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Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST30 50-Inch Full HD 3D Plasma HDTV Reviews

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST30 50-Inch 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV
Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST30 50-Inch 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV
Brand : Panasonic Model : TC-P50ST30

Overall Rating :

  • Full HD 3D
  • Infinite Black 2 Panel
  • VIERA Connect Wi-Fi Ready
  • VIERA Image Viewer H.264 with 3D Playback


Enter the world of 3D. ST30 Series VIERA Plasma Full HD 3D to create all the new experiences of vision that puts you inside the action and the creation of a new world of watching reality television.  [...]

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50ST30 Reviews 

When I finally completed the critical reading of television in 1000s, I decided to Viera line. Due to price constraints, initially bought a P50S30. When it come to my home, I loved the TV home theater, but I figured that now was the only piece of equipment I own that has no 3D support After the comparison even more specific, I went back and bought the TV. P50ST30 best decision of my life (recently).

For the image of life as an image does justice, as it implies the word could discern the image generated from real life. After tuning the picture (James Cameron's Avatar recommended settings), the video looks absolutely amazing. 480 series seems a bit fuzzy, but it happens on any large TV. 720p looks great, even better 1080p. I want to go again and again over the image, but the specification of the televised speech of themselves. I did not notice green spots that some reports or other oddities.

Plasmas have much more glare than an LED, but this TV is doing well in bright sunlight. Even when viewing conditions are less than ideal I can still see clearly through the light. Same S-series, clean and easy to use. There are some shift, but not a big problem , once you put everything you can quickly change the characteristics. A nice feature is the ability to insert the name and custom channels. Pro picture settings, parental lock, CC, and some nice features anti-image full image retention well.

Wireless adapter is included in the package only $100, so if you plan to buy one, but this TV even more sense to you. The adapter works well, and it connects to 100% with my home network. If you want to receive television over the network, you will find menus VieraCast from a small delay because the TV menu. The implementation of DLNA support is very little, and while there are a variety of treatments are available, I have more success. Netflix has a problem rebuffering I think my first film, and sound a little lax (occasional). I experienced none of these problems with the same benefits through the PS3 + HDMI connection.

3D impressive. Not be very careful when I decided to 3D, but now that I have, nothing else. Get the picture settings on the right is a must! I have seen many 3D movies in theaters to watch on TV - the quality is exactly the same. If the 3D is more fun than television (ignoring of being at home in your pajamas), by 50 "sized characters often look for size in a meeting in late night I almost had to verify the presence of intruders. A person walking in "front", film screen and I thought someone was in the room. So far everything I've seen the movie in 3D is great.

For game, I have a Slim PS3 connected via HDMI, and while I've never been a big fan of the console, this TV will help change my mind. Graphics look good and play smoothly. As for 3D games, WOW. Doing research, though, like any new technology to pump the contents of the course has led to some much lower than the average product. I played well, however, are surprising. Killzone, Crysis2, etc. are just amazing in 3D. All the deep places of the gun of a rocket that goes the distance and fly over your head to make the game a surreal experience. As lifelong fans of FPS play a game like this in 3D so it makes sense. Several other games like GT5 look great and also work well in 3D.