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Sony TDG-BR100 Adult Size 3D Active Glasses

Thursday, June 30, 2011
We ordered the starter kit from Sony which has two pairs of 3D glasses, we have used for 3D viewing for a few weeks. My first impression was that they were heavy and tight on my head, I discovered later that the temples of images can be adjusted to best suit each user with ease. Now fit better and are very comfortable. My wife needs glasses to watch TV and 3D glasses these glasses over other very well.

I think the glasses must be activated by pressing a small switch on the right side, as one critic has pointed out the glasses after 5 minutes with no 3D signal from the transmitter. The soft case is a bit close, but the glasses can be treated with caution. As an amateur audio/video, I often found the edge of technology (sometimes known as the bleeding edge). The question is now how this technological advance, you will die on the vine or a flower into something very special. I can not answer that question right now, but I must admit I was encouraged by promotional disc sent to me by Sony, "3D World".

It was sent because I bought a Sony HD movies and has some very remarkable about it. The most exciting for me was a video of a football game, the depth of field was the best I've ever seen anywhere. There was action in the foreground and see clear images on the go, but then look at the people standing on the opposite side of the field and see clear images even in the distance. This was by far the most realistic use of 3D I have ever seen and that has all the real images, no animation.

The reason I say this is that it encourages me to think about what you can do in engineering and manufacturing experience develops and improves. These are the new technologies and often I have seen progress in terms of quality and experience improves the results. I saw a couple of other films in 3D, but not far from the quality shown in this promotional disc!

For the industry as a whole can begin to integrate the improvements made on this record, plays in the world of 3D for the home will be a very exciting place. Having purchased a 3D TV and all necessary accessories, I really hope this happens! Meanwhile, prices are likely to decline if the technology takes off, if you're willing to take the risk, the 3D experience right now is fun and full of hope.

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