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Panasonic VIERA TC-P50GT30 Stunning image HD

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The image quality of this 3D TV is crazy good. The colors are bright and vivid without being over saturated and realistic. The blacks are black and shadow detail is very good. One of the reasons I bought the GT30 in the ST30 is the THX mode, which gives really good pictures of spare parts without calibration. If you change the image, however, there are two modes of professional in the image controls that allow very deep.

1080p source material with high bit rate (like Vudu HDX or BluRay) is incredibly strong and beautiful, while not looking strong at the point of unreality, like watching an LCD. 720p sources look very good if a little more. 480i/p sources look good. I spent a few minutes to watch SD and the experiment was unexpectedly. Movement on the GT30 looks very smooth and realistic without displaying the devastating effect soap operas that seem to suffer 120/240Hz LCD.

I tried to use the software Panasonic Viera Cast on TV and I found these to be very late. It was not very sensitive and I found that the project is the ugly side. Vizio and Samsung have a much more polished platform multimedia integrated into their TVs. And Panasonic can improve performance with the firmware in the future bets. If I were planning on using Viera Cast remember my low score, but I have a Media Center PC and PS3 to replace all the functionality Viera Cast.

3D performance is very good. So far I've seen Tron 3D on blu-ray, PS3 and some games in 3D, the 3D image is very engaging and THX color accuracy is very good in 3D. I have had bad experiences with a friend of crosstalk 3D LCD Samsung C7000 and can become very tedious and annoying. Fortunately I had everything on the GT30 in the display light or dark environments.

I've heard some early reports of the GT30 exhibiting floating blacks when viewing material that changes from a darker to a lighter scene suddenly. I haven't experienced any of this. I watched Black Swan on bluray to test this and black levels remained dark and consistent throughout with no slight jumps in brightness.

I am also very impressed with the design of the GT30. It great that my appearance and superb Droid mounted on my wall. Panasonic has always been behind the likes of Sony and Samsung to design their TV, but actually strengthened their game with the GT30. Having a TV that does not seem surprising when it is off like he does when he is on the most unexpected.

Overall the GT30 is an incredible TV that makes no compromises when it comes to picture quality. If you want to spend more money, the VT30 it will probably improve upon the GT30 in some way when it's released but I'm having a hard time coming up with things they could improve outside of their Viera Cast platform.