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Sony BRAVIA KDL46HX800 46-Inch 3D-Ready LED Full HD TV Reviews

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sony BRAVIA KDL46HX800 46-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D-Ready LED HDTV, Black
Sony BRAVIA KDL46HX800 46-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D-Ready LED HDTV
Brand : Sony Model : KDL46HX800

Overall Rating 4.5/5:

  • 46-inch Dynamic Edge LED-backlit HDTV with Full HD 1080p resolution; ready for you to enjoy 3D movies, sports and videogames with optional accessories
  • Motionflow 240Hz technology for smoothest motion in fast action sports and games; BRAVIA Engine 3 fully digital video processor
  • Wi-Fi ready (with optional dongle); access to BRAVIA Internet video; USB port for photos, music and video playback
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 2 component, 2 composite, 1 PC, 1 USB, 1 Ethernet, 1 optical digital audio output
  • Includes removable stand; measures 42.75 x 27.1 x 10.25 inches with stand


Superior image quality with experience of the Sony HX800 series BRAVIA LED HDTV with 3D. Enjoy  of the dynamic LED back-light, contrast to the edge and the most brilliant, sharp images and fluid motion and crisp longer connect to the Internet and transmit a variety of online entertainment. Add Sony synchro transmitter and watch 3D movies, sports and video games in 1080p Full HD content or to convert from 2D to 3D at a touch of a button on the remote.  [...]

Sony BRAVIA KDL46HX800 Reviews 

First, the installation was easy, with menus and easy to follow. It took less than 5 minutes, including Internet connectivity. If you have a Netflix account, the installation is super easy. Follow the instructions on the screen shot, their own set of Netflix and within seconds you ready for streaming. Qeue will begin their fast on the screen and flows. Impressive list of other video sites on the Internet. Not to mention the streaming music and images from popular photo sharing sites. We must say that the wired router is connected to one in our living room so we can not take on the wireless configuration to reposition.

We went in search of a 2D TV, thinks a 3D TV is out of range. Fortunately, through the sale to start, and I planned for only a few hundred more than what we had for a 2D TV. This TV is good in 2D and 3D, so we thought it was almost free, and why we do not like it, nothing lost.

The television is very attractive, elegant and modern. This is not the new look "monolithic" at the upper end of Sony, but it has a small cover and does not seem to overcome, if this kind of thng is a problem for you. It comes with a decent support, and all the connections you need. Some of these ports are located on the back, so be aware if you plan to mount it on the wall.

In 2D, the TV is really impressive. SD images are very good, but the HD picture is pretty spectacular. Bright, fresh colors are beautiful! If you videophiles might mess with the settings. I recommended some calibration parameters videophiles, and it looks good.

We find very compelling 3D. Unlike some other brands I tried, I did not recognize the interference images or ghosts. I can not wait to see the development of perverted satisfaction with this type of TV to the back of the head. The HX800 has a mode conversion from 2D to 3D that works better than I expected, but I'll be honest and say that it is mostly a gimmick to play with more original content in 3D. The glasses work well to block ambient light, even if I make a little room, like me, with big heads.

You do not buy 3D glasses and a transmitter, I feel like Sony has integrated them. That's my only complaint. I tried to see the 3D features in the store at a football game ESPN. While the 3D was fun and much better than I remember, now with so little content there, I thought wait.

The sound is acceptable for the TV speakers, but the some people use this TV with an external audio system, so no big problem. These speakers are definitely OK for a short-term use, or in a small room where a home theater set-up is not practical. I ended up with Sony CT150 Sound Bar system and are very happy with this.