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Principle of 3 Dimension Imaging

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today, 3D TV was very popular. You want to know that the 3D imaging technology for TV and movies are a few types. Let's start with the first 3D visualization models.

What is 3D image?
3D or 3 Dimension picture is a picture that can see "shallow, deep, thick, thin" clear more than 2D picture.  Comparison with 2D images the 3D will make realistic and makes you feel into to be realistic place, that is why the TV production attention turned to the production of 3D TV.

The 3-D visualization.
3D images were created by physical principles of the two sides of the man's eyes, When see to the objects there are in different positions (because the left eye and right eye were separated about 3 to 5 cm.) and when the two eyes result are combined, we will see 3-D image. With this simple principle when the picture was taken from the left and the right to gather together. We would like to see the 3D image.

This is principle of 3D imaging in the next article I will discuss the type of 3D that has evolved from past to present. See you...