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ViewSonic PJD6531w WXGA Wide DLP Full HD 3D Projector Reviews

Thursday, August 11, 2011

ViewSonic PJD6531w WXGA Wide DLP Projector -120Hz/3D Ready, 3000 Lumens, 3200:1 DCR, HDMI
ViewSonic PJD6531w WXGA Wide DLP Projector -120Hz/3D Ready, 3000 Lumens, 3200:1 DCR, HDMI
Brand : ViewSonic Model : PJD6531W

Overall Rating 4.0/5:

  • Bright in virtually any setting with 3,200 lumens - With 3200:1 dynamic contrast ratio, it's the bright choice for mobile presenters
  • The sophisticated 5-segment color (RGBWY) wheel provides greater color accuracy than standard DLP projectors with a 4-segment color wheel
  • Closed captioning - Integrated closed captioning decoder for the hearing impaired.
  • Use the Eco mode to achieve lower power consumption, reduce overall noise and extend lamp life
  • Network control through RJ-45 - Schedule, manage and monitor the projector remotely and receive e-mail alerts of projector lamp status


The PJD6531w is an advanced 3D-ready DLP BrilliantColor technology produces vivid colors, while the high brightness and contrast ratio to bring the spotlight to shine in virtually any lighting condition contains. The range of features PJD6531w 3000 lumens and a resolution of 1280 x 800 WXGA native. This projector is designed for desktop use and can be mounted on the ceiling of the classrooms and conferences. The lamp load and without filter design allows easy maintenance and low total cost of ownership. RJ-45 port allows remote control of the network, while providing extensive input options and 10W speakers, and excellent multimedia performance and effective presentations or speeches to.  [...]

ViewSonic PJD6531w Reviews

The price is very competitive, many projectors on the market for years. I was shopping a projector for months and constantly dissatisfied with the price vs. features, until I saw this model and can be preordered now. The fan noise is present, but very reasonable when you watch a movie that you quickly forget it's there. Eco-feature is a small step less bright than total, so I use most of the time of fullness and provides a bright lamp life and noise is less.

The 3000 lumens is amazing, with a projection on the wall of my almost 8 to 10 meters in diameter. HDMI input, so you do not have to worry about the quality problems of both analog VGA cable. Surfing the Internet is quick and easy to read across the room, and movies are fine too. Many features in the menu system, including digital keystone correction, color settings, detailed captions, customizable splash screen start-up and much more. And the default settings are good, right out the box.

The PJD6531w projector is great that creates a beautiful image, especially with the Blu-ray. The functions as a 3D feature is only compatible with certain computer graphics non-3D with any device that has made these days and Sony Playstation 3, or any other 3D-ready projector, if you Please, Use a different type of 3D projector system that the entertainment industry is heading. But all is not for those of us who projectors in size and price will be lost. Viewsonic has a product (Viewsonic 3D HD Video Processor (VP3D1)), the 3D media that comes from devices like the PS3 into a usable signal, such as projectors PJD6531w can converts. Even with the extra cost that makes it even cheaper projectors direction for a larger image.

There are several options for connecting to the projector. The first and best is via the HDMI port. This has created a fantastic image of 720p and automatically displays the device sending the resolution should be sufficient. It is one, but two VGA ports, an RCA video port and S-video. There is a 3.5mm audio port for sending sound through headphones or external speakers. There are also two audio ports for 3.5 mm audio connection to accompany the various video inputs. The only complaint is that I wish it were red and white RCA audio cables, because I run my sound through the projector on and off a number of speakers. I had to buy an adapter from Radio Shack to connect my Wii red and white RCA cables to the 3.5mm jack on the projector.

This projector has been an absolute fun to use. I hope life 4000-5000 lamp is precisely because they are going to use absolutely every day, until the lamp goes out. I do not really need to fight for this projector in this price category.