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Panasonic TY-EW3D2MMK2 Ultimate 3D Starter Kit Review

Friday, June 17, 2011

Panasonic TY-EW3D2MMK2 Ultimate 3D Starter Kit (Avatar 3D + 2 Rechargeable Glasses)


Relive the movie experience into a 3D avatar at home with this Ultimate 3D package and a Panasonic VIERA HDTV Panasonic 3D compatible. This special package includes the Blu-Ray Disc 3D Avatar, two rechargeable active shutter 3D glasses, both of glasses and a USB charger and rechargeable battery.

Panasonic's 3D technology creates separate images for left and right eyes, which are recorded from 1920 x 1080 Full HD and has played alternately at high speed. The glasses feature a rechargeable high-precision active control which completely closes the shutters for both eyes at the same time manipulating images for the left and right eye. This leads the film with the image directly into the living room, without the problems of degradation and blurring that were common to conventional systems in 3D.

The glasses also feature a durable, adjustable resin frame, a slide switch to turn power on and off, and easy recharging via USB. Sized for adults, they are designed for use while wearing ordinary prescription glasses.  [...]

Panasonic Ultimate 3D Pack with Avatar 
Include Avatar 3D

Technical Details
  • Get started watching 3D Blu-ray movies with this starter package
  • Includes exclusive Avatar Blu-ray 3D disc
  • Two rechargeable 3D active shutter glasses (each with case)
  • Glasses are sized for adults and can be worn comfortably over prescription glasses
  • Includes USB charger

Avatar commercial by Panasonic HDTV

Worth every penny (check dealer for 3D disc)
This is a great 3D movie, a must, and even some of the others have said. This is by far the best 3D movie I have in my collection. If you read this review, then you're probably thinking of buying the 3D version. It just my opinion, but if you're like me and you were sitting in the room watching this and you thought to yourself: "I want to see in 3D at home!" So it's all a bit of $200 or more. You will not regret, but be careful in the choice of retailer.

Everything was fine, I ordered, it took 2-3 days to reach my house. No problem ..... until I received in the mail. I put it in the PS3 and was not in 3D !!!!! It was the Blu-Ray, which was put into a box of 3D avatars and then put a plastic sleeve. I spent about $230.00 all together on this issue and I felt faint. I try really hard not to make stupid decisions, but it was not very auspicious. I wrote to the dealer and explained what had happened and I was very angry and was about to be cured. I was afraid they would not have the 3D version to send me, and I blame and say that I changed the disks. It a little traumatic. I wrote a couple of hours later and said they would take care of him. A few days later, I got the 3D version of the film.

So the reason I'm writing this review is to let people know what a few honest people doing dishonest. The Bank explained that he came across several cases where people buy the starter kit 3D avatars and carefully remove the 3D version and replace it with Blu-Ray. They then either return saying it was not open, or sell, not to get stuck paying $ 50.00 to $400.

I think it's quite common. So I just wanted to give you a heads-up. I was lucky with the dealer, because they were honest. I fear that some people will not be so lucky. A couple of things you can do is try to buy at the dealer who has the highest number of votes, does not guarantee that it will not be torn, but usually the dealers with the most votes will have more experience and can be easier to treat. For this product, I would not do with a retail start-ups, too risky. You can also write to the dealer and they verify that the disk is the 3D case, prior to shipment. Good luck.

Great glasses after much research
I researched 3D glasses and 3D television for about two months. I finally decided on these with a Panasonic 50" 3D TV. I read the reviews of glasses to be uncomfortable, they say, is little light, others lament the dead, ect. There seems to be a complaint with almost all the windows . more than once. They seemed to have the best reviews and complaints that do not have much. So I went with them.
I have no complaints. They are comfortable and do not mind, even after 4 hours of play wearing them, or watching movies. I do not understand some of the complaints to be honest. I think there's always "that guy" out there that complains about anything. These glasses are good, work well and are comfortable for me (man, of medium build, my wife is small and has no complaints either).

I really like the on/off switch and red LED to indicate when they are in office. All-in-all these are worth the price.

Comfortable, high quality and efficient Box Set
Panasonic, as the exclusive, this version of Avatar in 3D is incredible! My friend and I were testing the new Panasonic plasma 3D. After playing a few rounds of Killzone 3D (amazing), we decided it was time to relax and have some dinner and watch the avatars. Guys, we have been a surprise. In practice, we were so fascinated by the quality of the film's main menu (title screen) that we could not keep his eyes off the television, making it impossible for dinner (or ridiculously messy). So after watching the TV and adjust finishing our meal, we shot the film.

If you have seen IMAX 3D avatar, this version is almost identical. Seriously. This is the real deal. See the 3D effects in your home makes you understand who we really are a beautiful species on this planet, capable of great achievements and monumental! I must caution, however, the 3D action too can be very draining on your mind, especially if I play well. Overall, this DVD is totally worth the money.

The glass is perfectly fit my eye. You can connect any USB device for charging too much (TV, PC or PS3). They also come with a nice protective box. Make sure you have a microfiber cloth to clean the lens. The time has come: Climb aboard the 3D revolution with both feet!