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Panasonic TC-P50GT30 This 3DTV good fit for any house

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I have had this TV for about two weeks, and I feel I had enough time to acclimate it. Let me start by saying that I am a happy owner of a 42" LCD Vizio. The picture quality is pretty good for the price I paid, and the size was large enough for the space I used until recently, I had problems with it, but a couple of months, I had to send for repair the inverter board. This has left me without TV for a month. During this period, I started looking for a new television. The most important feature for me was the quality images. From what I saw in person and I was told, plasma TVs have better image quality. I also have a 3D TV, as I like when it's done well in theaters. These two aspects, the quality of images 2D and 3D has led me to Panasonic. I feel that 'I made the right decision by choosing the 50" GT30.

I will begin by reviewing the appearance of television. Many people are under the impression that only the LCD panel has an LED. Law thin and light as I opened the box, I saw that it was simply not true. This TV is about half of my Vizio thinner and weighs just a little more, a fact the difference in size. The structure and packing are both beautiful. The glossy finish is similar to many other brands of TV and remember the iPhone 4. On the back there is a plethora of inputs including a pair of USB, four HDMI inputs, as well as others that are standard on most TVs. The plot is very well done, in my opinion. Included in package are cable connections that connect the rear, allowing for easier access, if necessary. This package also includes a hub, which, though beautiful, is something you probably do not need too much. However, I see that it is useful to allow easy access to some of the cables. Overall, this is one of the best plasma available without paying top prices absolute.

The main reason I chose this TV over any other was for its outstanding image quality. The reviews I had seen not lied when they said this panel is the top of the line. The black levels are deep, more than any LCD I've seen. The colors are brilliant and accurate. I played video games, watch cable programs standard definition movies, streaming Netflix and Blu-ray seen in the last two weeks. The details are clearer and more beautiful than I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. The contrast of films like The Dark Knight and The Matrix were a completely different experience than my old TV. Games had a very good response time and seemed to choke on the best facilities available in the second compared to my Vizio.

Another aspect of this TV that brought me to it 's acquisition was the 3D option. Many people are put off by 3D. I think this is caused by two things. Number one: the lack of quality films in 3D. Number two: the excess film in 3D with poorly executed. So far I've seen Avatar and Tron: Legacy 3D. I experienced very little crosstalk and blur and loss of resolution, if any, is small with this TV. Personally, I can not tell the difference. The depth of field while watching these films is just as good if not better than when I saw in the theater. I have not had a chance to display any animated film in 3D, but after I update when I get the chance. The settings I use when watching TV was pre-loaded in THX mode. From what I can see, the THX mode is the best option, even better than all the calibration parameters that I have experienced.

Now I see my transaction with Amazon. There are a few reasons why I decided to buy on Amazon. More importantly, I use this site for many different things. Their customer service is second to none, and past experience, I'm much more comfortable to buy here than any other online retailer. Another decisive factor for my purchase was funding opportunities available. I usually offer 24 months interest free financing available, an application for a store card from Amazon. I had approval within a few seconds, and immediately bought the TV. So far I have not had any problems with the board. I was very impressed with the two-week money back guarantee of the Amazon. Because of lower prices, I contacted Amazon and received $100 (credited to the card shop, of course). The white glove delivery was very professionally done. The driver has the series in my house and allowed me to feel a bit and make sure everything was fine before you sign it. The delivery of 5 stars.

Overall I am very happy, not only television, but with Amazon service. Buy a new TV is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It 's investment that will be with you for years to come. Judging by the quality of this TV, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy this investment for many years. The Panasonic GT30 deserves all the praise it has received. It is capable of more than television, movies and games. It can be part of what each of us thinks that "at home".