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Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver)My search for a TV  for bedroom was long and tiring. After bringing home this 2011 Samsung 55" D8000, finally came to a satisfactory conclusion. We started with a Sony 55" HX909 (or something like that, their model numbers are meaningless beyond). TV worked for about 15 minutes and then failed. Sony has offered to send an off-peak, but we refused. When it works, Sony was a great image. Instead, I opted to have it again (Amazon makes it really easy).

Sony has already bought the 3D glasses and IR dongle, I tried another Sony 55" NX810. It had a beautiful design and most of the time worked. Unfortunately, there were two dark spots on the screen. In addition to the two dark spots, The NX810 is a good TV. We have noticed a strange little with local dimming causing the entire image to get much brighter and dimmer at a time when there was a scene that would have. The 3D was okay, but 3D graphics, where there was a lot of contrast between something in the foreground and bleed through a fair amount.

We called Sony for dark spots on a television, company services contact us for a fix under warranty. The company said that the panel had to be replaced, but replacement was delayed. After a week or two, we received a call from Sony offering to replace our TV because the party was late. A few weeks later, we received a call indicating that the new Sony TV was running late and would not be available for 2 months. We contacted Amazon and coordinated to have returned the TV.

The day HomeDirect has come for pick the NX810,  we went to our local BestBuy to check the TV in person. The new Samsung 2011 55" D8000 was our favorite. After all the problems we had with the last two televisions, we decided to buy a brick and mortar store so you can easily return to television when thay failed to be height of our expectations. we loaded the Samsung in the back of a corvette (TV box, like television, is relatively small) and went home. It was not as good as the Amazon service, but we were nervous about getting a bad third TV.

We unpacked the TV and it was great. When we bought the TV, we got a starter kit with glasses. Apparently no longer use the night vision goggles for 3D, which was transferred to the second type of Bluetooth in-store sales. The Samsung has destroyed the 3D in 3D on Sony. All the ghosts that we saw on the Sony was gone. Tangled 3D, Shrek 3D, and Grantourismo 3D looks very good.

I love this TV. just like when it is turned off. The picture quality is superb when lit. Finally, it works fine with my new Onkyo receiver. I needed a switch to go through the PS3 HDMI 1.4a for 3D. We did not find HDMI 1.4a switch, but the Onkyo receivers are not too expensive, so I had a TX-NR708 or something. The TV is always frustrating thing was to return to TV audio receiver. With HDMI 1.4a, there is a new audio channel. The same HDMI cable that carries both audio and video of my stereo receiver to the TV can be used to send the audio from TV to the receiver.

I failed to make it work at first that the audio is only supported on HDMI2 (arc labeled on the back of the TV). A review of the manual quickly clarified that. Since we never use the TV tuner (live TV these days? Come on, who watches TV without a DVR?), I do not think that this return channel audio, it would be useful, but all that television has the support for Hulu, Netflix and Pandora built in. With these applications, because the receiver to your TV automatically switch the audio to the TV. The TV itself is turned on and off the receiver when the receiver is turned on, the TV automatically turns off the TV speakers and the volume control on the remote control actually controls the volume of the receiver. I do not need to spend hours to figure out how to put everything, it just worked.

To be honest, the Sony also knew perfectly with the receiver, and this seems to be a new television standard adopted. In my mind, is a much bigger revolution in entertainment than 3D.

It nice that the remote has a problem with a QWERTY keyboard. The remote control uses Bluetooth instead of IR QWERTY side and should be combined. As noted in some of the other reviews, the pairing is difficult to operate. It should be kept inches from the TV remote control (only for mating, and you have to connect once) and probably the most difficult times. I finally found my remote in a strange state where I could not pair. Call tech support, the phone was not deep and I had to wait on hold. The technician told me the trick to hold the backspace and @ for a few seconds to reset the remote control. After that, the pair worked on the first try. It was disappointing to restore the magic was not included in the manual, but Samsung has more than offset by a live person to talk to me that does not need to wait for. Keep up the good work Samsung!

Samsung UN55D8000 Smart TV