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Samsung PN50C680 50-Inch Plasma 3D HDTV - Excellent Plasma TV

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Samsung PN50C680 50-Inch 1080p Plasma 3D HDTVThis review center around PN50C680 Samsung plasma TV that I bought as part of a special TV + 2 pairs of 3D glasses the promotion of the Amazon. After spending several weeks searching for a replacement for my Panasonic TH-50PZ800U plasma, I chose this Samsung. There were positive reviews, but very limited for this TV - It seems that most of the market these days are directed to the super-thin, LED-backlit 3D TV. Thanks to the generous return policy of Amazon sales of packages and special leave / I decided to take a chance on this model.

I received the TV without problems - Shipments and unpacking went beyond the box did not have the vision and the interior angles of polystyrene has not had impact damage. As previously mentioned, the Samsung PN50C680 is not a super-thin, single-pane models. It is about 2.5" thick, compared to 1.5" - I always consider how a TV subtle but at the end of the day, "thickness" is a personal preference.

The wiring was very easy, as links in the back of the TV had been clearly identified. HTPC owners happy to know that HDMI 1 is tagged to receive the signals of the video card and offers wide compatibility for those using DVI-HDMI dongle. The TV and the HD signal is automatically recognized by my Fios service and Blu-Ray with no problem. Fortunately, the TV was not a "buzzer", as some Samsungs are known to be.

Here is the discussion tends to be preferences. I think the first image area outside was not very good. It been too much contrast and bright as the most "picture enhancements" have been set up high-end o. Although these settings are ideal for store displays to counter the ceiling lights are far from ideal. for my home theater environment I brought my calibration WOW Disney Blu-Ray and performing the necessary image quality was again much better than the first out of a box -. Colors were very accurate, you can see the details in the shadows/objects, and the overall image was very realistic. The black levels are excellent (although it could not compete with the legendary Pioneer Kuro). This is an improvement on my previous Panasonic plasma 2 years.

The best thing you can do to maximize the performance, quality, and to some extent, the consumption of a television is through calibration. This can be done both professionally (usually leads to better performance, although very expensive) or a decent Blu-Ray Calibration (improves performance and is inexpensive ~ $20 - $30). I would say that the sound quality was very good - and the lack of bass, but sound is very clear, no static or hum. In addition, there are several options in the settings of the TV to adjust the sound to such an equalizer and function Virtual Surround.

The TV also offers a wide range of goodies such as 3D capability, USB ports for playing back movies, music, pictures and external storage, Ethernet port, and a compatible wireless adapter (not included). Conversion from 2D to 3D was pretty good but not exceptional - it is as if there was a suspect,It added depth when an image converted to 3D displays. You can change the degree of depth in the TV's settings, but the settings gave me a severe headache. However, the quality of the 3D really shines once you view 3D content from Blu-ray native 3D content, or cable. Shrek 3D - the disc just me - it was great because it was like being in a cinema. This is a feature that can not wait to native 3D content is once again released.

Even if your TV has an Ethernet port, not all Internet applications such as Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, etc. This is a great loss for me that my Blu-Ray has these features - just something to think about if you TV needs a more "connected". Last but not least, the TV must be "broken", as it suffers from image retention. I was breaking the TV for a week of playing DVD / TV programs downloaded and no longer holds the images. I would not recommend to play or watch shows with static content (HUD, channel icons, black bars, etc.) for a week or when you get on TV.

Overall Customer Rating 4.0/5

Samsung PN50C680 50-Inch 1080p Plasma 3D TV

Samsung PN50C680 Features

  • Mega Dynamic Contrast
  • E3-panel single filter design
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR Standards
  • Game Mode
  • Clear Image Panel