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My Samsung UN55C8000

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Okay, I bought this TV in July and returned after a few days due to some problems. I bought it last week and I'm so excited that I did. This TV is even better than last year. In addition, firmware updates are already installed on the TV and I had to do.

I have watched the following blu-ray movies on it:
-- Green Zone (This movie itself is made in mostly dark scenes, but I enjoyed it)
-- Prince of Persia (stunning quality - both Dynamic and Movie mode)
-- Cars (Absolutely freaking stunning)

I also tried a few Netflix movies online, but my internet speed is slow. I could not play HD movies through the bandwidth of the Internet, but the quality of regular film was fantastic. As a first step on Netflix, the movie seemed so real I just watch "manufacture" of the film. Later I swithced "naturally" in the menu and looked like a movie. :) I have yet to explore all your TV functions can be optimized, but a better profile to factory default. As the youngest of my 2 years old, I'm in love with this TV more and more each passing day. :)

I changed the format for playback on TV in "Dynamic", before playing Avatar. I swear I saw the colors of the Cinemark theater were not half as good as they look on TV. Great! Awesome! I also tried to watch the same film in 3D. The depth of the upconverted 3D mode was only partially correct with respect to the true 3D movies you see with 3D glasses.

Another star was lost due to the low double-edged (images crosstalk) of certain scenes in the movie (Monsters vs. Aliens) when viewed in 3D mode. People say that happens from time to time, someone said that "it is rare." Let me tell you what happens almost every time on the picture where the background is dark and the subject is clear and brilliant in it Example: .. The planet in the sky before crashing or timing behind the guy who is that with a ping-pong table or view in the church 90% of the film is brighter so we do not see double-board 90% of the time.

God forbid if we get The Lord of the Rings in 3D format of a day in the future we will see double-edged (or crosstalk) 60% of the time the film has a beautiful dark scenes in it. I talked to Samsung and guy advised me to install the latest update on TV, what I did, but does not solve the problem. And when I spent most of the dollars ($3,000) for this technology, I do not want to compromise with the quality of it. Nemo I also played in 2D mode and under-the-Sea dark scenes, it was clear edges around the objects in it (like his father, Dory and Nemo).

One last thing: I tried to play Blu-ray movies from my laptop and my laptop connected to your TV via the Denon. The film appeared on television, in general, believes that the handset is extremely sharp and clear. And I know that this is not the Denon. However, this does not bother me as much as crosstalk problems when viewing 3D content.

TV in 3D mode loses color when you take two steps to the right or left. Then she asks to sit in the Love Seat. If you sit on a chair outside of yourself or another part of the couch, you will not see half of the colors. But this is expected. "Viewing Angle" is generally limited to the screen than in plasma. However, the viewing angle is greater than 2D in 3D. But then you dance around to watch movies in 3D.

Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV