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Optoma HD66 2500ANSI Lumens 4000:1 3D-Ready DLP Home Theater Projector

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Optoma HD66 2500ANSI Lumens 4000:1 3D-Ready DLP Home Theater Projector - White
The Optoma HD66 Home Theater 3D Ready adds a new dimension to gaming and home theater experience and offers a more dynamic learning in education and training applications. Brightness 2500 ANSI lumens, contrast 4000:1 and native 720p widescreen, the HD66 provides outstanding clarity and fine detail vision of pure joy. This projector offers high image quality for HD video in widescreen format and stunning graphics beautiful box with the promises and the ability to view 3D content with the addition of a converter-XL 3D Optoma. And certified to work with NVIDIA ® 3D Vision™. High brightness and contrast ratio to ensure a perfect image aggressive.

Product Features

  • DLP Technology by Texas Instruments with BrilliantColor Technology
  • 2500 Lumens produce a bright, crisp image
  • Produces mind-boggling 3D images for high intensity gaming!
  • Complete on-screen menu adjustments in 23 languages
  • Native 720P widesreen resolution

  Overall Customer Rating 4.5/5

Delivering   High-Definition Performance for Under $1,000
It work. I love this projector, 3D TV is about 2000-4000 dollars, but $799 for this projector is really good. I look with all the lights in my room, theater, and the brightness, color and quality are very good. I would really say that I have an IMAX experience at home. I would recommend this product to others.

I bought my first projector ever, the HD66 from Amazon delivered and received across the Pacific in 9 days (I'm in Australia). Properly packaged and follow-up was enough to keep my anxiety at bay! The projector itself is a marvel! Very compact in size and easy to use, the setting of each function / is available in a few clicks on the menu. First I gave the set-top boxes and HD DVD with HDMI and the picture is brilliant. Remember, small changes to the settings should be preset modes that are horrible - and to be honest, you need to adjust according to your room / light / placement / wall / screen colors, etc! .. The quality of the video through the composite video is not good, but not many devices now use them .. There is a VGA to component converter cable (or vice versa) provided .. which gives the same result as strong as the HDMI.

I am projecting onto a white wall-ish (not the screen!) However, the picture is amazing in detail .. I can see normal TV to 100 "inches (zoom -3) and for movies I have spent 124" inches (zoom 0) - Impressive! .. I have ceiling and the projection distance / ratio is just perfect. I noticed that the chip used in DLP HD66 has a native resolution of 1280x800 .. which is perfect for a laptop / VGA (square), but to watch television or movies in 16:9 aspect ratio, 1280x720 resolution is used (which is true 16:9). This means that there will be a slight shadow around the image is not used as a chip DLP 4:09 pm for the full picture. This is sometimes annoying for me because I put the project on a wall and have a viewing area in September, but to be honest, the projector is so bright, I leave a light in the adjoining room and low ambient light is care of the border . I had problems with the projector in the afternoon with the blinds closed (I have a dedicated theater room).

The projector zoom is not enough .. I measured the full image diagonal only increased or decreased by about 8-10 inches. So, if the stroke is shorter than 100 inch image, the maximum would be 110". Mine is about 4, 5 m from the wall places that gives me 114 and 124" inch image of the remote control layout is intuitive and unnecessary -. even if you still want to use it for all the changes and on / off I do not. I used the 3D capabilities are not involved, and is not compatible with HD sources 3-D again (like TV or DVD / Blu-ray) - Optoma wait to release a firmware update if you get there.

In summary, there is a light projector 720p. Displays SD and HD (1080p) with ease and is bright enough to be used with some lights or blinds closed during the day. The functions and controls are easy to use and the same unit is compact and can be placed unnoticed! .. Finally, the lamp of light is not necessary, the default setting is bright enough and Eco will give you 4000 hours of life - in a translation of currency 7c shows an hour! I hope this has helped those of you who are still undecided at this level to the inlet of the projector.