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Samsung SSG-2200AR Re-chargeable Adult 3-D Glasses - Amazing Quality

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Samsung SSG-2200AR Re-chargeable Adult 3-D Glasses  - Black (Compatible with 2010 3D TVs)The Samsung SSG-2200AR Active Shutter Glasses are an extremely well product. They function exactly as described, are very comfortable. I purchased the Samsung SSG-2100AB Battery 3D Glasses before these and those hurt the sides of my head after wearing them for very long. The 2200AR's don't have this problem. I also find these glasses are very stylish compared to the 2100AB's and these also have a full frame around the lenses, where the 2100s don't fully encircle the bottom of the lenses.

I also think that the lenses are larger giving a better 3D effect sensory perception due to a wider field of view. Usually I wear glasses full time, and when you put those 3D glasses over my regular glasses fit well. I have a big enough part for my normal glasses, so there is nothing. I wear glasses with a Samsung UN46C8000 and work perfectly. Once you enable 3D on TV, simply press the small power and synchronization, and start working in less than a second. Remain fully illuminated until you press the power button for several seconds, the TV turns off 3D mode, or turn off the TV.

The packages include the same glasses, a micro-USB to USB 2.0 charging cable for your computer (or can be connected to the TV via the USB port on the back), very soft, like a cloth and microfiber cloth protective case. The battery lasts about 2 hours to fully charge and a charge will last about 30 hours. I feel these sunglasses are a good buy, with the comfort, style and ability to never have to buy special batteries as small as you have to do with the SSG-2200ABs .. little extra cash value for the update.