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Samsung UN40D6400 - Even better than my 2010 Samsung 50 "plasma!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I have 13 TVs 19" to 62". Four of them are Samsung (32" LCD, 32" LCD TV, 50" plasma, and this 40" LED), many others are Sony, Panasonic and Mitsubishi. Everyone was a big TV, but each is better than the last. Make sure you understand what television is the model 2011, not 2010. This is a UN40D6400UF, not a UN40C6400UF. It is so new that you can easily get help if you use the Samsung Finder. It should seek advice with the model number correctly, and only then, is a path to the support page.

I can only rate the TV the 2D image quality. I have no use for 3D television until you need glasses, even though both my PS3, TV, and a pair of Blu-ray 3D. As someone else noted, the box is small and is not a joke. I bought my kids a 40" TV Philips LED two weeks ago and the case was thin, but the box is 2" thinner. This TV weighs 22 pounds, while Philips is 30 pounds. The frame is incredibly thin and can watch TV as if it was all image.

The menu system is slightly better than my plasma, is well organized and intuitive. The installation was quick and no settings were all maxed out. The remote is fairly well defined, but not as nice as my plasma and the back-lighting is not as bright as it should be. The picture and sound are superb! Off-viewing angle (horizontal and vertical) is amazing. All my Samsung TV has touch controls on the front of the television - they look great but are difficult to use in most lighting situations. This TV has real buttons on the back of the TV, but you need to store the positions to be heard. (UPDATE) When you touch the buttons on the back of the TV, there are icons that appear on the front of the screen that displays all the buttons and the button is touched, noting that the button. Very cool!

I recommend this TV to all my friends and family! I'm so glad I spent the extra $100 to get the 6400 instead of 6000. OK, I caved in and bought a pair of 3D glasses Samsung and Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D. The glass coupled with the TV as if by magic. The 3D image is quite striking, with one of the problems described by another reviewer. I still do not like glasses, and I felt a little eye strain and worry for the film. You can actually still watch the movie without the glasses - not very good, but 100 times better than the old 3D movies red and blue. Glasses and a big head like mine, but always respond to my children (nice design).

I was also tired of the look of the soap 2D standard video, so I put the motion on the basis of comments Auto Plus Forum (Blur to 10, Judder to 3). The image is back to normal, and the rapid movement is not jerky. I recommend this change, or air crazy funny videos natural. It may seem silly, but this adjustment is day and night!

Unless I missed something, there should be a LAN port on this model. Just look at the specifications for the inputs, not the LAN port. But this 2011 model has a LAN port and it works perfectly. I connected an old D-Link DWL-G820 as a wireless access point (game adapter) and TV is now on the Internet. Still love this TV!