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LG Infinia 55LW5600 Excellent passive 3D HDTV Set

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

THERE ARE OTHERS 3D LIKE OUR 3D. Just ask our contest. 4 of 5 people choose LG 3D cinema on the main competitors for the whole 3D experience. LG 3D Cinema is the popular choice for the best experience of 3D television. Preferred brightness, color, contrast and movement, which is next to Full HD 1080p, both 2D and 3D, it's no wonder consumers use the 3D LG on top. Discover for yourself why LG is the first choice.

Our 3D glasses are just like those you to the movies, so there is no need for batteries and no need to recharge. Also, because LG Cinema 3D glasses are so cheap, you can for your family and friends at a fraction of the cost of other 3D technologies, so that no one should miss the 3D experience to equip.

3D is not just for the new version more. LG 2D to 3D conversion function can be performed while the classic movies, sports on TV in your favorite larger than life in 3D. And the old and new content.

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Excellent passive 3D set

The passive 3-D works pretty well, but you want to be at eye level with the. (No installation of the fireplace here) There is almost no mind at all, even content that contains the crosstalk on my 3-D plasma. The resolution is low (I can only say), but not so bad, and as long as you sit far enough in the series, you will not see scan lines. The 3-D Blu-ray is bright and of course the polarized 3D glasses are lightweight and easy to replace. 3-D channels, DirecTV little soft on this lot, but still acceptable.

Is it as good as my active 3-D set? Not really, how the asset has a higher image quality, but the construction goes through the plasma passive with respect to the absence of ghosting / crosstalk will. I think most casual 3-D Viewers would be very happy. 2-D and 3-D conversion is probably the best I've seen, though rarely use this feature.

I would not say that active obsolete (at least 3-D content affects both types of sentences, how to choose between LCD, plasma or DLP, you can actively or passively), but if they get a higher resolution (1080p in two eyes) I expect that the market will go to the liabilities. 2-D image is excellent, and the various applications and features of the Internet are well executed