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VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch Full HD 3D Edge Lit Razor LED with Smart Dimming LCD HDTV 480 Hz SPS with VIZIO Internet Apps

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch Full HD 3D Edge Lit Razor LED with Smart Dimming LCD HDTV 480 Hz SPS with VIZIO Internet Apps
First of all let me say that I was watching TV in 3D to work intensively with computers all day and have a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of each piece of equipment. This TV is really for your money. The refresh rate is 480 Hz or less as a test of your future together and you can be sure any updates or HDMI to 3D technology will be able to be provided by the firmware for all. I love the game and if you are a player like me who wants a fantastic past without blurring the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC ... I sent the ring to TV and it came out like Tyson in his prime.

3D will be available through the voodoo that this series is 1080p @ 24Hz similar to the current bluray players. All other formats are supported (like the ones you get from cable or streamed or downloaded on YouTube and Netflix soon .... what are usually called SBS or side by side, this set also takes into above and below of which is simply another form of SBS uses all of these formats in games or programs and cable set-top-notch ride here while the resolution of the HD range because the technology is active.)

To sum it up this set is at the top of the 3D market for a few reasons.

1) Active technology running on 1080p@24hz as of now is the only tech that give you a full 1080p HD picture with no loss where passive interleves the picture cutting the resolution in half and this is a no go for most gamers.

2) Active SBS technology takes that same 1080p signal and splits the images into two angles then recombines them to give you still an HD signal but closer to 720p than 1080p but has become the standard for most cable providers, netflix, youtube ect. due to the bandwith it saves. If your set is SBS passive then i feel bad for you cause you have 2 forms of loss happening now the first splitting that 1080p signal into two images then the interleaving for 3D effect..... giving you close to a 540i signal.

3) LED TV!!!! And not only led but full array led. This means your blacks are darker and your colors are more defined crisp and sharp. There are litterally red green and blue leds in your set that can now illuminate to help the color portfolio of each pixel on your screen. Top of the line in LCD technology.

3)PC 3d gaming can be done either by nvidia's solution or ATI HD3D and iz3d drivers. Nividia's setup is a bit simpler but performance is lacking and usually you have to scale the graphics down for the framerate to pick up. I've recently updated my video card to the ati HD 5670 and could not be happier. First off you will want to get the iz3d driver and make sure you chose the full install of the release canidate. Purchase the AMD 3DHD license which is half off. Make sure your LCD is connected via HDMI and in the catalist control panel select the 1080p@24hz resolution and scale it to 0 overscan. Enable the iz3d driver and you will be well on your way. Any other refresh rate will work great on the tv under normal circumstances but it needs to be running at 24hz to use the amd HD3D features.

We got this TV recently and has exceeded our expectations. The packaging is perfect, the installation was a breeze and the picture is incredible. If you can think of anything then it would be a Windows Media Center (Extender) app, but you can always hope. In short, we are completely satisfied with this unit. We have no current interest in 3D so you do not try, but the capacity is another advantage for the future. The Wi-Fi setup was quick and easy with great reception.

VIZIO XVT3D424SV 42-Inch Full HD 3D Edge Lit

VIZIO XVT3D424SV Features
  • Full HD 3D immerses you in the action with high-definition 3D by VIZIO
  • Edge lit Razor LED backlighting with Smart Dimming (16 zones)
  • VIZIO Internet Apps with built-in dual-band 802.11n WiFi
  • 480 Hz SPS
  • 1 million to 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio

VIZIO XVT3D424SV Details
  • Brand Name: Vizio
  • Model: XVT3D424SV
  • Display Technology: LED-lit
  • Display Size: 42 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • HDTV Compatible: Y
  • Speakers Included: 2 speakers
  • Height: 25.8 inches
  • Width: 40.2 inches
  • Depth: 1.9 inches
  • Weight: 38.4 pounds
  • Resolution: 1080p

VIZIO XVT3D424SV Specification

Display Size (Diagonal): 42"
Resolution: 1080p (1080p, 1080i, 720P, 480P, 480i compatible)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 1,000,000 : 1
Refresh Rate: 480Hz
Brightness: 450 nits
Response Time: 4 ms
Channels/Speaker Output: 2 x 15W
Ethernet: 1 - 10/100 Mb/s
Wireless (WiFi): 802.11n Dual Band, 2.4GHz and 5GHz

HDMI with HDCP: 4 rear, 1 side
Component Video (YCrCB): 1 rear
Composite Video: 1 rear
VGA: 1 rear
RF Connector for Internal Tuner: 1 rear
Ethernet: 1 rear
USB 2.0: 3 side
Optical Digital Out (SPDIF): 1
Analog Audio Out: 1

With Stand: 41.45 lbs.
Without Stand: 38.36 lbs.

With Stand: 40.15"W x 27.91"H x 9.05"D
Without Stand: 40.15"W x 25.83"H x 1.90"D