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Samsung PN50C490 50-Inch 720p Plasma 3D HDTV - Best value for the 3D TV

Monday, July 11, 2011
First of all, seeing is believing. My wife and I go to Sears and hhgregg several times to compare the plasma vs. LCD/LED vs. 1080p and 720p. We find that plasma is better than LCD/LED in terms of color and other characteristics of image quality. The lowest brightness of plasma is not a problem because there is not much light in our TV room. (In fact, Samsung Plasma PN50C490 mode "dynamic" to view the image brighter, less bright, but also how to use the image "Movie" so that it is less stressful on the eyes during the night.).

The two can not distinguish between good 720p and 1080p plasma TV, even when one looks more closely, as suggested for 3D visualization (eg, about 7 meters and 50 centimeters). In addition, because of the color of the upper plasma contrast, saturation, accuracy and frequency, both I and my wife feel better viewing experience in a plasma 720p at 1080p (yes) LCD/LED when comparing this side by the secondary display. Thus, in deciding not to spend another $400 + just to get 1080p or LCD/LED. Those who are still confused, please read the TV guide to buy CNET. According to the Imaging Science Foundation, a group that consults for home-theater manufacturers and trains professional video calibrators, the most important aspect of picture quality is contrast ratio, color saturation is the second most important and third is color accuracy. resolution is in fourth place, despite being the most frequently cited HDTV in particular. Thus, the resolution is the hallmark that can compromise to save money.

Secondly, we believe energy efficiency. For power specifications available online, calculate how much energy you could save if you buy LCD/LED, rather than the plasma. We find the purchase price to be paid for LCD/LED is much higher than the cost that save energy, even for 10 years! (If you consider inflation of 10 years, today the extra money you pay for LCD / LED, the difference is even greater.) 3D technology as it evolves, I'm sure Future 3D TV 3D TV would be much better than the current and probably not are not even watch TV for many years (even if I buy the best 3D TV is already available).

So I'm saving to buy a plasma, as well as to obtain images of outstanding quality. At this point, 3D LED TV is mature and less expensive. Remember, being announced on TV LED market are not real flat screen, flat screen LCD with LED back-lighting/edge-lighting/local-dimming. Plasma is already matured, we think. For example, the problem of burn-in is much smaller than plasma TVs of this year. In addition, Samsung PN50C490 feature pixels burns turn, we have always solved.

Third, even if PN50C490 does not have connectivity to the Internet, quickly becomes a non-issue, since buying a Blu-ray 3D display 3D content. Most of the players in 3D (in fact, every Samsung Blu-ray players in 3-D) are equipped with an Internet connection? So we do not go to high-end 3D TV versions (for example, or PN50C7000 PN50C8000 or other brands) to get Internet connectivity on television. Let our players do the job. Fourth, we have a guy who tends to throw things! Although we do not expect television to fly objects, it is good that the plasma is more difficult than the LCD / LED (based on a CNET forum). Therefore, the plasma is a natural choice for us. Last but not least, this Samsung model is the conversion from 2D to 3D and picture in picture (PIP).

Recently, we have actually watched 3D Christmas Carol and other 2D Bluray movies using a Samsung BDC-5900 player. With our limited experience, we must say Samsung PN50C490 delivers us the best 3D and 2D television amusement we ever had. The TV and accessories together cost below a grand! By the by, we have bought this TV for $807 shipped, no tax, including two glasses in an online deal during the Thanksgiving week of Nov, 2010. We also have bought a BDC-5900 player for $119 and an HDMI cable for $1.