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Love This Samsung UN55C7000 HDTV!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I saw this HDTV in a store and was blown away by the quality of the image. The price was too high so I did not buy. I checked on Amazon and saw the price was lower by almost $800 and I bought it here. It had no problem at all with the TV (was April 24) and boys in the house was great. They put everything in place and took away all the boxes.

I have not had any color/light bleeding..the picture is amazing! Everyone who comes over always comments on how amazing the picture is!

I'm not a video-phile and I used to watch movies in a dark room, but I was concerned for comments and discussions on this TV, but in any case would have been chosen as an LED and LCD have always had good luck with Samsung. I have a 1.5 years 46 "Samsung 1080p LCD TV (which was then one of the top rated LCD TV HD), and this new 55" LED LCD model has a much better picture quality in my opinion.

PROS: Excellent picture quality. I have not seen the search light issues but I usually watch it in a moderately lit room. I did see the issue slightly in the 8000 display model in the store but wasn't enough to bother me, and I would not let that stop you from buying this TV as I think the rest outweighs that potential.

Excellent design. I like the styling of this TV better than some of the older TOC models. Also the ultra slim design using the ultra slim Samsung mount keeps it very flush to the wall.

Neither Pro or Con: Internet Access. Perhaps I will utilize the Netflix streaming, but between TV, BluRay Player, Satellite TV DVR, laptop/netbook all with internet access, the internet apps on the TV are not a critical factors.

3D - nice to have but not certain of long term adoption for movies and TV.

CONS: None in my opinion. You should take a look to see if you notice the edge light issue and if will bother you.