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Knowing before get 3D at home

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Many persons seem want to 3D. There is a trend that culminated more than once in pop culture, but this time are for 3D to find the strength in American cinema and apartments. If you have any doubt that the hot 3D're, you should consider the fact that over 100 movies were in 3D in theaters and on the animated children's big budget, sci- fiction offers DVD released in 2009 and 2010. And weigh the fact that almost every major TV manufacturer has at least one 3D with the market.

In fact, manufacturers are betting that Americans will adopt 3D viewing experience at home, as they flat screens, high definition and Internet access. A 3D TV, high-tech investment in your family opts for the year 2011, but before you buy, here are some things you should know and consider.

As with any new technology, 3D television appeared on the market at prices higher than what you pay for a comparable quality 2D high definition. While you could easily find large flat screens sold for $700 or less in 2010, mainly in 3D units for up to $1,000. Prices are falling, but industry observers predict, and which falls this year, unless the technology improves and producers try to stimulate consumer interest.

Many manufacturers have announced price reductions on their 3D in 2011. 3D TV prices will definitely go this year our production costs are low, with improved technology - said Skott Ahn, chief technology officer of LG, which also predicted that 3D technology in public a few years will become. What this means to you, the consumer is that this year you can probably find a high quality 3D TV for about what you expect to pay for a good 2D.

3D Glasses
Current technology 3D TV requires viewers to wear a pair of 3D glasses to enjoy it. Most TVs in active 3D use in 3D glasses, which contain a source of strength in the eye. Expect to pay about $100 to $200 for each pair of active 3D glasses. Some TV manufacturers in 3- beginning to offer a passive 3D technology. Passive 3D glasses do not need a power source for providing content in 3D display, so they are easier and less expensive.

If you have ever tried a big game or watching a movie on a 2D LED or LCD TV with a large group of people, you probably have the problem of narrow viewing angles experienced options. Set due to the technology used to display the image on the TV screen LCD and LED do not always provide a good picture from any angle. The question is even more important for 3D TVs. This is because, except in 3D TVs to the same viewing angle problems of some 2D screens, but with the added difficulty, the 3D glasses can also block the light from the screen, reducing the brightness and contrast. If you can see the windows of an angle that all these factors can lead to a very disappointing 3D experience.

Fortunately, mounting a full-motion wall mount, which can solve the problems of viewing angle for 2-D flat screen is a good option for the 3-D television, as well.