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Sharp LC52LE835U 52-inch Full HD 3D LED-LCD TV Reviews

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sharp LC52LE835U Quattron 52-inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED-LCD HDTV, Black
Sharp LC52LE835U Quattron 52-inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED-LCD HDTV, Black
Brand : Sharp Model : LC52LE835U

Overall Rating :

  • 52-Inch class 3D HDTV display with full HD 1080p resolution
  • LED LCD TV, 240Hz Aquomotion
  • Sharp X-Gen panel for added brilliance with minimal light leakage
  • 240Hz Aquomotion
  • Built in Wireless with Netflix, Vudu, Cinema Now and more
  • 3D TV ready
  • 3D ready LED LCD TV
  • X-Gen LCD panel with Ultra brilliant LED


3D LED LCD TV ready, the Quattron Quad Pixel unique 4-color LCD built-in wireless X-GEN, Net Flix, Vudu, Cinema Now & AQUOS Advantage Live, Auqomotion 240, USB Media Video Player, music and photos.  [...]

Sharp LC52LE835U Reviews

After tons of research and looking at different sets of multiple stores to take best 3D TV. This is a great looking TV, the bezel is impressive and looks good. Television is the light weight and thin. Image was OK and with a little tweaking, it is absolutely incredible. watched a couple of basketball games and thrones and was blown away.

This set has a good view and 52 inches is perfect! The TV is bright and it seems incredible that famous "flash-light" or "fog" so far. Very accurate colors and applications, for example. Netflix, they are great. The TV comes with integrated WiFi, it does not need wifi usb! The blacks are dark at an angle of LED and display viewing are very wide. This TV is hooked up to standard cable box (HDMI), DVD player (HDMI), Wii (component) 

After updating the firmware via the internet cable faster, I tried all the online services and everything worked as advertised. I like the DLNA, which works fine with Windows Media Player and connects to my library on my PC. I was able to watch movies, listen to music or view photos. the sound is not bad for a TV, but of course you must connect to a surround system for better sound. I have not tested in 3D. will be updated as soon as I have a second test.

In Sharps words "AquoMotion 240 Technology improves fast moving images by combining Sharp's 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced Technology with 120-backlight scanning. Fine Motion Advanced processing creates and inserts 60 unique frames a second, which smoothes out edges that occur between frames in the original footage. The backlight scanning works with the panel refresh rate to further reduce perceived motion blur and improve overall clarity and picture quality."

Summary: A clear and vibrant pictures seems that you are in the image. The colors are excellent and blacks are "blacks". I highly recommend this 3D TV.