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Worth waiting to find HDTV.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Examiners greetings .. I accidentally found this particular model (UN55C8000) on Amazon, and is a 2010 model. The 2011 models (check your local store for the big "D" series), and are $3000 +, which was not interested because of the price, even if they are close to the bezel-less, so there is a high "cool" factor. I almost won the TV shop and I am very happy with the TV is independent.

My room dimensions are so small that the point of observation is only 8 feet from the screen (which is in my eye at the center of the screen. This is an incredibly bright screen and fast that ignores many others I have seen. I've been waiting 3D for a long 55-inch LED that I can replace my long outdated in 32-CRT (I know ... it's like comparing a radio to a CD, but that's what I had before), then c "is what I compare this to.

The monitor is easy to set up a series of screen televisions in the media. More interesting to me was the weight without the stand. Most people I know will be mounted on a wall or a monitor stand is designed to fix a flat screen and do not use the media very cool. I found that the monitor is very "light" without the base. It is about 30 pounds, which means it will not weigh your wall or put a load more about this monitor stand.

When I turned on the plateau for the first time I was very pleased with the reversal of tone and reveals how all the lights, instead of shooting. Although this is an "LED", which means that the LED backlight is a source. It is a well-designed features. I have a Denon AVR3806 which is a little 'dated, but I'm happy with the HDMI output on it to my monitor with a source of HD cable TV box. When the HD or SD, the picture is very clear . Every so often, I have a bit 'of pixelation or delay, but I think the reason is the source of the material is electronic.

When you watch sports or watching a documentary in HD is the star image ... In fact, the update (at 240Hz), so fast, that turns into an HD image that is a bit cooler than my CRT. I changed my colors and my color, but the real reason is the rate Update of your monitor. I have not tested the game with Blue-Ray or 3D from this paper (I just bought the Samsung BD-D6700, so I expect really good things with him).

Overall, I was struck by the level of black, the color is very lively, but the refresh rate so fast that it overwhelms most sources give the viewer a "digital video and listen to the recorded image screen. This is a set of high quality. If they are not placed on the aesthetics of the new model "D", save your money and worry about the big picture of this.

Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV
Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV 

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