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Toshiba 55WX800U 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz Cinema Series 3D LED TV Review

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toshiba 55WX800U 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz Cinema Series 3D LED TV, BlackThis was my first TV after I purchase a TV 57" Hitachi rear projection, So far so good. The picture quality is excellent when you send HD material. I have Dish Network and HD channels are perfect, the other channels are ok after seeing HD. The TV is capable of Great PQ. Wifi is impeccably fresh stream Netflix. Be sure to turn off the 240 Hz, unless your sport to watch or be unhappy with the effect of soap! But it seems that the football game with the top. The speakers are terrible (just like most thin LED) plans for multiple audio devices. TV is superb! a lot of thought when the screen is not lit, (like a mirror), but not too annoying when you play bad. No 3D look anything yet so I can not comment on that. All in all I am happy so far!

Ok, so after almost a month to try to get this TV has finally arrived today! The first shipment arrived on TV is broken, the second shipment, occurred when I said I would not have been there. So I returned the entire shipment, and it took more than five days later. Well, when they went to deliver the TV again I could not get hold of their program, when I called about 15 times in two days and nothing, then finally get their hands on them and tell me I have lost out for the day, I'll have to wait a week.

I was so angry that you can imagine. So I called Amazon and complained of the transport service terrible, have called the shipping company and told them they had to hand over the TV. So I finally managed to confirm that the TV was set to arrive Wednesday. Well, I waited and waited ... without TV. So I called Amazon again, while on the phone, the shipping company called me to say that the weather was too bad to be provided and that would be delivered the next day. Well, it happened, but two TV arrived, I asked to come back and refused to surrender and the new. Well, good thing because the box has come for the second TV had a 2ft hole in the side of the box. I'm pretty sure that the TV was still shocked. But luckily, my TV is in perfect condition:) Amazon has announced it will pay my account in about a week.

Now, installation is a breeze, set the TV on the couch, put 9 screws and my gf and me to stand. 2hdmi channel decoder connected my PS3. Created for the parameters of my TV and it works perfectly. Configure wireless works. Pandora is not configured for any reason. But I think it's necessary to update the next day or something. Netflix works.

Sound is not bad at all, no surround sound, but his strong point, not static. no problem. everything I expected. Photo: An Overview. Born and without streaks. T3 in search now on FX and without problems. It is a light appearance, but not bad. Just what I expected. T3 is quite dark in the 1 st half of the film so that it is because there is a glimmer of daylight. I have 11 windows where my TV and vaulted ceilings. I have not seen other people talk about the bleeding, but again, not its dark in my house and, honestly, I think people are too critical.

Quality: The stand is very robust, if you put it right. And television is the most beautiful TV I have ever seen. Much better than Samsung. He has 9 seconds per turn. Very little late to change the channel. Even non-HD channels look good, 480ip. They are just squares instead of the rectangle as the TV. I have not used a lot, but so far I have no complaints. After a week or two I will update again after I try to use multiple parameters. I will mention, I programmed the decoder, DVD/VCR no problem. Can I use the remote all:) For $ 1580, you can not beat the price / quality ratio. No regrets. I also bought the square of the commercial guarantee for each event. You never know ... recommended to anyone thinking of buying it!

Toshiba 55WX800U Cinema Series 3D LED TV