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Samsung SSG-P2100S/ZA Shrek 3D Starter Kit - Nice package

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
This is a pretty good package - with four film is definitely better than the previous one, including packages only a single film. The glasses work well for me. The retail price is still too expensive, though - for a star on a Samsung gouging captive audience - even if it's a TV, the price is still buried in the final cost of the television. And if you have more than two members of the public, you can buy another pair or two.

Shrek The three BD are available in case of 4-high in a DVD format. The film slot 4 is occupied by a disk-shaped coupons to be redeemed online or by mail - the online process is a bit 'boring', but not painful just bought Shrek 4 disks He came two weeks .. after I requested online. I think the quote is a 8-12 week CYA / lawyer thing. In the real world, which seemed to respond and send in a hurry.

I had no problem with glasses unexpectedly, and do not need to "set band" in a couple of these criticisms. I do not know why some objectives, like mine, they work well and others are too sensitive. Perhaps it is the nature of infrared transmission in a "noisy". I'm glad that there is an inventive solution found by people for people who need them.

Wearing these 3D glasses over my regular glasses and fit quite well, although they are very uncomfortable after 90 minutes of film is finished - especially for me, pinches the nose piece. There is another problem with these focused on glasses: there is some reflection from the glasses bounced off the TV area and return to normal within 3-D glasses. This light creates a glow that bathes the 3D. It just very noticeable on bright scenes, but once you notice is a little distraction.

I spent about 12 hours in a pair of glasses and one of the two included batteries, and is still going strong. This seems to be pretty good battery life. I also bought a CR2025 battery replacement, in the case, but now definitely use them all before the deadline. I noticed the "eye strain", but I think the 3D look in general and not a problem with glasses in particular. During the 2-D vision, your eyes are focused on a flat image, there is no need to change, with 3D focus your eyes are changing because of the actions, because it changes the "distance" you. And certainly tire the eye muscles.

3D Blu-ray, general: All-in-all, I am very impressed with the effect of a series of 3D films, including Shrek series, part of the package. The others, you should check out: Me is a Despicable, Monster House is not so much winning. Resident Evil is the first 3D live-action film I've seen and it was very interesting - even if 3D comes to the general public rather than trying to tell a good story. Maybe the next will be better. Maybe in a few months we will have more than 20 titles (now most of the fun and spectacle of nature) to choose from.

Samsung SSG-P2100S/ZA Features

  • 2 Pairs Of Samsung - Battery-Operated 3D Glasses
  • All three released Shrek movies in 3-D, as well as a voucher for the not yet released fourth movie.
  • 3D Shutter Glasses Enable Viewer
  • Compatible with select 2010 Samsung models: Including C7000, C8000 and C9000 series LED-LCD HDTVs, C750 series LCD HDTV, C7000 and C8000 series plasma HDTVs and BD-C6900 Blu-ray players.

Overall Customer Rating 4.0/5