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NXG Technology NX-3DG Infrared Active Shutter 3D Glasses - Awesome 3D glasses at a great price!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

NXG Technology NX-3DG Infrared Active Shutter 3D GlassesWe just purchased a Samsung plasma PN58C8000. And Shrek 3D came with the bundle - Samsung 3D glasses. We needed more glasses for 3D is more fun with the whole family! I bought 4-NXG 3DG glasses and do not regret a second. The videos and pictures to analyze the quality and quantity of life, without providing details have been removed, and the verification of all the differences well, I can say that these glasses do a great job of glasses comes with Samsung package.

Samsung has made glasses lens optical quality NXG-3DG do not. A detail very, very small (like the "noise" in the plots) is lost when using glasses NXG-3DG. Should I buy more if I needed glasses above Samsung? Yes! However, if they are the same price I would buy glasses from Samsung.

Also, they suffer the same intermittent losing sync (flashing) as the Samsung glasses. It is not constant enough to be annoying, but there are DIY fixes such as the tape method if you Google the issue; if it happens to annoy you. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the coolness factor as both styles glasses have made me burst into uncontrollable laughter when trying to have a conversation with someone wearing them; seriously don't go out in public with these or the Samsung glasses unless it's Halloween and you have a pocket protector.

My vision impaired, spectacle wearing dad prefers these over the Samsung glasses as they fit nicely over his actual glasses. Apparently they are more comfortable. My very petite girlfriend likes the Samsung glasses better as they don't slide down her nose as often as the Nxg-3d glasses (realistically I am getting her the Samsung children glasses as those should fit her better anyways, but if Nxg made kids glasses I would buy those as they would be close to 3 times cheaper!).

Bottom line: 3D is very fun to watch! And less money = awesome. As a side note, I tend to wear those glasses more often than Samsung as I usually do not put things where they go and NXG-3DG glasses are at hand as I was heavily on their peer review is not when I had ordered.

They also have an auto shut off feature and the ear pieces are flexible which gives me a greater sense of ruggedness than the Samsung glasses (that I tend to "serve" to people with a sense of great care on a protective platter with a list of instructions and a laynard so they don't drop and break...), so kids and guests have at, the Nxg-3Dg glasses make my 2000 dollar tv purchase easily stay within a less jaw dropping price than what I originally thought it was going to cost just to watch 3d!!!

Overall Rating from Customer is 4.0/5

NXG Technology NX-3DG Features

  • *Important Note*: The following 2011 Samsung 3D TV Models use bluetooth instead of Infrared connection and therefore are not compatible with these glasses: 2011 LED D6400 Series and up, 2011 Plasma D490 Series, 2011 Plasma D550 Series and up. These NXG glasses are only compatible with infrared technology. If you are unsure please check your owners manual to determine if your TV utilizes infrared or bluetooth technology to deliver the 3D experience.
  • Unique design of power saving circuit layout and low power saving chips enable the glasses to be lightweight and flexible
  • Glasses may run up to 70 hours of continuous use and 1-year standby before a battery change
  • Extended IR receiving window is constructed with a high filter capacity to reduce environmental interference to improve all-around receiving without a black hole effect
  • Intelligent auto ON/OFF function extends battery life by awakening automatically when receiving an IR signal and going into power saving mode 5 minutes after IR signal is cut off
  • Glasses are designed to work for 3 hours after low power is detected to enable user to finish a movie. (Works on Samsung 3D TVs).