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VIZIO 32 Inch 3D LCD HDTVBest Deal for the Price!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If you are looking for a 3D HDTV connected to the Internet, this is to buy. This HDTV is probably the best overall value out there right now. The picture is great and the sound is adequate. The term reasonable, I mean the sound is good enough when it comes to a TV for your room. So this is a 3D HDTV for family entertainment, we recommend buying external speakers only to improve the overall quality of sound.

The connection to the Internet available applications is really nice. If you are a Netflix or Hulu+, it will be extremely convenient. There are many applications, including updates to sport, 3D is a nice touch to your HDTV. I tried a few things in 3D, and I can say it's really solid 3D experience from this HDTV. However, you can not sit anywhere. The manual is a system of "optimal 3D visualization." Some side angles you do not get the 3D view.

Lightweight polarized glasses much lighter and more affordable than the active shutter 3D glasses

The only major problem I had with this HDTV, if you use a PS3 for gaming. Ghosting (motion blur) can be a problem, how awkward and pixelation when viewing 1080p lag. Vizio support was more than helpful with this. They recommended that the output settings on my PS3, the change has come to solve the problem for most.

After the playing with many combinations of settings that I found the PS3 setting, so it works best settings in the game in 2D. These parameters are based on MLB 11: The Show, because this game had the worst problems of ghosts in my games. Other games, no need for these parameters. TV settings below are absolutely necessary to have. This eliminates the delays that may occur.

PS3 Settings:
--Go to 'Video Settings' and set '1080p 24HzOutput (HDMI)' to OFF.
--Go to 'Display Settings' and change 'Video Output Settings' to 720p. To change this setting you have to choose 'Manual' when it prompts you to choose.
--The only other setting (which I'm not positive I actually changed or if this setting was default) was in 'Game Settings'. I have 'PS Smoothing' set to OFF.

TV Settings:
--TV Settings: Hit 'Menu' on your TV Remote and go to 'Settings'. Make sure the 'Input Source' is set to whatever input your PS3 is using. Go to 'Game Mode' and choose 'ON'. This eliminates all lag while gaming which was a huge problem initially.

Stream movies and TV shows, listen to music and get the latest news, sports and weather with VIZIO Internet Apps.

Overall I recommend this HDTV for those looking for the latest TV technology available, then they can afford.