll be able to easily access content straight from your PC. It’s home theater without the headache.

Expansive Connectivity
Toshiba 3D TVs open up a whole world of possibilities for you. Link wirelessly to a home network with built-in Wi-fi Connection. Or discover Toshiba Enhanced Net TV™, offering personalized content with just a few clicks of the remote through Yahoo! TV Widgets. Choose from a vast selection of social media and content providers including YouTube®, Facebook®, Pandora®, Twitter®, Netflix® and others.

Stunning Sound
Toshiba 3D TVs make sure your ears are entertained too. They come with built-in stereo speakers, plus advanced audio technologies that include Audyssey EQ™ to equalize sound for the entire room, plus Dolby® Digital Plus, which delivers full audio potential from Blu-ray™ discs, HD broadcasts, along with streamed and downloaded media.

Built-in WiFi
All Internet TV Models Will Have Built-in WiFi. No Dongle Needed.

Internet TV Apps
Widgets developed to work with your Internet-enabled TV so you can stay in touch, watch pictures or videos on your TV screen, while watching your favorite TV show.

Active Shutter Glasses
3D footage is shot with two special cameras spaced apart 2.5” to mimic our eyes. Included with our 3D TVs, these state-of-the-art glasses create a dazzling 3D effect by opening and closing lenses 120 times per second.

Green Engineering
Though powerfully entertaining, LED HD TVs are built with a power-conscious design. So you can rest assured that with Toshiba you’re doing right by the environment.