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Samsung UN55C7000 - Amazing 3D LED 1080p HDTV!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is the examination others review. Andrew B. Leetham must be the biggest perfectionist in the world. I am a huge perfectionist when it comes to HDTV and before get this UN55B8500 and I must say ... This TV ROCKS!  Samsung UN55C7000 quality is almost exactly the same thing only with less color blooming when the screen is completely black. I also see that Andrew is talking to the edge-lit of LED lighting ... But honestly, do not ruin my viewing experience AT ALL! As for the 3D problem, Andrew is your opinion only speculate on that. Honestly, I can not tell if the lights are on board, because you can not even 3-D effect, the glasses are not available for purchase!

But I must tell you that the UN55B8500 this collection was not so difficult for me, PLUS, The 3D glasses when they come out all these defects really hope that Andrew is a small company all disappear. I am a big fan of Samsung and the trust, they have put the time and energy in this HDTV to really open my eye when these 3D glasses are available. This TV has also added some nice features for the new year to give a rating of 3 stars is so difficult.

I gave it 5 star rating just to be able to keep right next to UN55B8500. The only problem is the peak of edge-light, which is in fact not even a huge deal or a failure for not perfectionists. This is a great 3D HDTV that I feel should be welcomed with open arms to all those who love new geek technology!

The best buy is going to test the Monsters vs. Aliens 3D is incredible! Do not believe me? Go to your nearest Best Buy and see for yourself! YOU Blown Away! Is it serious or even better film in 3D! As previously descussed not run out and buy this HDTV if you have a problem with the backlight in a completely dark room, but really look UN55C8000 that "black pin-point", which should de-tensify this problem.